Let’s recall some of the incidents where we experienced real difficulties due to some past promises or when someone gives more importance to a promise than a real critical situation. Well, promises are good but not without considering real life scenarios and a person’s situation henceforth. People take their words seriously until they die which is not sometimes really worth! Saying something and sticking to it should be all for positives, for own self and should be only applicable unless its not harming others or even your own self.

CHANGE is the only consistency of life so why not accept it? Usually people fail to accept changes in life and most of the times they don’t want changes. They like to stick to their old traditions, unnecessary oaths or unimportant promises; may be due to their ego? or nature? or whatever they name it. The popular examples can be stated from Bollywood movies for ex – the very famous role of ‘Narayan Shankar’ in Mohabbatein who doesn’t accept the changes even for good, ‘Shivgami’ from a recent blockbuster Baahubali and so many more we all know well. I am not criticizing someone’s views but just think what was actually right and what people appreciated or loved.

We can not easily accept breakups, any poignant incident happened in life with friends, roommates, colleagues, managers, family members or even just with strangers. Students or may be their parents or more ridiculously their relatives(?!) can not accept low marks during results and we see the suicide cases then.  We see the protests every now and then. We never stop criticizing the government or any such systems but at the same time will not be ready to make or accept a single change in our life; in our comfort zone!

A change in attitude, behavior or an individual’s nature can bring the change in one’s actions and so the life. Why not embrace changes which are for betterment. Many a time, elders can not accept the changes of modern lifestyles, their child’s decisions which could be wise too, breaking unnecessary promises of pasts, old traditions sometimes even myths and so on. Likewise, children too can fail to understand and accept the reality of their parents of family. The gap in understanding is all about not thinking rationally. We just see one side of the coin and think about ourselves first rather than others. As it says, always try to keep yourself in someone else’s shoe before judging them. Learn to adapt.

A simple change sometimes can bring the best out of you. It can bring peace to mind and life. Life is all about changes according to phases, lifestyle, circumstances and if we just do not accept it, we suffer first and than others. Take it easy and act wisely, do not take yourself too seriously even if you fail to do something. Keep trying, bring joy and be positive. Try to break the ice, help yourself and others to get out of these.

What’s so wrong in adapting something good and appreciating nature to bring it out for us?! Ultimately it helps us and so others!

Cherish what you have and what you get…

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