98+ Best Closure Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Profoundly inspirational closure quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

Famous Closure Quotes

We have achieved closure on this chapter. It was in the best interests of the investigation to get our documents back and we are moving on. — Mike Holtzman

We are excited to be able to bring some closure to one of New England’s most mysterious shipwrecks. The story of the Steamship Portland and its fatal last run from Boston to Portland, Maine, has intrigued maritime historians for years due to the wide-ranging reported sightings of the ship during the storm. This mission allows us to start putting some answers to the questions about its loss. — Craig MacDonald

Well, the thought came to me that, for many of us who did this show, and for many people who watched the show, just because Johnny left there, didn’t give them the closure they needed. But I would say that his passing gave us that closure, because I think we all realize now that he’s not coming back. — Doc Severinsen

This base closure is the roar that moused, … It started out being very ambitious, but ended up being modest. — Loren Thompson

When you walk out in the garden and you remember it is a memorial to a really young girl that was killed, you wonder if you can ever have closure on that. — M. Thompson

She was the last person pulled out of the lake. It gives us some closure to something that was a very tragic thing to go through. — H. Hart

Despite the announced closure of the two Tyson plants, Nebraska’s confidence index stood at a regional high of 70.2. Certainly, the rising fortunes of the state’s ethanol and renewable energy industry have buoyed businesses in this industry or firms with close ties to this industry. — Ernie Goss

We tend to think of program closure as a last resort. — Marguerite Cotto

There is only one reason for these continuing negotiations — and that is to maximize the degree of consensus in the council. We are determined to bring this whole negotiation to closure in the next 24 hours. — Jeremy Greenstock

My family really needs closure in this. We need this to be over. — Tangee Overly

Unbeknownst to himself, he is on a kind of pilgrimage. This character, with a certain amount of self-delusion, thinks he is going to achieve closure without going through the pain of it. — Timothy Spall

Overall, the trading is thin due to closure of the U.S. financial markets. — Kikuko Takeda

I begin my day online and end my day online. I like to prepare myself for the next day and have a sense of closure before I go to bed. — Geoffrey Zakarian

I think the investment community, consumers, the investment houses themselves are anxious to get resolution here, … So the faster we can fill that void and get closure on this, the better. — Eliot Spitzer

People protesting the closure don’t live in the area. — Deborah Smith

A number of portions in the request were identified as items that, through the normal process of follow-up and closure of audits, could be resolved. Office of Management and Budget stated that the unresolved audit questions could be cleared up on a case-by-case basis and done administratively between the federal granting agency and the government of Guam agencies. — Shawn Gumataotao

Obviously, we thought from the beginning that the penalty was excessive. Hopefully, everybody understands what has happened and we can put closure on this issue. — Donald Fehr

You’re going to see some powerful testimony from the families. It’s going to be a chance for some of them to get closure as best they can. — Stephen Saltzburg

We would not want to rush into a closure if we can look at other criteria. — Michael Douglas

We just want some closure in my brother’s death. Again, we’re asking anyone with any information at all that might be related to this hit-and-run accident to come forward. — Heather Kunkle

There is not closure for this. I have a dagger in my back and will continue to carry (it) until the truth is out. — Jose Basulto

I think that went a long way for closure with the families, — Keith Henderson

While the closure of the Texas stores results in an impairment charge, it does set the stage for fundamentally improving our Texas operations, … The competitive environment has softened over the last couple of quarters, which has allowed us to improve our sales in that environment despite carrying these underperforming stores. — Steve Burd

He would come up, close, … The third time his closure rate was too far. He attempted to turn and pitch up, but his vertical stabilizer impacted my number one propeller, basically pretty much tearing his aircraft apart. — Shane Osborn

Until and unless the US-Allied stakes in the strait’s threatened closure can be reduced, Iran will literally think and act as if it has us over a barrel. — Henry Sokolski

It does give me some closure to be out here, but I’m ready to move on. — Chuck Long

I was a nervous wreck and I kept calling my wife. It was so out of character for me to even be down there. But in the end it was good closure for me. — Joey Santiago

She never knew. That’s why the closure is so important. She never got over it. — Leane Ross

There will never be a closure with Michael. He’ll always be here with us. He’s just a great, great boy. We all love him. — Donna Thompson

In a way, it’s my way of dealing with, finding closure with Grateful Dead music, and giving thanks in a way to Jerry and Bob and all the guys in the band for making up this wonderful music. — Phil Lesh

Requiem has been controversial because people dont feel I gave it closure. — Lauren Oliver

Owners feel that if we impose an anti-smoking ordinance within a very short time, they definitely would face a loss of business and eventually even closure of some of their establishments. — York Chow

Numbers were below consensus because they had a big impact from the hurricanes and the closure of Texas City. These were events outside their control. — Bruce Evers

I think it’s a chance that people can get some closure to a situation that’s been devastating to a lot of families. — Robert Carter

We received tremendous enthusiasm to these investment offers from investors and we have closed Al-Arabi Private Equity Fund and robust response ensured early closure of the Energy City private placement. — Rashad Janahi

