86+ EXCLUSIVE Conor McGregor Quotes to Reach Your Best Life

As one of the most widely known MMA fighter, Conor Anthony McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer.

Inspirational Conor McGregor quotes on success, hard work, dedication, confidence and adversity may motivate you to reach your next level of success.

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Best Conor McGregor Quotes

There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that’s that. I am not talented, I am obsessed. – Conor McGregor

Always look to learn. Learning something new is a great feeling. The feeling of progress. – Conor McGregor

Life is about improving and getting better. – Conor McGregor

Excellence is not a skill. Excellence is an attitude. – Conor McGregor

You might win some, you might lose some. But you go in, you challenge yourself, you become a better man, a better individual, a better fighter. – Conor McGregor

The more you seek the uncomfortable the more you will become comfortable. – Conor McGregor

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It’s a tough pill to swallow but we can either run from our adversity or run to our adversity, take it head on and conquer it. – Conor McGregor

What defines us is how well we rise after falling. – Conor McGregor

Don’t hide nothing. Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. Don’t care about what other people think. Be yourself: you are what you are. – Conor McGregor

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Approach everything with an open mind, with a learning mind. You will never stop learning as long as you keep the mind-set that everything works, because everything does work. There’s a time and a place for every single move. If you work on it enough, it will work. – Conor McGregor

I take inspiration from everyone and everything. I’m inspired by current champions, former champions, true competitors, people dedicated to their dream, hard workers, dreamers, believers, achievers. – Conor McGregor

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I’m not going to get somewhere and say, ‘OK, I’m done.’ Success is never final; I’ll just keep going. The same way as failure never being fatal. Just keep going. I’m going to the stars and then past them. – Conor McGregor

Winner focus on winning. Losers focus on winners. – Conor McGregor

You can call me Mystic Mac because I predict these things. – Conor McGregor

I run this whole thing. I run New York. I run this whole ship. Without me none of this happens. I run this whole s—. Everyone in this game does what they’re f—— told except for me and rightly f—— so. If I say you’re on the prelims, you’re on the f—— prelims, If I say main even, it’s the f—— main event. – Conor McGregor

I just want to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely nobody! The double champ does what the f*ck he wants! – Conor McGregor

The only weight I give a f— about is the weight of them checks and my checks are always super heavyweight. – Conor McGregor

When you sign to fight me, it’s a celebration. You ring back home, you ring your wife. ‘Baby, we’ve done it. We’re rich, baby. Conor McGregor made us rich. Break out the red panties.’ – Conor McGregor

Motivational Conor McGregor Quotes

Doubt is only removed by action. If you’re not working, then that’s where doubt comes in. – Conor McGregor

I have never encountered a winner that held hate towards something. – Conor McGregor

I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Keep proving people wrong and proving myself right. – Conor McGregor

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Life is about growing and improving and getting better. – Conor McGregor

It’s not really that much big of a deal – you brush it off and you come back. Defeat is the secret ingredient to success. – Conor McGregor

We’re not just here to take part. We’re here to take over. – Conor McGregor

Be grateful with everything you have and you will be successful in everything you do. – Conor McGregor

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Life’s a rollercoaster. You’re up one minute; You’re down one minute. But who doesn’t like roller coasters? – Conor McGregor

I’m just trying to be myself. I’m not trying to be anyone else. – Conor McGregor

I believe in myself so much that nothing is going to stop me. – Conor McGregor

At the end of the day, you’ve gotta feel some way. So why not feel unbeatable? Why not feel untouchable? – Conor McGregor

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When you have a vision and you see that vision come true, it really only shows you that anything can happen, you can do it all. – Conor McGregor

My success isn’t the result of arrogance, it’s the result of belief. – Conor McGregor

I keep having vivid dreams of success. Then it’s time to sleep. – Conor McGregor

Nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself. Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good. – Conor McGregor

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I’m going to the stars and then past them. – Conor McGregor

Failure is not an option for me. Success is all I envision. – Conor McGregor

I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. – Conor McGregor

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When I say something is going to happen, it’s going to happen. – Conor McGregor

All that matters is how you see yourself. – Conor McGregor

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Do I hate my opponents? How can I hate someone who has the same dreams like me? – Conor McGregor

I was always a dreamer, and my first ambition was to be a footballer. I’d be out in the field doing drills after it got dark at night. So I had that passion to get somewhere and a drive to do something. I did love football and was always more into playing it than watching it. When I found combat sport, however, it just took over. It’s non-stop now. – Conor McGregor

One king gets old, then a young gorilla comes up and kills him, and takes everything he owns. – Conor McGregor

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All that matters is how you see yourself. If you see yourself as the king, with all the belts and everything, and no matter what no one else says, as long as you see that, and really believe in it, then that’s what’s going to happen. – Conor McGregor

Look out for those who look out for you. Loyalty is everything. – Conor McGregor

I think sharp and I dream big. – Conor McGregor

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Keep believing in your ability, believe in your shot, believe in your move, and show up at the gym. It is a recipe for success that cannot be stopped. – Conor McGregor

I’m just simply the best fighter. – