97+ Best Cherry Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Cherry is a small, round, soft red or black fruit with a single hard seed in the middle, or the tree on which the fruit grows. Profoundly inspirational cherry quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

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Famous Cherry Quotes

We’ve also done planting on Adams’ Farm and in Cherry Creek, so this is only part of it. — Jerry Jones

I collect old rusty hand tools and sharpen and polish them, then use them to build things out of walnut and cherry that I harvest from fallen trees in the woods. — John Grogan

It just seems like she learns a lot at school, and she gets to go home and we do other things in the afternoon, such as the (Garden State) Discovery Museum (in Cherry Hill) or play groups. — Chris Courtney

These are serious allegations and we’re very concerned about it. This does not reflect the type of teaching that we want to see in Cherry Creek school district. — Tustin Amole

This is the maraschino cherry on the banana split of bad luck I have been having, — Tom Sizemore

It’s so much the cherry on top of compensation. It’s the kind of thing that someone writes into a contract as the least-likely thing to happen. — Leigh Steinberg

We’re using the Super Bowl experience to broaden brand experience and to further drive traffic to our online activities. The Super Bowl is like the cherry on top of our online (activities). It’s an expensive cherry. Don’t get me wrong. — Richard Castellini

It would be the cherry on top of our sundae. — Kedric Golston

I want to visit my parents graves and see the cherry tree blossom in Japan again. — Ishinosuke Uwano

It’s one thing for United Airlines to reduce wages of its pilots or mechanics through a bankruptcy filing. That doesn’t help you out very much in the sport world, … You need the star athlete paid the big bucks to be happy and part of the team. And particularly in a situation where there is a collective bargaining agreement, you can’t cherry pick. If you do something (voiding player contracts), you’d have to do it across the board. — Richard McLaren

After the year I had last year, this is just the cherry on the cake. Obviously, it’s a great feeling to get back to No. 1. It’s always nice to get there. — Kim Clijsters

Of course, eating broccoli raw, nutritionally and aesthetically speaking, is no doubt the best way of all. Raw broccoli makes a delectable salad when sliced into thin strips on a mandolin, marinated in lemon-mustard vinaigrette, then tossed with toasted pecans or hazelnuts, halved cherry tomatoes, and fresh minced basil. — Kate Christensen

We’d love to be able to have a presence in Cherry Creek. We’ll have to see how the story evolves. — Joyce Meskis

If my house caught fire I would save myself and anyone in there and I would try and save all the diaries and letters that I have collected as everything else is replaceable. And I would sit on the lawn watching my house burn cherry red and record it in my diary. — Dominic Monaghan

Typically you’ll get an all new kitchen with cherry cabinets and granite counter-tops. Stainless steel appliances are a big seller right now. — Michael Craig

It’s true the cherry groves are few and far between. The city wants to bring them back. — David Dillon

It was nice to get the monkey off his back. He focused on the match and took it to him. Our game plan for that individual bout was what we wanted to do. It is up to the Fort Cherry wrestler to adjust now. — Chris Mangum

I look around and I wish sometimes I could just walk into a building and be like any other coach, but I can’t and I realize that. … I have to be Don Cherry to the kids who go to the games. … I think I owe it to them to sign autographs. — Don Cherry

It’s a dream for me to work with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry as well as my old friend Jeff Marek, who I started my career with. — George Stroumboulopoulos

When I was a boy, we all learned the story of George Washington and the cherry tree and accepted it as gospel truth. The present, more enlightened younger generation, however, is well aware that this incident never happened, but that it was the invention of Washington’s most famous biographer, the Rev. Mason Locke Weems. — Grant Woods

As a little girl I always dreamed of having a cosmetics contract, which was the cherry on top of ‘making it’ in my opinion. — Paula Patton

We offered Charles the Cherry Brandy but he said he’d better not have that and tried the Apricot Brandy instead. — Carol Jones

will go a long way toward restoring investor confidence in Wall Street. He knows his way around the investment community. He is also a chartered financial analyst. Those people, since I’m one of them also, tend to be more rigorous on ethics issues. That to me is the cherry on the sundae. — John Gavin

It’s pretty much decimated our cherry crop, so the cherries were hit early, and now with the pears, we’re just seeing the effects of cool, overcast days, — Dave Elliot

