Compassion is understanding the pain of others. Sometimes people fail at compassion… they’re scared to reach out to those who are hurting deep down inside. I understand not knowing what to do or what to say those are hurting is hard but what I realize, you never know what the outcome may be until you actually reach out. Reach to let them know that you are there for them.

I remember when one of my friends brother died.. at first I didn’t know how to react I felt as if I was caught in a trap. I wasn’t sure of how to start a conversation with her (even though we’ve been friends for a long time) but after her brother died, things changed. So, I finally gave in and texted her. I asked her how she’s doing, I made sure that I didn’t mention her brother because they were like the only two children that her parents had.

I waited a few days afterwards to text her. It was hard for me too as well.. situations like this needs some time to think about how to reach out to those who just lost a love one. Now, she’s doing better, just living life. It’s good to encourage and to just reach out because you don’t know if they waiting for someone to lift them up. They need a shoulder to lean on, it’s better to reach out than to keep silent.

Imagine; someone very close to you lose someone and you didn’t know how to reach out, so you kept silent. When he or she sees you and ask

“Where were you when I lost so and so?” ¬†How can you respond to that? What will you say? What would you do? If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you want people to reach out to you too?

Reach out to those who are hurting. Even if they didn’t lose a loved one, still reach out, show compassion. Show that you care. You probably will make their day.

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