58+ Best Chocolate Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Chocolate is a sweet, usually brown, food made from cacao seeds, that is usually sold in a block, or a small sweet made from this. Profoundly inspirational chocolate quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Chocolate Quotes

Everything is good if it’s made of chocolate. Jo Brand

Anything tastes better when dipped in chocolate.

Other foods are just food. But chocolate is chocolate. Patrick Skene Catling

As long as chocolate exists in this world, there will always be happiness.

To the questions of life, chocolate gives an answer articulated in many cubes and flakes. Fabrizio Caramagna

Be it cookies, cakes, or milkshakes I love chocolate in all forms!

Chocolate! This is a word that evokes indescribable ecstasies. Is there a man, a woman or a child who has not desired it, who has not devoured it, and who the next moment has not dreamed of devouring it again? Elaine Gonzales

Either you bring me some chocolate, or you leave me alone.

As long as there is chocolate, there will be happiness. Wayne Gerard Trotman

Exercise is such a filthy word! I have to cleanse my mouth with chocolate whenever I utter it.

Chocolate is the greatest gift to women ever created. Sandra Bullock

Fudge is needed by everyone on Earth. It helps us cope in life.

People who regularly drink chocolate are distinguished by good health and resistance to all kinds of minor illnesses that disturb the serenity of life. Anthelme Brillat Savarin

Getting rid of a frown is easy when there’s chocolate around.

Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food. Michael Levine

How to avoid eating too much chocolate? Melt it and drink it!

Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of those pieces. Judith Viorst

Is there chocolate in heaven? If not, then I’m not going.

My favorite dish is my chocolate mousse. It’s like heaven on earth. It’s the best chocolate mousse that you could ever imagine. You have to start with the highest quality chocolate. Nancy Pelosi

Let’s protect planet Earth. Chocolate doesn’t exist elsewhere.

The world is divided into: those who eat chocolate without bread; those who cannot eat chocolate unless they also eat bread; those who don’t have chocolate; those who do not have bread. Stefano Benni

Nothing is better than a friend, except a friend who is bringing chocolate.

Do you know what chocolate is made of?

Some people choose therapy. The rest of us choose chocolate.

It is made of cocoa, dense, strong, and velvety.

Too hot for chocolate to handle! I mean, they literally melt in my hands.

It is made of abyss, dark, deep, enveloping.

Walking by chocolate without eating it is impossible for me.

It is made up of dreams, ecstatic, light, mysterious. Fabrizio Caramagna

Whether you succeed or fail, you celebrate with chocolate.

Chocolate: the mixture of toasted cocoa nibs with sugar and cinnamon; because with cocoa alone, we only make cocoa paste and not chocolate. Anthelme Brillat Savarin

You can’t recall my name? Just say chocolate, and I’ll turn around.

Chocolate without sugar, sometimes can be bitter, but it will always be sweeter than a hurting truth. Carlos Barra

My kind of happiness.

Treat sadness with chocolate and laugh in the faces of passers by! Marina Tsvetaeva

Love chocolate to the fullest, without complex or false shame, because remember: without a grain of madness, there is no reasonable man. François de La Rochefoucauld

This must be true love.

Do you prefer chocolates or candies?

When taste meets soul.

Well, I would discard the candies 

You had me chocolate.

Venice is like eating an entire box of liqueur chocolates all at once. Truman Capote

A day without chocolate is like a day without laughter.

Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed. Chocolate makes it useful.

Anything is delightful if it’s made of chocolate.

Chocolate face to face is sumptuous, at the end of a dinner it is superb, it is happiness, a rite, a ceremony. Sonia Rykiel

As a matter of fact, chocolate is the best substance in the world.

Chocolate is ruin, happiness, pleasure, love, ecstasy, fantasy. Elaine Sherman

Chocolate, oh chocolate, let me count the ways.

Chocolate is not only palatable, it is also a wonderful balm for the mouth. Stephani Blanchardi

During rough times, eat a lot of chocolate. When the times are splendid, eat even more chocolate.

My chocolate bars have become marmalade. Sick Body

Guilt wrecks the sublime chocolate experience. It’s best to just avoid this feeling.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

Patience is like chocolate. We never have enough! Christine Heurtault

Love is a lot like eating a bountiful amount of chocolate.