101+ Best City Quotes: Exclusive Selection

City is a large town. Inspirational city quotes will inspire growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

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Famous City Quotes

There are natures that go to the streams of life in great cities as the hart goes to the water brooks. – Philip G. Hamerton

What is a city, but the people; true the people are the city. – Coriolanus III

All cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful: but the beauty is grim. – Christopher Morley, Where the Blue Begins

We do not look in our great cities for our best moralit – Austen, Jane

Cities force growth, and make men talkative and entertaining, but they make them artificial. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cities are murky places–hatching grounds for monsters. – John Geddes

The axis of the earth sticks out visibly through the centre of each and every town or city. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

All cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful, but the beauty is grim. – Christopher Morley

What is the city but the people? – William Shakespeare

This city now doth, like a garment, wear the beauty of the morning; silent bare, ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples lie open unto the fields and to the sky; All bright and glittering in the smokeless air. – Wordsworth, William

No city should be too large for a man to walk out of in a morning. – Cyril Connolly

Cities force growth, and make men talkative and entertaining, but they make them artificial. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Divine Nature gave the fields, human art built the cities. – Marcus Terentius Varro, De Re Rustica

Cities with all their advantages have something hostile to liberal learning, the seductions are so subtle and accost the senses so openly on all sides. – Amos Bronson Alcott

Become corrupt, corrupt, and you will cease to suffer!” This has been the cry of all cities to man… – Alfred de Musset

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody. – Jane Jacobs

The roaring street is hung for miles with fierce electric fire.

– William Vaughan Moody

There is no solitude in the world like that of the big city. – Norris, Kathleen

There is hardly one in three of us who live in the cities who is not sick with unused self. – Ben Hecht

A city that outdistances man’s walking powers is a trap for man. – Arnold Joseph Toynbee

Suburb: a place that isn’t city, isn’t country, and isn’t tolerable. – Mignon McLaughlin

Towered cities please us then, and the busy hum of men. – John Milton

God made the country, and man made the town. – William Cowper

The City attaches an exaggerated importance to the healing power of lunch. – Christopher Fieldes

The Town is merely the Country with its hat on. – Kenneth Alfred

No city should be too large for a man to walk out of in a morning. – Cyril Connolly

I watched the bright lights flicker by, so beautiful — the glow, the buildings of downtown peeking out, the city sharp and crisp, all the dirt and age hidden by the night. – Garth Stein

Cities get built out of poet’s dreams. – Marty Rubin

A city is a large community where people are lonesome together. – Herbert Prochnow

The pressure of survival in the big city will make you lose sight of your dream… Hang in there. – James De La Vega

The city disappears street by street as you enter it. – Ian Seed

There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave. – Charlotte Eriksson

Don’t let the city steal your soul. – Terri Guillemets

The city gives even to children a sophisticated look that baffles the casual psychologist. – Honorà Willsie Morrow

We are in danger of making our cities places where business goes on but where life, in its real sense, is lost. – Hubert Humphrey

A city is a large community where people are lonesome together. – Herbert Prochnow

Cities are the abyss of the human species. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Émile

The cities of the world are concentric, isomorphic, synchronic. Only one exists and you are always in the same one. It’s the effect of their permanent revolution, their intense circulation, their instantaneous magnetism. – Jean Baudrillard

In the country the darkness of night is friendly and familiar, but in a city, with its blaze of lights, it is unnatural, hostile and menacing. It is like a monstrous vulture that hovers, biding its time. – Somerset Maugham

The life of our city is rich in poetic and marvelous subjects. We are enveloped and steeped as though in an atmosphere of the marvelous; but we do not notice it. – Baudelaire, Charles

In Rome you long for the country; in the country – oh inconstant! – you praise the distant city to the stars. – Horace, Satires

Man’s course begins in a garden, but it ends in a city. – Alexander Maclaren

If you want your subordinates to do or not do certain things, build a city. – Niccolò Machiavelli

I have never felt salvation in nature. I love cities above all. – Michelangelo Buonarroti

We need to draw lines in the ground and say, ‘The concrete stops here.’ That forces people to build in and up, rather than out – and there’s nothing wrong with high, dense urban environments as long as they’re planned correctly. They can be extremely livable. They tend to require less transportation, fewer sewer lines, fewer power lines, fewer roads, and more tightly packed structures, which in and of themselves are more energy efficient. – Patrick Moore

A soulless city creates soulless people! – Mehmet Murat ildan

I’ve often though that if our zoning boards could be put in charge of botanists, of zoologists and geologists, and people who know about the earth, we would have much more wisdom in such planning than when we leave it to the engineers. – William O. Douglas

The single most important thing a city can do is provide a community where interesting, smart people want to live with their families. – Malcolm Gladwell

