Check Ya Self

Ahhhhhh shoot. Listen up Queens, Kings, and anything in between. I got this message last night…but  “Dia, did you really have to throw in Ice Cube”? Nah. I’m just being me. And I’m ‘bout tired of writing so many words of love and being lonely. Nah nah nah. Check this out. Ima give it straight like this…and ladies specifically…PLEASE PLEASE do like Tupac and holla if ya me. We’re not lonely. God’s got you…and God’s got me. Take it from the Queen of saying “Do you love me?” Baby girl, let’s just sit and think about who we were and what we see and let’s agree…I DONT GIVE A DAMN WHO LOVES ME. God loves me. I am God. And God is me. You should speak that powerfully. And the next time you THINK you wanna lay awake at night wondering, “Does he love me?” , Queen look at me. LOOK AT ME. Press play…Let this Ice Cube ride. And check ya self, before you wreck ya self. Cause you were built for this life…and NO SELF LOVE IS BAD FOR YA HEALTH.
Could it be? That in just a matter of a few weeks, not only does God say “Choose Me”, but God shows me the real me…shows me the sinner me…shows me just how much there’s love, abundantly. See, as I sit right now, I realized the problem wasn’t with the people I sought after to love me. Nah nah nah. And I’m no righting their wrongs but I am woman enough, to say…The problem was me. Chasing love to eliminate insecurities, pretty woman, that shouldn’t be. Chasing love to make up for daddy, my good sis, THAT SHOULDN’T BE. I am you. And you are me. And we’re gonna be alright. And we’re gonna live this life…beautifully.
There are three keys sis that can help you, because they’re helping me. Time to check ya self sis….and it’s time to check me.
  1. Check ya focus. What are the source of your thoughts? What is keeping your mind busy? For me, it’s constantly thinking if I’m making the right choices and running in circles around,  “What will my grandma think?” And “God, Is he the one for me?” See, the problem with these questions takes my present self into a state of complete catastrophe…taking the present moment before me and worrying about future opportunities. Sometimes, I even lay awake at night worrying. But, I check myself…I breathe…and I realize 1) All I can do is jump and if I fall, I can always get back on my feet , 2) this is my life. I have to live for ME. So it doesn’t matter what my grandma, family, or friends think. This is ME. And 3) I cant worry about someone who God may or may NOT have for me. All I can do is love the way I want to be loved, give complete honesty…and if it’s not meant to be, I know I loved, I loved hard, and I know I’ll ALWAYS love me. Focus. What’s in your mind? What’s on your mind, becomes what’s in your life. So, instead…focus on breathing. Focus on patience. Focus on embracing uncertainty and God’s timing. Focus on being yourself and doing that confidently and vibrantly. Again…focus on breathing. Mindfulness just might prove to be the best thing for you and me. So, breathe queen. Because no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, no matter who you’re with…focus on positivity. Because everything happening in your life, right now, right at this very moment…is happening intentionally.
  2. Check ya faith. What. Do. You. Believe? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in what your parents tell you? Do you believe your significant other’s actions? Do you believe in God? Or do you believe in what your friends tell you they see? You need to be able to look in the mirror and say “I believe in me.” See, I can easily advise this because sometimes…I don’t believe in me. Yep. I’m the genius that can hardly believe what I achieve…can hardly believe what other people see. Each day, is just another day of strength…another step towards God to help me believe in me. My faith? It’s definitely not in what I see. I think all along my faith has been in what people tell me. My faith now? I’d like to think it’s in God’s favor on me. If only y’all knew…some of the places, some of the things I’ve seen, some of the goals I’ve achieved…it’s nothing BUT God’s blessings over me. Because truthfully, I’m not brilliant enough for it to JUST be me. Check ya faith, today. Say you believe. Because you are great, you do have mercy, and there’s light in you and me. Just believe…and you can be ANY and WHATEVER woman you want to be.
  3. Check ya friends. “What about your friends? Will they stand their ground? Will they let you down again?” TLC said it best…what about YOUR friends? See, I’m the worlds largest extrovert. I have friends just like men say they have hoes-in different area codes…and I pride myself on being such a social butterfly. But what do you do when your friends are gone? And you’re all alone…and it’s just you? Ahhhhh. Who’s still by your side when it’s JUST you? See, a number of people told me it’s not good to be alone…that this journey is not meant to be traveled alone. And I believe that to be true. But I also believe, it’s imperative to step back…and see if the people you’ve been swimming for, will drown for you. Check ya friends…and see who’s really down for you. Who’s going to support you when times are absolutely colorful AND when times are blue. Who’s going to sling out the money when you’re struggling when’s rent due? Who’s going to share your broken pieces? Is them…or is it you? All I’m saying, is…friends are good. But you should ultimately depend on you. Because as time goes on, friends will fade, and what may have started out as ten…will only be two. Also also! Please….PLEASE! Watch who you tell your business, too. Your friends may feel sorry for you, but they could also use your skeletons against you. I say this as clear as crystals when I say…Queens, look out for you.
Check ya self…or life? Life will get you. But, it doesn’t have to. Not when there’s tons of people like me and tons of people like you. You are…absolutely beautiful. Please read this and know that’s true. And I don’t care, who’s counted you out, who’s put you down, who’s abused you…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU. Check ya self. Right now and right this very minute. Because no man, ladies…and no woman, brothers, is worth having you feel like you’re second. No large circle is worth having just for the sake of not being lonely. No amount of money is enough to make you beautiful or make you happy. Look in the mirror and see…this is you, this is your life, and this is YOUR reality. Live for today. Live for right now. And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS embrace opportunity. Don’t waste time in worry…Go and love…Go and date…Go and play with kids…Go and be happy. Life is too short to be stuck on the page you WANT to see. Your book is already written. You just have to wait and see.
Be happy Queens…and I’ll work on being me. Check ya self…and live today because tomorrow is not yet seen. This line, Ice Cube had all wrong…Women like YOU DESERVE RESPECT…Queen, ya better run a check. 
Peace, love, and tranquility. I am you, and you are me.

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