It could potentially be something big but come what may, we have closure on a very sad chapter of our lives when the show was cancelled. Now we have this movie that stands on its own and hopefully we’re all part of something special and I think we are. — Adam Baldwin

This album is, in a sense, closure to a chapter in my life. I’ve purged myself of some of the things I’ve been going through in the last five years. That’s more important to me than the fear of not being accepted by old fans. — Eric Benet

It would be best for one to admit to this wrongdoing. To give some semblance of closure to the family who has been stricken with this tragedy. — David Greer

Both consumer and business confidence is depressed because of uncertainty surrounding the war, … If we can somehow bring closure to the war situation, I would expect confidence to improve dramatically, taking with it the economy and the stock market. — Sung Sohn

Texas A&M has done everything in its power to bring closure to this situation. Our hope is that the Seahawk organization will recognize our federal trademark and bring closure to this situation. — Steve Moore

We are very pleased to come to closure with Oregon State on a game in Honolulu. We have a wonderful relationship with the Pac-10 Conference and its member institutions and we hope this leads to additional scheduling opportunities in the future. — Herman Frazier

We responded to the hurricanes with between 200 and 250 medical, security and logistic support personnel as well as aircraft from the Army and Air Guard sides. This was huge for us because it came two weeks after the BRAC decided to take us off the base closure list, which would have taken the C-130s used to help following Katrina. — Capt. Conway

The aircraft made two close approaches, (with the pilot) making gestures, … And then, on the third one, his closure rate was too high, and he impacted the number-one propeller, which caused a violent shaking in the aircraft. And then, his nose impacted our nose, and our nose cone flew off, and the airplane immediately snap-rolled to about 130 degrees in low bank and became uncontrollable. — Shane Osborn

I am very concerned about the actions of USDA to close beef processing plants in Montana. The timing of this action is disturbing. We hope USDA is not taking this action in retribution for MCA, R-CALF USA and Governor Schweitzer’s recent actions to protect the Montana cow herd from Canadian bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Governor Schweitzer purchased a 4-H pig during the Lewis and Clark County Fair, and that carcass is hanging at the Butte plant targeted for closure by USDA. — Dennis McDonald

We need to do everything from securing parking permits to street closure permits. — Susan Bates

There are a lot of rewards for winning, and one that you dream about is to get a National Championship ring. They’ve had trips to the White House, some have been on Oprah and the celebration was wonderful, but this pretty much puts closure to last year’s team. — Mack Brown

We want to put the issue to rest, and give neighbors a sense of closure as well, have a final, clear, black and white call on how the park will be used. — John Feudo

This closure will add to transportation costs on goods. Goods will have to be sent to other seaports. Airlines will likely have to direct their flights to other airports. — Robert Bottome

We’ve got so many things against us. The red tide is hammering us, fuel prices are through the roof and the grouper closure will mean the peak season is totally shot. They’re all nails in our coffin. — Ed Peters

Our scientists have found new information on the distribution of sea turtles, and we think the original closure may have been excessive. — Mark Helvey

We are hopeful that the president’s testimony will finally bring closure to the independent counsel’s more than four year, over $40 million investigation, which has culminated in an investigation of the president’s private life, — David Kendall

We’re very much sort of in a closure mode on the humanitarian side. — Richard Ragan

I will get closure when they close the lid on my casket. — George C. Williams

My challenge as chairman of the 2005 BRAC Commission was to ensure that I and the members of the commission understood the role IT played in the transformation strategy that served as the foundation of the Defense Department’s base closure and realignment proposals. — Anthony Principi

Ambiguity is necessary in some of my stories, not in all. In those, it certainly contributes to the richness of the story. I doubt that thematic closure is never attainable. — Gene Wolfe

When Celtic faced closure in 1994. My feelings then were of disbelief and concern for my mates who were Celtic fans. — Ally McCoist

I think the Iraqi elections are a big step for Bush, moving forward to bring closure to the Iraq process. — Scott Reed

I will bring to closure this sad episode and put us on the road to healing and the future, — Alfonse D’Amato

This trial was not about putting a monetary value on Randy Moon’s life. It was about closure for the family. They wanted a jury to decide if their son died because of the carelessness of the driver – and the jury made its decision. — Harry Hall

The word closure doesn’t hold much meaning for us. Nothing’s going to change the horrendous manner in which my brother was murdered. — Debra Burlingame

We expect the closure will have some impact, but because we draw customers from all along Route 1 and the coast region, we remain optimistic. — David Fleming

I was especially concerned because the office closure plan was issued with little or no consultation with our local offices and producers, — Jim Talent

I’m sure a sitting Supreme Court justice believes that providing some final closure on all these legal arguments might be a good thing here. — Lanny Davis

Part of their strategy has to involve closure of some of those stores. — Robert Cihra

We’ve been having talks with his agent off and on all winter. I wanted to try and put some closure on it. — Brad Kullman

