98+ Best Champagne Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Champagne is an expensive white or pink fizzy with bubbles wine made in the Champagne area of Eastern France, or, more generally, any similar wine. Champagne is often drunk to celebrate something. Profoundly inspirational champagne quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

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Famous Champagne Quotes

When everybody feels pretty good about themselves, and you have Champagne coming out of the water fountain, it’s almost like we’ve got to burn the place down. — Mark Dindal

We had to figure out where we go from here with 160 bottles of champagne and bars of chocolate, which I hope are being refrigerated. — Dave Byron

There’s nothing undignified about lying about all day and being waited on by servants, sipping bloody champagne. — Jeffrey Bernard

Once we played for the Princess of Monaco in Paris. We were the biggest ducks ever, wearing rented tuxedos. We trashed the party, took a bunch of girls and champagne in limos underneath the Eiffel Tower, and set up an acoustic show. It was like a Hilary Duff movie. — Conrad Sewell

And we meet, with champagne and a chicken, at last. — Mary Wortley Montagu

For something to be officially and legally categorized as Champagne, it must come from the Champagne region in France. It’s a legally designated region just a little northeast of Paris. Anything we make in America, or anything made in Italy or any other country, is sparkling wine. — Jim Laughlin

We didn’t have any champagne to toast each other. But we did have some Diet Cokes up there. We lifted the Diet Cokes. — Don Shula

Fate is gonna find you in your glass of champagne. — Jeff Buckley

When her guests were awash with champagne and with gin,She was recklessly sober, as sharp as a pin.An abstemious man would reel at her look,As she rolled a bright eye and praised his last book. — William Plomer

It was part of theTexas ritual? We know about champagne and caviar but we talk hog and hominy. — Edna Ferber

Chocolate is maybe my only vice. In particular, Godiva’s champagne truffles. Or Dean & Deluca vanilla cupcakes. Just thinking about them – oh my gosh! — Shilpa Shetty

Best wine if you’re stranded on a deserted island? 1982 Salon Champagne. — Gary Vaynerchuk

We have a tradition of wetting the bairn’s head, which means when you’re drinking probably a glass of champagne you dip your finger in the champagne and touch the baby’s head, — John Donaldson

The champagne tastes better and better as you get older, … I’m glad I made the decision (to keep playing). — Roger Clemens

Congratulations to the states that showed progress. But don’t break out the champagne yet. — John Castellani

The Champagne they have stored is getting more valuable every year. — Johnny Carson

Well, my dear fellow what did you expect, champagne? — Grover Cleveland

We will have to have poise. You know they are going to be keyed up. You know they have their non-alcoholic champagne on ice. The place is sold out. It’s going to be a great atmosphere. We want to have the approach that the pressure is on them. — Porter Moser

It was a national tragedy. It would not be appropriate to have champagne because of the nature of the event. — Peter Kovacs

She wasn’t the least bit depressed. She was talking about going to Mexico. She had a Mexican boyfriend at the time. I forget his name. This was the first house she ever owned. She was going to buy some furniture. She was in very good spirits that day of course, the champagne and vodka helped. — James Bacon

It’s a great feeling to qualify, but it’s just one stage. We will have a little glass of champagne and then begin our preparation for the finals. — Raymond Domenech

Champagne offers a minimum of alcohol and a maximum of companionship. — David Niven

I’m just so stoked and Kelly is going to have to wait to pop the champagne cork for a little longer. — Andy Irons

Life’s not fair, is it? Some of us drink champagne in the fast lane, and some of us eat our sandwiches by the loose chippings on the A597. — Victoria Wood

Champagne for my sham friends; real pain for my real friends. — Francis Bacon

He’d heard that writers spent all day in their dressing gowns drinking champagne. This is, of course, absolutely true. — Terry Pratchett

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. — Suze Orman

Champagne… the wine of kings, the king of wines — Guy de Maupassant

I’m going to have some fabulous nights out with champagne. — Christian Siriano

That thing’s going to need clean towels and champagne brought up, there’s that logistics issue there. — Jim Baker

The oil under Libya is the champagne of oil, drop for drop the world’s most valuable. — Annie Jacobsen

But Champagne is not drinking. — David Niven

In fact, she made my wedding cake. It was five tiers with champagne glasses. She made everything from scratch. She did a wonderful job. — Carol Campbell

The champagne was flowing like the Potomac in flood. — Ben Bradlee

We purchased this and other artwork during our cruise vacations over the years either from Princess Cruises or their parent company Carnival Corporation. I don’t even know anymore if any of the artwork they sold us is original or they are worth anything. As far as I’m concerned they might all be worthless fake pieces of colored paper. I won’t be surpised if these cruise ship art auctions with cheap glasses of champagne turn out to be a big multi million dollar scam. — Princess Cruises