Had we known when we were designing Cherry what we know now, we probably would have designed it to have two trails. — Ed Thompson

You have to realize that at that time, the Cherry mine was considered to be the safe mine. Yet, it wasn’t safe enough. — John Beatty

When I was a kid, I loved having a book in my hand. I still do. I wasn’t a fast reader, but I was a steady reader. I read all of The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, and Cherry Ames books. — Rhea Perlman

My favorite pantsuit is done in cherry color and all this is a very classic fabric with, like, a bustier, … Very, very sexy. — Donatella Versace

We have created our new packaging to make a stronger connection with our cherry flavor and to stake out our claim as the original cherry-flavored soda. — Mark Ritchie

It was cherry syrup, very sticky, very sweet, very cold. I wouldn’t recommend it. — Polly Walker

Being here is the icing on the cake. Right now we’re trying to put the cherry on top. — Dave Butcher

And of course Marc Cherry heightens it and makes it hilarious. But there’s so many universal themes in the show, and he made it so funny. We knew he was onto something if he could keep it up and, thankfully, he did. — James Denton

It was a good cherry pick. We scored, and I’m happy. Usually, I’m back in my end checking. But Albers found me. — Gilbert Brule

The accessory market, I don’t see them going into that in a widespread basis with lots and lots of products. They are going to cherry pick where they think they can bring a truly differentiated product. — Van Baker

Cherry Hill widening moved up on Wayne County’s projects schedule. — Bruce Thompson

You may remember going to Cherry Park and getting a little frog cookie. Gourmet Gardens is back, and it’s back at Cherry Park. — Andrea Cooper

We can say we have the cake and now we’re just missing the cherry on top. We’re closer (to the final) than PSV, but we’ll have to prepare very well for the return leg, seeing how tough they were. — Carlo Ancelotti

Over the past 10 years, there has been a lot of development. I guess that it’s inevitable, but it’s a shame that they have to take every available piece of land. I think Cherry Hill is moving south. — Sharon Smith

Those last two wickets were definitely the cherry on the top and I’m sure knocked them a little bit in the dressing room. — Shaun Pollock

Upon the Nipples of Julia’s Breast: Have ye beheld (with much delight) A red rose peeping through a white? Or else a cherry (double graced) Within a lily? Center placed? Or ever marked the pretty beam A strawberry shows half drowned in cream? — Robert Herrick

Cherry continues to the dominant species in bedroom and dining room groups and North America is the only place where it is grown. Chinese cherry is not a true cherry. It’s not a scientific cousin. If the piece says Chinese cherry, it is not the same species. — Tom Inman

When I was a kid growing up, we had a cherry tree in the backyard, 100 years old. I climbed it, and it gave shade in the summertime and excellent cherries in the late summer. Having cherry blossoms around gives the best springtime vibe ever. — Andrew Wyatt

We have seen bears in the trees across from Signal Hill Elementary. Some fruit-bearing trees don’t attract bears such as cherry trees because the fruit is quite small. — David Allen

We have come up with a delicate, but yes, successful compromise. There is no question all 100 of us could go through this bill with a fine-tooth comb and cherry pick and find improvements… we’ve got a job to do, the clock is ticking and the work needs to get done. — Tom Daschle

It has been established in Asia so long it has the ability to cherry pick from the emerging Chinese middle classes. — Richard Hunter

Westfield is very similar to Cherry Hill East. They’ve got a lot of depth and if you’re not careful, they can 2-3-4 you to death. But we were able to exploit the freestyle events again. — Scott Sweeten

To date, many of the crabapple trees have been replaced with flowering cherry trees, which also have an alternating pink and white flower. We wanted to keep the same theme along the street in the spring. — David Allen

I just can’t imagine that’s the only attorney in the metro area that could serve Cherry Hills Village. — Pete Maysmith

People hope to point to the White House with pride. We believe that presidents told the truth and set an example through their actions. We parents want our children to respect and admire our president and our leaders. It is as simple as the old story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. — Mary Bono

They’re bringing in some studs on the offensive line. If you put Andre Smith on that class, that’s just the cherry on top. — Scott Kennedy

When you find a half-dozen (caterpillars) on 800 acres, there is no reason to panic. But we are always going to be aware of them. And we will take out all of the cherry trees we can. — Bruce Hill

