Confidence in our Faith

Confidence in our Faith

In a world where tangible evidence is what drives us in our decision making, faith is out of place. But the truth is faith is all around us. We have faith that the car we drive will work properly. We have faith the food we eat isn’t poisoned. It takes faith to get in an elevator and ride to the top floor. But most of that faith comes naturally. Why should our faith that God will heal or provide be any different?

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”

Hebrews 11:1 NLT

How confident are you in your faith? Is it the driving factor in your life, your reason for living? Or is your faith a hobby, something you do not who you are? This world is full of casual Christians who love to use the label yet when it boils down to the core of their hearts they are just treating it like a hobby, just as important as their participation in any earthly volunteer group.

Faith needs to be our driving factor in life. Christianity and the relationship we have with Jesus Christ needs to be who we are not something we do. Going to church ever Sunday doesn’t make you a Christian anymore then living on a farm makes you a farmer. If you never worked the land reaped a harvest or tended to the animals your just there.

As true followers, we must be willing to work the land, reap the harvest and tend to the new believers that come into our lives. We work the land by praying for the people around us, loving them, inviting them to church and other events centred on the love of Christ. We reap by telling people about Jesus, responding to the prompts of the Holy Spirit who will give us wisdom when talking to the lost and leading them in the salvation message. We are to disciple new believers, nobody is required to fend for themselves, like a baby bird requires its parents to feed it until it can fly, we to must strengthen new believers to walk in their faith.

The NKJV also calls faith the evidence of things unseen. How are you showing the evidence of your faith? Are you angry all the time? Quick to judge others or label them? We need to live our lives out in love. Showing those around us that the relationship with Jesus is important to us. We believe in a god who cannot be seen with our eyes which for the world is hard to understand. But we can show them who he is through our actions and words.

Are you ready to confidently stand in your faith? If Jesus is just a hobby are you ready to make him everything to you? Will you let your faith be evident in your life, not just at church but everywhere?

Jesus, we cannot expect the church to grow if we live our Christian life like we do our hobbies. Forgive us for being part time Christians. We want to confidently live out our faith daily. Let us work at walking out our lives in you. Continue to work in us and help us showcase who you are being evidence to your existence. Let us display how you are working in and through our lives. You love those in this world who don’t know you, so we must strive to love them to. Let us be a people of action. Amen

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