99+ Best Comeback Quotes to Unlock Your Power

With learning from setbacks and taking steps to success, you are able to overcome your challenges and emerge stronger than ever. Profoundly inspirational comeback quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous Comeback Quotes

The comeback of true green olives was part of a Spanish food revival in the early 2000s. I credit Sam and Sam Clark of Moro Restaurant in London with making them cool again. — Bee Wilson

She rehabbed really hard for six months, and she set her goal to comeback for the Flowing Wells Holiday Shoot-Out. She made it back for the last game of that tournament. — Steve Botkin

We hope to prevent the devastating effects of this disease by treating the young early. While peregrines have made a comeback from the brink of extinction nationwide, there is still a need to protect their nest sites and encourage population growth in Georgia. — Jim Ozier

Each of us carries within himself a collection of instant insults. — Haim Ginott

There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time. — Anne Lamott

I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said. — William F. Buckley, Jr.

The private citizen, beset by partisan appeals for the loan of his Public Opinion, will soon see, perhaps, that these appeals are not a compliment to his intelligence, but an imposition on his good nature and an insult to his sense of evidence. — Walter Lippmann

What a comeback for Michelle! For her to win this race after her injury is a testament to her work ethic and her talent. — Tom Busta

This pilot, by far, was the best I ever read – and I hope that insults every other pilot I worked on. — Will Arnett

Our comeback in the second half was sparked by the contributions of the players coming off of the bench. — Allison McNeill

It is not a comeback anymore. I am here now and this is my fifth tournament. I have shown that I can still play. I don’t look at it as a comeback anymore. It is more like the second part of my career now. — Martina Hingis

Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback, and that’ll be me. — Steven Adler

We told the kids at halftime (with Whitefish leading 20-6) that Polson had comeback in previous games and was a quality team. They were up for it, but some miscues (four offensive plays) ended up being big turning points in the game. — Mike Ferda

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I’m trying to make all the characters change and grow, or regress. — R. A. Salvatore

It’s very hard to be a gentleman and a writer. — W. Somerset Maugham

People have asked me about Comeback Player of the Year, — Brandt Jobe

We’ve talked about playing a full 32 minutes and not quitting after eight. It wasn’t looking good, but the comeback is a tribute to our five seniors. They bring it every day to practice, and I couldn’t be prouder of a bunch of guys. — Robin Burgard

I think a comeback would be possible, but not advisable,” Smith said. — The Vikings

Insults are pouring down on me as thick as hail. — Edouard Manet

If they had said my writing wasn’t good enough, fair enough, that’s an opinion. But to say it’s too complex is to insult the intelligence of the so-called young. — Tanith Lee

She’s a tough woman and if anyone can comeback from that she can. — Carmen Dolfo

We know we needed to stop those two girls. We knew Marlboro could make a comeback at any moment. — Christy Porter

Well, any good comeback needs some true believers. — John Boehner

I think stocks really are near their lows at this point and I think investors are bargain-oriented right now. They believe in some sort of comeback by the end of this year so if you believe in that, you have to like stocks at these prices. — Seth Martin

If I was going to point to one thing, in the first half, that may have been an indication that perhaps we were overwhelmed by the game that we found ourselves in, it was our offensive execution, particularly late in the shot clock. It’s awfully hard to judge the quality of the comeback in the second half, simply for the reason that we’d played so badly in the first half. Albion had every reason to believe that we couldn’t come back. Am I pleased with the grit? Yeah. Does it mean anything? I don’t know. — Ed Kohtala

To say ‘we’ and mean ‘I’ is one of the most recondite insults. — Theodor Adorno

We respect Sammy and what he has accomplished in the game. We wish him well and hope that he is able to come back and perform like he did a couple of years ago. As long as he is not in our division, we’ll be rooting for him to win Comeback Player of the Year. — Jim Bowden

To comeback from that double-bogey and shoot six-under from there, that was a pretty good effort. I’ve been working a lot on my putting and its time to make things happen. It great to see putts going in. It is a new feeling for me and its a wonderful one. Hopefully we can keep it going like this. — Sergio Garcia

When you combine something to say with the skill to say it properly, then you’ve got a good writer. — Theodore Sturgeon

We always believed. We always thought we’d be here in the end and now we’re not going to let our comeback be wasted. — Jason Giambi

And I’m also looking for a comeback record and it has to touch a lot of people. — Taylor Dane

I talked to him for 10 minutes. He was alert and knew what was going on. He knew about our comeback win on Friday night and knew what I had done. He knew we had won yesterday and was well aware of all the situations. — David Eckstein

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I’m not really keen on comebacks. Eurythmics was an incredible thing. When I look back on that work, I feel very satisfied with it. — Annie Lennox