The Champagne was his best race, he had a nice workout Saturday, we hope he has a good week here and goes out there and runs well. — Frank Brothers

I don’t care about champagne backstage or anything else – the one thing I need to specify is that I can’t have any Arctic drafts on stage. — Siouxsie Sioux

He’s the kind of guy that’s on the other side of the club than I am. He’s over there with the champagne and caviar. And also the strawberries and chocolate, you know? — Tony Siragusa

They’re having champagne and caviar in the Seychelles right now. They’re OK. — Bruce Good

In fiction film, there are so many trappings – money, glory, champagne and supermodels – that attract the wolves. But in documentary film, there’s none of that, so the wolves stay away. The only people who make docs are people who are curious about other people and just like making documentaries. — Marshall Curry

It gives you the impression that every day is Sunday. — Marlene Dietrich

Adventure is the champagne of life, but I prefer my champagne and my adventures dry. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

We don’t try to rival Champagne. Our product is different. It’s not as dry and it’s more fruity. I think it’s better. Champagne is vastly overrated and often vastly overpriced. People are beginning to realise the value of a home grown Welsh product. — Peter Baker

We did have champagne in Pittsburgh that we were going to break open, not for a champagne party but for a toast, … We were going to have a champagne toast to put losing seasons behind us and look at the winning seasons ahead of us. We didn’t pop it open because we didn’t win another game. — Milwaukee Brewers

Most Americans … have a sort of permanent intoxication from within, a sort of invisible champagne. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

Friendly, accommodating and customer-centered as always. Even though I don’t normally have champagne with breakfast at the crack of dawn, I felt compelled to rise to the occasion when it was offered. — Ian Williams

Romance is quite an overblown word. This idea of chocolates and champagne and that’s it. There’s more to love than that. Romance is quite a soppy word. Love is much more important. — Joanna Lumley

Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone? — Noel Coward

I got some very good champagne for the guys back in Denver when I went over 1,000 yards last year. But this was a lot different situation here because a 1,000-yard season hadn’t been done in a while. I had to do more. — Reuben Droughns

It’s intimate, like a boudoir. You can pre-order the Champagne and have it waiting for you when you arrive. — Mark Fraser

It’s a day for everyone. No matter who you are, you can come down to the city square, toast champagne and celebrate the new year. — Nina Lahvinovich

How many applied is kind of irrelevant compared to how many will get assistance. If they reported 3 million people enrolled in the extra help today, we would be opening the champagne bottles. — Robert Hayes

It is like comparing champagne with cognac. No-with Coca-Cola. — Maria Callas

It’s been a long time since I’ve had champagne. — Anton Chekhov

Don’t know, don’t know. No way to tell. I’d like to say we’d be up five games and they’d be starting to chill the champagne right now, but I have no idea, … There’s no way to tell. That’s why we have to go out there and actually do it. You can’t write the script in this game. — Keith Foulke

I have a ticket for Sunday but I’m not going home, I’m going to party. It’s going to be a champagne and roses party! — Ken Ramsey

We talked about breaking a champagne bottle against the side to christen it. But I want one of my dogs to lift a leg. — Joanne Schoch

The market’s saunter into 2006 continues, with just a few remaining events before the champagne and confetti. We have turned our focus to the first week of ’06 — in which we will see official Fed commentary, the employment report, and the market’s return to full force. — David Ader

Getting hit on by both genders is such a champagne problem. — Naya Rivera

The difference between the American version of ‘Live Aid’ and the British one – in England, if you wanted a cup of tea, you made it yourself. If you wanted a sandwich, you bought it. In typical American style, at the American concert, there were laminated tour passes and champagne and caviar. — Phil Collins

If you don’t take risks, you don’t drink champagne. — Garry Kasparov

We might not be popping the champagne bottles yet, … but we’re chilling them already. — John Cook

It’s the only time of year they buy champagne, and they will purchase it by the case. Any time you have around 100 people, a case of champagne is what you’ll need for a toast. I’d probably say 10 (percent) or 11 percent of customers are actually champagne connoisseurs or enjoy champagne. — Tony Baker

I blindfolded my girlfriend at night and led her into the woods, where I had a blanket, rose petals, champagne and candles. I played a song I wrote for her, and the rest of the night turned out great. — Ben Curtis

The way that Champagne and sparkling wines are prepared is identical. — Jim Laughlin

He feels more a Sires or Champagne Stakes horse so I’ve told David (Hayes) I’ll probably ride Boom Time Savings next week. — Glen Boss

The smell of champagne in a clubhouse is a great thing, … regardless of how you get there. — Kevin Towers

As far as vintage Champagne goes, I loved 1990; it’s a great, great vintage. I bought a lot of 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne – my favorite kind – and I plan on drinking it all by 2005. — Robert M. Parker, Jr.

