Checklist: 7 steps to happiness


Can you remember the last time you were truly happy? We’re not talking about a relaxing Thursday night or a time you did well at work; but a point in your life where you felt truly content with yourself.

It is hard not to fall into the traps of negativity and the routine life throws at us. Make a conscious effort to be happy by enriching your life and strengthening your emotional and mental capabilities.

Smile like you mean it

Ever wondered why children always seem to be so happy? Yes, it might be because they are clueless about the hardships you face, but studies show children smile at least 400 times a day. Getting through those endless days at the office or making lists of all the chores you have piled up is nothing to smile about, but when you’re feeling drained of energy, try to smile.

A crooked smile to a co-worker while passing them in the hallway is not what I mean. Smile while talking to a friend, watch some comedy or funny cat videos at your desk or just do something silly that will show your pearly whites. It is an immediate boost of happiness and will help you relax and uplift your mood instantly.

Unburden the negativity

Give yourself a break and unload people or things in your life that bring you down. Feeling unappreciated at work for all the hard work you do? Speak up. Does your significant other not treat you in a way you feel happy? Move on. Work towards your happiness and make decisions that will help you reach it. Your mind will thank you for it.

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