I missed the Olympic team in 1996 – missed making the team. I tried to make a comeback in my sport, and soon after the Olympic trials, Johann Olav Koss, who is a Norwegian speed-skater, called me up and asked me to be a part of Olympic Aid. Now Olympic Aid is Right to Play. It’s a wonderful, narrow focus. — Summer Sanders

I think it was our best comeback this year. We beat a really, really good hockey team. — Nick Pollos

The bad part about being recognized is that when I walk into a restaurant and sit down, I’ve got to eat everything on the plate, whether it’s good or bad. People would take it as an insult if I did otherwise. — Paul Prudhomme

It is almost like it was the first game of the season. It is tough when you comeback and start playing an important division game, but you do what you have to do. — Kenneth Thompson

I could swear I heard a score recently – 16 September, 2003 to be precise – where the home team won 6-0 and where the aggregate score was six-all. I think it was a League Cup match in Wales. Was I dreaming? And if not, is this the biggest two-leg comeback of them all? — John M. Smith

I’m a good scholar when it comes to reading but a blotting kind of writer when you give me a pen. — John Millington Synge

Every time I show up to do something here it’s considered a comeback. If I came into town and they didn’t call it that, I’d be disappointed. — Sheena Easton

Ultimately, there is no compromise. Westerners will either retain their civilization, including the right to insult and blaspheme, or not. — Daniel Pipes

Women’s tennis is at such a high level now that any of the top 10 or 20 players could give me a tough match. Martina is on her comeback and no doubt will reach the top again but I don’t have a specific rival here. — Maria Sharapova

We’re not worried about where we are. We were 10 games under .500 in March and that would be quite a comeback if we win on Wednesday (and finish 41-41). — Scott Skiles

You only think of the best comeback when you leave. — Jimmy Fallon

Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jackie considered his resurrection, the world’s best return performance. — Audrey Meadows

Making a comeback is one of the most difficult things to do with dignity. — Greg Lake

It’s not easy being a father, but I’ve been allowed a comeback. — Alan King

What I’m looking for tonight is the results here in Georgia. Can Edwards have a comeback here? Can he win the Minnesota caucuses? Can he keep it close in New York and Ohio? And barring a miracle, I mean a real miracle, John Kerry will be within a stone’s throw of winning the nomination. — Donna Brazile

Don’t say Aretha is making a comeback, because I’ve never been away! — Aretha Franklin

I’m always making a comeback but nobody ever tells me where I’ve been. — Billie Holiday

I feel like we deserved this victory. We haven’t had a comeback like this in a while. All year long, we’ve had a lot of heartbreaking losses. — Willie Randolph

He scored so many big goals for me in Dallas. It was frightening how many big goals he scored. The ’98 and ’99 seasons, he had comeback goals, clinching goals, important goals. That was it. Not the goals he scored, but the importance of the goals he scored. — Ken Hitchcock

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I had to develop the mentality and stay positive about making my comeback. — Alonzo Mourning

Based on the type of year he had this year in the International League, we believe Kenny is on the comeback trail. We still feel like he has an upside. — Kevin Towers

I’m playing an Amazon warrior princess in a new radio comedy series called ‘Elvenquest,’ and I’m playing a Russian genius in the comeback of ‘Red Dwarf.’ — Sophie Winkleman

Nobody could ever accuse Green of a last ditch campaign, he’ll always run for something. But certainly it’s a comeback effort. — Maurice Carroll

A comeback in gymnastics is almost impossible in itself. — Shawn Johnson

When we fell down I knew it was going to take a lot of energy for us to comeback against a great team like that. We came up a little short in the fourth quarter and that’s what I feared. — Marty DeJarnette

I feel blessed to have as many comebacks as I can. — Paula Abdul

We told the kids to watch out for a comeback like that. It happened in last year’s game and it almost happened again. — Sean Luzader

We made a great comeback to get within one at the half. We felt good going into the third and got off to a good start. Once they got in the lead they really took control of the game and they were hard to slow down. — Buddy Carlisle

Katrina damage remains a crimp on gas supplies, but we’ve had a major comeback by the oil industry since she hit, — Trilby Lundberg

The person who receives the most favors is the one who knows how to return them. — Publilius Syrus

My relatives used to laugh when I talked of being a writer. — Taylor Caldwell

I’m a comeback waiting to happen. No one deserves it more than I do. — Sean Young

The stardom thing happened and now I’m trying to make a comeback, if you want to call it that. — Leif Garrett

She keyed the comeback in the second half. — Fred Richter

That didn’t help. We were in the middle of a comeback and that foul sure didn’t help things. But we got good shots after that, they just didn’t go in. — Lori Blade