They’ve been intensive. They will get more intensive until we get something done. I’m hopeful. We’re focusing all of our energies to do that now. We’ll reach closure one way or another. — Brad Kullman

I’ve seen the video played over and over, and it replays in my head constantly. To be able to walk in his exact footsteps is an extremely huge honor, and I did this for him as much as I did it for my family to get some closure too. — Nik Wallenda

I think also what people really should try to keep in mind is, when a hit and run occurs, there is a lack of closure on an incident like this, people don’t really have a sense of what happened and what lead to this – from a justice standpoint or from a personal standpoint- we’re trying to help the family to try and understand it. — Chris Adams

Big topic. It affects everybody’s future. We’d like to have closure on it, as soon as possible. — Patrick Griffin

The state is satisfied with this outcome. This brings closure to a long-standing case. — Marc Violette

As the situation has changed, we have been taking gradual steps towards the closure of the missions and submissions, — Aziz Ahmad

While there is plenty of time left, I think it’s important to get closure on those larger gifts sooner rather than later, — Robert Sweeney

With a mini series you can give the story a proper sense of pacing, a proper sense of closure. — Garth Ennis

You gotta keep going. You gotta have the hope there’s gonna be someone down there and to bring closure to everyone. — Bracken Spencer

We estimate the assumption of these contracts by Tennessee Tire Recyclers and the pending closure of our Tennessee facility in September will relieve us of obligations that have negatively contributed to our operating losses over the past several years and will positively impact our overall corporate cash flow by over $150,000 per month. We anticipate the transition of assigning all contracts to be completed within 90 days and will redeploy all remaining Tennessee equipment to other locations during that timeframe. — Bob Davies

Obviously, we regret the base closure commission’s decision about Pascagoula, but it’s no surprise. As we said when Pascagoula was first put on the list, all the naval vessels at Pascagoula either have been or are scheduled for decommissioning, and it’s hard for the defense department to keep a naval base that doesn’t have any ships. — Haley Barbour

We condemn the closure of a newspaper, which has only carried out its role of informing the public by dealing with a subject that is high on the news agenda around the world. — Reporters Borders

I don’t feel this murder will be solved until Bob Herron is out of office. I don’t look for any closure before then. — Robert Herron

The president and I agree that we need to bring closure to the remaining differences between the House and Senate, — Dennis Hastert

Now we have this … stunt 24 hours after their staff was informed that we were moving to closure next week, … If that’s not politics, I’m not standing here. — Pat Roberts

I don’t see novels ending with any real sense of closure. — Michael Ondaatje

I wanted to give a sense of closure without an absolute finality to it. So it isn’t like everyone dies or we blow up the lodge, or it was all a dream. — David Smith

Oh God, I thank God I could see him, I had some closure too, I got to say goodbye. — Leonard Johnson

It is incumbent upon this commission to ensure that the Department of Defense’s closure and realignment recommendations, especially those pertaining to the Air National Guard, do not undermine the unique mission responsibilities of the Department of Homeland Security. — Anthony Principi

Right now we have a closure rate between discovery and exploitation of four to six months. We need to be more in the realm of seven to 10 days. That is an enormous challenge. — John W. Thompson

Any such settlement should not result in the closure of the EU (Microsoft) case. The Commission should, and we expect it will, proceed vigorously with its case against Microsoft, — Thomas Vinje

We have added metal eyelets and a self-strap closure with buckle and grommet and an inside moisture wicking sweatband. — Jamie Allen

I think the less we feel a sense of control and the longer there isn’t any closure on it, the more we’re going to be seeing anxiety building in people. — Jerilyn Ross

There are fewer than a dozen management employees at the facility since production ended last week. (These remaining employees are helping) with remaining work involved in the closure of the facility. — Jill Saletta

So there is enough evidence to suggest that the one-week closure between our second and third seasons is not enough to get the birds back. — Todd Sanders

There have been a huge number of phone calls coming in to the central office. A lot of people are happy that we’re drawing closure to this issue, but others don’t understand it and flat out say they won’t fill out the forms. — Paul Seibert

He was always a good teammate. Hopefully as a team we can move on from it and put some closure to it. — Jeff Horner

Road safety is of paramount importance and to have casualty numbers drop by 75 per cent shows overwhelmingly that the road closure has been the right move. — Andrew Burns

This is about 500 fewer than at present, reflecting the closure of two small bases in Basra, the transfer of some training tasks to the Iraqi security forces and structural differences between the two brigades, — John Reid

I was shocked. It wouldn’t have been about money with me this year. It would have been about closure in Chicago. … They brought in Jim Thome, and he was more injured than I was last year. — Frank Thomas

If we can find something as small as a finger or a tip of a finger, even, that could allow the police departments to hopefully get a DNA match on somebody. And that’s going to allow closure for families. — Bruce Barton

I think store closure will actually be viewed as a positive and proactive step for the company, — Sean McGowan

Negotiations are all around the mine closure agreement. I think there are a lot of important issues on the table as a result of a mine closure. — Ken Dawson

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