Don’t focus so much on single buildings as fabric. If fabric is lost, we have a few heroic buildings in parking lots. – Steve Mouzon

A city isn’t so unlike a person. They both have the marks to show they have many stories to tell. They see many faces. They tear things down and make new again. – Rasmenia Massoud

Any city however small, is in fact divided into two, one the city of the poor, the other of the rich. These are at war with one another. – Plato

Stop texting me saying you’re having a city planning emergency. There’s no such thing as a city planning emergency. – Mark Brendanawicz

It’s been amazing getting to go from city to city and perform for thousands of people. It’s an amazing feeling, and the energy is crazy. – Austin Mahone

It is difficult to design a place that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished. – William H. Whyte

We will neglect our cities to our peril, for in neglecting them we neglect the nation. – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Urbanism works when it creates a journey as desirable as the destination. – Paul Goldberger

The city is a fact in nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel or an ant-heap. But it is also a conscious work of art, and it holds within its communal framework many simpler and more personal forms of art. Mind takes form in the city; and in turn, urban forms condition mind. – Mumford, Lewis

We need more insurgency in the city in order to break unsustainable and privatizing patterns of urban development. – Jeffrey Hou

What I like about cities is that everything is king size, the beauty and the ugliness. – Joseph Brodsky

Neither cities nor places in them are unordered, unplanned; the question is only whose order, whose planning, for what purpose? – Peter Marcuse

It is in the midst of the city that one writes the most inspiring pages about the country. – Jules Renard

We don’t want a plan based on land uses. We want a plan based on experiences. Who visits downtown to see land uses? – Mitchell Silver

A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again. – Margaret Mead

Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not. The question is not whether your part of the world is going to change. The question is how. – Edward T. McMahon

A large city cannot be experientially known; its life is too manifold for any individual to be able to participate in it. – Aldous Huxley

There is hardly one in three of us who live in the cities who is not sick with unused self. – Ben Hecht

The great city is that which has the greatest man or woman: if it be a few ragged huts, it is still the greatest city in the whole world. – Whitman, Walt

The modern city is probably the most unlovely and artificial site this planet affords. The ultimate solution is to abandon it. We shall solve the City Problem by leaving the city. – Henry Ford

Here in the big city people spend their time thinking about work and about money; they don’t give some value to friendships and it can be depressing. – Adriana Lima

The two elements of the suburban pattern that cause the greatest problems are the extreme separation of uses and the vast distances between things. – James Howard Kunstler

Cities are the abyss of the human species. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

What’s bad about sprawl is not its uniformity but that it is uniformly bad. – James Kunstler

Cities have always been the fireplaces of civilization, whence light and heat radiated out into the dark. – Theodore Parker

Defining sprawl is a little bit like defining pornography. You know it when you see it. – Ellen Dunham-Jones

All that a city will ever allow you is an angle on it — an oblique, indirect sample of what it contains, or what passes through it; a point of view. – Peter Conrad

I would sum up my fear about the future in one word: boring. And that’s my one fear: that everything has happened; nothing exciting or new is ever going to happen again… The future is just going to be a vast, conforming suburb of the soul. – J. G. Ballard

The catalogue of forms is endless: until every shape has found its city, new cities will continue to be born. When the forms exhaust their variety and come apart, the end of cities begins. – Calvino, Italo

People here can’t realize there are poor people in the world. They can’t think about the needs of other people. – Suburbia by Bill Owens

What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters. – Charles Baudelaire

In a living city, I could never have noticed so much. Living cities don’t hold still. – John Irving

Architecture is, and always will be concerned, roughly speaking, with carefully balancing horizontal things on top of vertical things. – Reyner Banham

The city disappears street by street as you enter it. – Ian Seed

But cities aren’t like people; they live on and on, even though their reason for being where they are has gone downriver and out to sea. – John Updike

Cities are the sinks of the human race. – Rousseau

For the majority of individuals the necessities of life are the same. It is therefore logical and consistent with an economic approach to satisfy these homogenous needs uniformly and consistently. Hence it is not justifiable for each house to have a different floor plan, a different shape, different building materials, and a different ‘style.’ To do this is to practice waste and to put a false emphasis on individuality. – Walter Gropius

There’s this thing of you can live in a city and be completely alone, not notice anything going on around you. – Simon Pegg

A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one. – Aristotle

My friends have asked me why I don’t patent my low-cost houses, but they’ve completely missed the point. I actually want my designs to be copied. I want Indonesian society to rethink its attitudes towards urban architecture. – Ahmad Djuhara

To look at the cross-section of any plan of a big city is to look at something like the section of a fibrous tumor. – Wright, Frank Lloyd

Everybody’s got haters, but your city’s always behind you. It’s only right to give back. – Stefon Diggs

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