I’ve had purpose because I’ve always wanted to be successful, but having my son is the cherry on top. He makes me go harder in achieving all that I’ve dreamed of. — Ciara

We have a lady who drives down from Gladwin for a cherry Coke. — Dennis King

It encompasses the area from the rock cut to the Cherry Creek Road intersection. The project will involve the expansion of the existing bike path and will allow bicycles on both sides of the street. — Tom Murray

I love the whimsy of it. People ask me when I will be creating a range of bed covers. But I just do hats. And for me, that is the cake and the cherry on the cake. — Stephen Jones

All of us at Empire Golf are very excited about both the challenges and opportunities that Cherry Island represents. We are convinced that our plan to implement new maintenance standards and practices will significantly improve the playing conditions at Cherry Island. — Rod Metzler

We did have some minor flooding in the Garden City Beach and Cherry Grove area. — Lisa Bourcier

If you were looking at where you would like your career to go, then you would have to cherry pick The Stones. People love coming to see them. They are it, they are the most definitive rock n roll band ever. — Andy Taylor

This (House bill) would allow them (phone companies) to simply cherry pick the high-end neighborhoods?and doesn’t provide the benefits to competition to anyone else and only drives cable companies out of the market. — Steve Wilkerson

The name ‘Ben & Jerry’s’ is synonymous with both fun and naturally good indulgence. As we grow our non-carbonated beverage business, we intend to launch breakthrough products that will really ‘wow’ our consumers. Partnering with Ben & Jerry’s to offer bottled milkshakes is the perfect way to achieve that goal– like a cherry on top of a sundae. — Dawn Hudson

We have a number of horses left in the race and will decide next week whether Cherry Mix goes, while Doyen has plenty of entries including the Arc and races in America. — Simon Crisford

We’ve had a good run. Now there’s the cherry on the cake – and let’s hope we can place it correctly. — Henri Michel

About the woodlands I will go / To see the cherry hung with snow. — A. E. Housman

Without the proximity of the schools, it’s hard for rivalries. When we play a key game at Cherry Creek, we don’t travel well, and when they play up here, they don’t travel well. If we were playing someone like Monarch, my guess is it would be packed. — Frank Lee

Trevisan is one of the few Paso Robles producers to recognize the potential of the region’s old-vine Zinfandel, which he blends with Syrah and Mourvedre and labels with fanciful names such as Problem Child, the Outsider and Cherry Red. — Robert M. Parker, Jr.

Cherry Garcia (named for Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia) came from a customer. And Chunky Monkey, and a lot of others. — Jerry Greenfield

Instead, he cherry picked isolated examples of Iraq’s reconstruction from two cities that provide an inaccurate and incomplete picture of the situation on the ground for most Iraqis. — Harry Reid

Right now, this is as sweet as it gets, so hopefully we can put the cherry on top with a win on Saturday. — Jacquie Fernandes

The cherry tree myth is just that. When I do lectures I bring an old hatchet and say we just found this under an old cherry tree we had to take down. George Washington loved cherry trees. He put in a Cherry Walk of espaliered cherries in the Upper Garden. He did some pruning but not with a hatchet. — Dean Norton

There is a preliminary belief that Tuolumne River water could be captured by other reservoirs that are downstream from Hetch Hetchy, the Cherry and Don Pedro reservoirs for instance. Furthermore, any shortfalls could be supplied via greater conservation efforts, newly discovered groundwater supplies, and water purchases when necessary. — Matt Gonzalez

Dr. Cherry handed over boxes and boxes of information on his grandfather; little snippets of paper, journals, manuscripts, newspapers and articles, even personal correspondence and letters. The paper was so old I had a hard time even handling it. — Bill Casey

Cherry ripe, ripe, ripe, I cry / Full and fair ones; come and buy; / If so be, you ask me where / They do grow? I answer there, / Where my Julia’s lips do smile; / There’s the land, or cherry-isle. — Robert Herrick

In the short term, we want to make that intersection at Cherry Hill and Newburgh user friendly and this will be a tool to help do that, — Bruce Thompson

We had him rated high up there because of his athletic and football ability. But that’s the cherry on top, that he is such a good person. He’s an absolute A-class, first-rate person. — Phil Savage

