Common Artist Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

If you’re an artist or an individual looking to explore your endless ocean of creativity, it’s likely that you either have a process or you’re looking to create a process that will have you in the creation stage consistently.

Like every artist exploring their craft and/or looking to build their practice, it’s likely that you have been curbed by hurdles that hinder your creativity. Below, we go over a few of the most common artistic hurdles and ways you can either avoid or overcome these sorts of creative challenges.


With the advent of the internet and digital streaming platforms artists across the globe, there are ever increasing and ever evolving ways to fall into distraction, which, in the end keeps an artist from practicing their craft. Statistics show that YouTube, the most popular streaming platform, boasts over 160 million users — and that’s just in the United States.

For those who find themselves streaming content as a way to avoid working on a creative project, it’s good to have a plan to regulate your internet and streaming usage. Apps are available that will help you monitor your screen time. Resources such as SelfControl and Net Guard will help you both monitor your internet usage as well as put limitations on your screen time. You can even lock yourself out of certain websites that provide you with unhealthy distractions that come at a cost to your overall creative output.

Lack of Inspiration

Many artists wait for the muse to hit them, which will certainly limit an artist or creative type’s output. If you find yourself uninspired and are looking to boost your inspiration on a daily basis there are many resources available online that will jog your imagination, not to mention put you in touch with like minded folks who might be useful as a source of support and inspiration.

When it comes down to it, many artists and creatives have to walk their respective paths alone, so joining a community might be helpful. You can also read about other artists from the past and present, learn about their processes, not to mention hear about artist struggles throughout history, which just might give you a few ideas for fighting artistic stagnation.

Common Artist Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Lack of Discipline

Many artists out there fall victim to certain indulgences, whether it’s couch surfing for long periods of time or seeking any form of distraction that will help you avoid the actual creative work sitting in front of you.

It’s very important for each and every artist to fight against their own creative fatigue. When it comes down to it, an artist or creative type needs to practice their craft and generate some form of output pretty much on a daily basis. You will always be tempted to do other things — anything that doesn’t entail engaging with a project.

Even if you’re feeling like you’ve hit a creative wall of sorts, there are a wide number of options for you to stay productive. Make yourself sit and practice your craft on the daily, for an hour or two at the very least. When you’re feeling more energetic about a project, this is a good time to hunker down and perform for an entire work day. When your creative output comes to a stop (and these times are sure to happen), it’s important to remain productive in some way. Read books and longform articles to expand your mind, visit a cultural event (a museum display, for instance), or meet with another creative for coffee to mix up your regular routine. Your creative process is sure to benefit from taking these sorts of simple measures.

External Stresses and Anxieties

Even though many creative-minded individuals in the past have glamorized the idea of being a struggling artist, your creative mind can certainly work against you. Limitations within yourself are sure to hinder your process in some sort of way, but there are also going to be external hindrances that you will need to overcome in order to remain inspired and productive.

Maybe you’re having relationship issues with someone close to you. This can either work for or against you as an artist and creative. What you choose to focus on and give energy to will ultimately grow. If you find yourself engaging in obsessive or codependent behavior, this can certainly come at a cost to your overall creative output. Try to take people in your life as they come and make sure to limit contact with those who no longer serve you in a beneficial way.

Financial stresses are among the most common hindrances to an individual’s productivity and creativity. If the bill collectors are ringing non-stop, this is going to put a major strain on your productivity, not to mention put you in a place where you’re doing less than inspired work. During these times of pandemic many people out there are struggling to pay their bills and keep food in their fridge, so it’s a good idea to earn income in whatever ways you can, whether it’s through your creative offerings or hitting that nine to five consistently.

Make sure to save your money and limit your spending. If you find yourself looking for a quick loan, there are more than a few options available that will help you avoid chalking up high interest credit card debt. You can look into pawn shops if you have valuables that you’re willing to hold up for collateral in a pinch. You can also type car title loans near me into your search bar and you’ll be provided with an array of options that will improve your financial situation, especially if you own your vehicle or have an extra car sitting in the garage. Taking care of yourself on the financial end will ease your mind and get you back to your creative process in a short amount of time.

Enjoy Your Journey…

When it comes down to it, you are in charge of housekeeping and keeping your mind decluttered. In the end, taking a few of these measures above will help you create more effectively on a daily basis.