72+ Best Coaching Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Coaching is to instruct, direct, or prompt as a coach. Coaches can push you to achieve more and support you when you need. Profoundly inspirational coaching quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

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Famous Coaching Quotes

Make sure that team members know they are working with you, not for you. John Woodeb

Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Jim Valvano

Really, coaching is simplicity. It’s getting players to play better than they think that they can. Tom Landry

It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up. Vince Lombardi

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. John Wooden

The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled. Ric Charlesworth

My best investment, as cliched as this sounds, is the money I’ve spent developing myself, via books, workshops and coaching. Leadership begins within, and to have a better career, start by building a better you. Robin S. Sharma

Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners. Joe Gibbs

To be successful in coaching you have to treat your team like a family. The leader needs backing from everyone. Morgan Wootten

Set goals high goals for you and your organization. When your organization has a goal to shoot for, you create teamwork, people working for a common good. Bear Bryant

You don’t demand respect, you earn it. Steve Seidler

A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning. Billie Jean King

To be as good as it can be, a team has to buy into what you as the coach are doing. They have to feel you’re a part of them and they’re a part of you. Bobby Knight

What keeps me going is not winning, but the quest for reaching potential in myself as a coach and my kids as divers. It’s the pursuit of excellence. Ron O’Brien

The definition of courage is going from defeat to defeat with enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it. Knute Rockne

A coach should never be afraid to ask questions of anyone he could learn from. Bobby Knight

You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self-motivation. Homer Rice

Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want more out of life. Chicago Tribune

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Pat Riley

Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? Dennis E. Mannering and Wendy K. Mannering

Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best, you’ve won. Bill Bowerman

If we were supposed to talk more than we listen we would have two mouths and one ear. Mark Twain

There are three types of baseball players those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens. Tommy Lasorda

Teaching players during practices was what coaching was all about to me. John Wooden

Our emphasis is on execution, not winning. Pat Summitt

Constant, gentle pressure is my preferred technique for leadership, guidance, and coaching. Danny Meyer

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. John Wooden

I didn’t get into coaching to make money. I got into this for the coaching and teaching part. Dabo Swinney

What do you do with a mistake recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it. Dean Smith

There is nothing so uncertain as a sure thing. Scotty Bowman

In basketball as in life true joy comes from being fully present in each and every moment, not just when things are going your way. Phil Jackson

Coaching is the great passion of my life, and the job to me has always been an opportunity to work with our student-athletes and help them discover what they want. Pat Summitt

Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling. Bill Belichick

To excel at the highest level  or any level, really  you need to believe in yourself, and hands down, one of the biggest contributors to my self confidence has been private coaching. Stephen Curry

Champions behave like champions before they are champions. Bill Walsh

It’s what you learn, after you know it all, that counts. John Wooden

Discover your gift, develop your gift, and then give it away every day. Don Meyer

I fell in love with coaching. I loved interacting with young people, having the opportunity to make a tremendous impression on them. Morgan Wootten

Do your best when no one is looking. If you do that, then you can be successful in anything that you put your mind to. Bob Cousy

Good coaching may be defined as the development of character, personality and habits of players, plus the teaching of fundamentals and team play. Claire Bee

You were born a player. You were meant to be here. This moment is yours. Herb Brooks

Starting a business is similar to an athletic endeavor, like serving a tennis ball. Telling you how to do it is useless. You actually get better through a combination of practice, coaching, and repetitions with money on the line. Andrew Yang

You can see and you can listen, but you have to have moments in which you feel. Mike Krzyzewski

Most people get excited about games, but I’ve got to be excited about practice, because that’s my classroom. Pat Summitt

The best teams have chemistry. They communicate with each other and sacrifice personal glory for the common goal. Dave DeBusschere

Never quit. It is the easiest cop out in the world. Set a goal and don’t quit until you attain it. When you do attain it, set another goal, and don’t quit until you reach it. Never quit. Bear Bryant

Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat him as he could be, and he will become what he should be. Jimmy Johnso

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. John Wooden

If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven’t done anything today. Lou Holtz

I learned this about coaching You don’t have to explain victory and you can’t explain defeat. Darrell Royal

The measure of who we are is how we react to something that doesn’t go our way. Greg Popovich

I really enjoyed coaching. Joe Paterno

Be led by your dreams. Not by your problems. Roy Williams

Coaches understand that pressure is part of the rush of coaching. The challenge of trying to outplay your opponent is part of the fun, the adrenaline, the preparation, seeing your team evolve. It’s why coaches become coaches. Jill Ellis

A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness. Elaine MacDonald

Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Vince Lombardi

I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable. John Russell

I went into coaching never worrying about what I was coaching for other than trying to make sure that I can prepare my team, select my team, have an amazing staff around me. Jill Ellis

Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen. Pete Carroll

Failure is good. It’s fertilizer. Everything I’ve learned about coaching, I’ve learned from making mistakes. Rick Pitino

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be. Tom Landry

I found out that if you are going to win games, you had better be ready to adapt. Scotty Bowman

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves. Steven Spielberg

People thrive on positive reinforcement. They can take only a certain amount of criticism and you may lose them altogether if you criticize them in a personal way you can make a point without being personal. Don’t insult or belittle your people. Instead of getting more out of them you will get less. Bill Walsh

A lot of people put pressure on themselves and think it will be way too hard for them to live out their dreams. Mentors are there to say, Look, it’s not that tough. It’s not as hard as you think. Here are some guidelines and things I have gone through to get to where I am in my career. Joe Jonas

All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself. Bill McCartney

Coaches are aware of how to ignite passion and motivate people. They have an energy that is contagious and know exactly how to get their team excited. Brian Cagneey

Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching. Phil Crosby

A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life. John Wooden

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