We made a great comeback off Patterson, who was really on top of his game. It looked like he wasn’t going to give up anything. Patterson was really dominant for seven innings. — Bobby Cox

Our kids showed a lot of passion in our comeback and I’m proud of the way they fought to put the game into overtime. We got aggressive with our press and knocked them back on their heels. — Laurie Pirtle

Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it. — Mahatma Gandhi

No, a novel is a long business. I’m a slow writer, even when I’m doing very well I write slowly. — Octavia Butler

I was pleased with our comeback after being down in the fourth quarter. We really haven’t been able to do that. We aren’t real deep so we run out of gas sometimes. — Brent Norberg

My comeback was not about winning or losing; it was about the feeling of being able to compete at top level again. — Thomas Muster

No one ever thought Mark Ellis could do this. He’s a name to be remembered. If people don’t know who he is, turn on the television and check him out. If he doesn’t win comeback player, that’s ridiculous. — Nick Swisher

from the greatest comeback in the history of the Ryder Cup. — Ben Crenshaw

I was happy with how we came back – we had a nice comeback at the end. It’s tough to get down and spot that many points to a good team…Going into this game, we were holding people to 43 points per game and about 40 percent shooting. And we’re out-rebounding people, so that’s pretty good defense. On the other hand, we’re not shooting the ball well, so it’s tough. — Mike Fergus

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To admit you want to have a comeback means you have to admit you weren’t what you were supposed to be. You dropped below your own standard. — Marilyn Manson

The talent of a true writer and poet is in the ear. — Bryant H. McGill

Monte gave us a fright. They had a great comeback in the third quarter. — Scott Rapson

A career is a series of ups and downs, of comebacks. — Steve Guttenberg

Martina’s comeback performance has been outstanding and our fans will really enjoy watching the competition and the level of play she is bringing back to the game. As a former champion of the Pacific Life Open, we wish her all the best here. — Steve Simon

For some reason, every time I peak in my career, I injure myself. So, I’m constantly on the comeback trail. — Sania Mirza

The generous way of putting it is that we were not ready for this. The less generous way is to say: How was it possible to return to the politics of appeasement of the 1930s? — Paddy Ashdown

Nationally, species such as the bald eagle have made a comeback because of targeted efforts. But unlike the federal program, Georgia does not have an individual recovery plan for each protected species. — Brett Albanese

There is definitely a comeback of the idea of dressing well every day. Nowadays, suits can be worn for many occasions – to work or to school, to a dinner party or red carpet event. — Brunello Cucinelli

Obviously, today four runs was enough, … Andy pitched great and we played good defense. We had three double plays early that were big. The way the series started, that was a huge comeback to get two wins. — Craig Biggio

I think tights make a comeback out of necessity every season: you can only go so far with naked legs in the cold! You’ve got to protect yourself. I remember going to a fashion show and saying, ‘And it’s okay if I wear nude tights with this?’ to the designer, who looked at me like I just killed his dog or something. — Anna Kendrick

After the near-total destruction of Dresden in the Allied fire-bombing of February 1945, few people believed that its beauty would ever return. Dresden’s slow but steady comeback was thus met with great relief. — Gunter Blobel

Whatever. Don’t you know it’s my comeback week? — Gavin Henson

I did hope that Andy didn’t get a comeback in these two days. I think he’s coming back. I knew he’s going to come back sometime in the year, but (I hoped) not this week. Unfortunately for us, he came back on Friday and Sunday. He played his best tennis I think today, for a long time. I don’t know what he said. But I think he played a very good match. — Hans Gildemeister

Fulton made a decent comeback in the fourth quarter, but our guys calmed down and played good basketball over the last three minutes. We really played unselfish basketball and this was another great team effort. — Philip Dunkle

If you can’t ignore an insult, top it; if you can’t top it, laugh it off; and if you can’t laugh it off, it’s probably deserved. — Russell Lynes

Having been aware of the Red Sox since the 1946 World Series, having been growled at by Ted Williams as a young reporter in 1960, having been present at the horror of 1986 and the comeback of 2004, I have seen the highs and lows of some other people’s favorite team. — George Vecsey

There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance. — Rachel Griffiths

Looking back, yes, I made too many comebacks. But each comeback I was 100 percent sure that I would win. I never came back for the money, because I didn’t need it. The adulation I was getting anyway in other spheres. But I’m a guy who likes to see how close he can get to the edge of the mountain – that’s what makes me tick. — Sugar Ray Leonard

That first half wasn’t us. Defensively, I don’t know where we were. Mars, maybe. But that comeback at the end of the second quarter set up our second half. — Devin Harris

We’ve got to wipe this out. Hopefully we’ll play well for four quarters and not two. We’ll try to comeback Monday ready to go. — Marty DeJarnette

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