If I decide to make a coat red in the show, it’s not just red, I think: is it communist red? Is it cherry cordial? Is it ruby red? Or is it apple red? Or the big red balloon red? — Lady Gaga

There is definitely tension there (between Collins and Cherry Creek). But I think everyone has some sort of tension with Creek because they are so good. But this year it’s just more about us doing well as a team. — Carley Beaudreau

I was born in the Midwest, where ‘salad’ was cherry Jell-O with bananas in it. Now children are more aware of healthy foods. — Candy Crowley

I was just hoping that Marc and the kid chasing him (Apprentice sophomore guard Warren Cherry of Norfolk, who suffered a cut to his finger) were OK. It wasn’t like he hung on the rim or did anything illegal. He’s a 280-pound man who’s pretty agile and jumps pretty well, and he hit that thing with a lot of force. — Bob Bolen

I think maybe he’s starting to come to the realization he can’t drive that first green at Cherry Hills like he did in 1960, — Hale Irwin

This is the year they establish a benchmark. We don’t know what kind of participants or spectators it will draw. We’ll have to wait until after the event to measure what kind of impact it had. I think it’s very important to be a quality event, and then build on it. … Look at the Cherry Blossom Festival. … It’s not practical to think huge in the first year. It’s something you have to grow. — Janice Marshall

Maple is in high demand for furniture and cabinets, and walnut and cherry bring a high price because it’s hard to find in quantity and quality. — Billy Thomas

I would like to visit my parents’ graves and to see cherry blossoms. — Ishinosuke Uwano

I have decided to set the tone of this hearing, and this is a closed hearing. Even if the board and Ms. Cherry waive their right to a closed hearing, it’s still the hearing officer’s decision. — Howard Moore

We have some real deep holes this year, that’s for sure. East had a great recruiting year; Cherry Hill West got stronger; Washington Township is stronger. We don’t have the depth we have had (during the state championship runs). The challenge is to have everybody step up and do the best that they can do. — John Casadia

I think they’re obviously trying to cherry pick where there’s a gap in the market and use that going forward to gradually roll out other products. — Rob Mercer

But you have to do it carefully, because if you put all the incentives on completion then you just encourage colleges to cherry pick the population … There’s already too much of that. — Patrick Callan

It’s important that the people of Cherry Hill get to know their candidates and what they stand for before they choose who they want to represent them, — Alexander Walker

This is the cherry on top of the cake. It is very difficult to win three in a row. She will probably get a break now. The plan was to run her in these races, then give her a break. — Patrick Biancone

It began because, at that time, in the early ’70s, we had a lot of negative occurrences in Cherry Hill. — Joe Zanghi

As I see it, the most effective way to do this is frankly to accept these historical tales for what they are now known to be – folklore – and treat them in such a fashion that the realistic-minded, sophisticated people of our generation accept them… I sincerely hope that this painting will help reawaken interest in the cherry tree tale and other bits of American folklore that are too good to lose. — Grant Woods

The eagle put the cherry on the cake. — Retief Goosen

Welcome to a beautiful day in Central City Park. I don’t think we could order a better day. The cherry blossoms are starting to pop, and we’re just going to have a fabulous 10 days. — Chip Cherry

They really had a great tournament, they especially showing promise upsetting Cherry Creek. — Basil Mike

I couldn’t be prouder. They swam as fast as they could and although our score may not reflect how well my girls did, Cherry Hill is a great team. — Jaime Ruszala

We wanted to do something unique when it came to Cherry weekend, and we knew there hadn’t been a country women’s dance ever before. — Anita Broccolino

I admire someone like Beyonce. She has amazing commitment. I needed to accept that I probably did not fit into that forum. Doing that ‘The Cherry Thing’ record was a big part of finding that place where I belong, where I may shine, but I never doubted it was there. — Neneh Cherry

A lot of the teams have gotten stronger. Our diving has been a little down and that has hurt us in a few meets, but we’re working to improve that. At least four teams (that are on Vineland’s schedule) have really improved. Washington Township has 14 new kids, Cherry Hill West and Cherry Hill East are strong, and Eastern is always a competitive team. They all have good coaches who know how to plan lineups, so it’s going to be a challenge. — John Casadia