I discovered Boulder not through cycling but skiing. I was recruited by the university for the ski team, and in my opinion, it’s the best place for skiing – you have this super-light, fluffy champagne snow. — Tyler Hamilton

I think the odds are good that the Red Sox will resist that kind of stuff. I don’t see any evidence in new ownership history that they will go hog wild on all the champagne they swilled last night and spend money in a foolish way. — Gary Gillette

I want to drink champagne from ladies’ shoes. — Mal Peet

Some men act upon women like champagne; when they appear the women are sparkling and full of brilliance; when they leave the fair ones grow flat, stale, and most unprofitable companions. — Minna Antrim

There is this image of a guy in a hot tub, drinking champagne with two buxom blondes. But that is not the real me. I am a father, and I am a grandfather, too. — Robin Leach

You never know. If I tell you the Champagne bottles that I didn’t open in 1981 when I heard that Warner Brothers, Chevy Chase and the delicious Goldie Hawn were going to make this movie. And when we made the series with HBO, they took me out for breakfast and said, ‘Welcome to your new life.’ That was 1988. Things don’t always occur as you imagine they might. — Howard Deutsch

Kim really believes in her chances, provided her recovery is going according to schedule, and that her first training sessions don’t cause her problems either. Quite logically she would rather play for her home audience and distribute the champagne herself and in tennis clothing, than just passing by. — Bob Verbeeck

I left Guiding Light so many times, they ran out of champagne. — Michael Zaslow

It blew my mind, … There were two girls who acted out the poster of the movie. They had a little red sofa by the side of the road. One was dressed up in a black suit like Orlando with a black wig and an urn. And the other was Kirsten with the champagne glass and her legs crossed; it was so sweet. I was truly in shock. — Cameron Crowe

There’s nothing better than champagne in the clubhouse, — Kevin Towers

We certainly like the feel of the champagne dripping off our clothes. We all are competitors. I said years ago that we not only wanted to win one, but we wanted to have sustained success. We wanted to build a brand. We took a major step forward with winning the World Series, but to cement ourselves in the Chicago market and the national market, we have to keep pushing. — Ken Williams

We will be handing out party favors and there will be champagne stations around the casino. There will be a balloon drop in the Crown Room at midnight. — Bill Woods

I remember being really poor until I got my first $250,000 check from Faberge. That was pretty nice; I put it in the bank, and from that moment on, there seemed to be a lot of champagne and limousines in my life. — Margaux Hemingway

We had information as to who he was and what he might be doing,” Champagne said. — The Archives

Champagne makes you feel like it’s Sunday and better days are just around the corner. — Marlene Dietrich

If the commission isn’t popping the champagne in response, I would be very surprised. — Jonathan Zuck

Today I brought some champagne into the locker room. They all wanted to spray it around, but I said no, we’ll sip it from a glass. I told them next year, when we win it all, we’ll spray it around then. — Kobe Bryant

The cleanup is about as gnarly as it gets. Streamers soaked in champagne could be one of the world’s strongest adhesives. — Dave Lawrence

He was in the training room drinking Gatorade while everyone else was drinking champagne in the clubhouse. — Bud Black

After the juice is pressed, it ferments a little while, and in essence, after three to six months you have some fermented grape juice, which could be this nasty wine. The way they make it into Champagne is by adding sugar and yeast. — Jim Laughlin

They’re in a position where they’re, I don’t know how many games ahead of everybody and it’s kind of melodramatic for them. I think they’re getting themselves ready for the first round of the playoffs and not worried about where they’re going to crack champagne at. — Glendon Rusch

My adolescence was all tits and champagne. I’m downplaying the magic of it all. — Greg Kinnear

Champagne with its foaming whirls/As white as Cleopatra’s pearls. — Lord Byron

When people are going to their closing, it’s an extremely stressful time. So we let people use the car to try to make them as comfortable as possible. After they sign the papers, we drive them to the house, we give them champagne and take their picture with the car out front. — Gerry Davidson

Sometimes filming can be grueling when you’re shooting the same scene for a week, or you’re sitting around for 7 hours a day. They sound like very first-world champagne problems. I don’t mean to sound like life is so hard, but filming sometimes is tougher than other times. — Jai Courtney

I directed the next-to-last episode of ‘Parenthood.’ I wrote three of the four last episodes. I had the cast to my house. Had a champagne toast with the writers. Had a huge cast and crew party. Drank eggnog in the camera truck after we wrapped the final day. All that, and I don’t really feel like I’ve said good-bye to ‘Parenthood.’ — Jason Katims

We are staunch and true and in rather a champagne mood. — Franz Marc

San Diego has always had a champagne appetite and a beer budget, — John Fowler

I was so sure I could do it that I had already ordered the champagne yesterday. I was really convinced I could do it today. — Antoine Deneriaz

In anticipation of World Cup success this summer, I am freezing duty on champagne and on British sparkling wine. — Gordon Brown

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