I joined Bay Art about 4 months ago however this is my first piece. Those four months were some of the hardest of my life, consequently, I had to go on hiatus from blogging. I only wanted to start posting when I felt like I could guarantee my consistency. Visit for more post like this.

Thank you BayArt for this wonderful opportunity!

Clarity by Victoriadeyemi


I become a workaholic when I really want something. There’s a saying that I hear a lot at home, it goes ‘hard word does not kill’. I think it takes the view that hard work does not have any harmful effects, rather it rewards us with what we seek and whether or not it does, it adds value to our character. I am a strong believer of this, hard work is one of my core values. Akin to most people, I haven’t had a life where things were just handed to me when I wanted something I’ve had to work hard for it.

I was sitting in church when I created this piece (the art piece). I remember not wanting to be there; I wasn’t there because I wanted to connect with God but because of what my absence might trigger. I knew that I was not there for the right reason, it all felt annoying and I wanted to sleep. Apart from trying to keep on track with my studies (which was not looking so promising at this time), I was committed to other things; I worked part time, edited an academic magazine and sang in the choir. I stopped painting and drawing, which was an important outlet for me. See when I paint it’s just me and music, I don’t have to interact with anyone or think about anything, the brush hits the canvas and it’s almost instinctive, I don’t think, I just enjoy the moment.

My friend gave me her phone to hold, she had a ‘notes app’, and I started to play around with the app and the result was clarity. I crudely drew up the state I wanted to be in, clear and free. In this moment, I discovered the importance of rest. The problem wasn’t where I was or what I was doing, it was that I had not yet created a balance in my life for all the stuff I was involved in. I needed rest.

It is true that hard work does not kill, but it could if it is not balanced against other important things such as rest. So, after this piece, I proceeded to create a working balance that was focused on my happiness. 

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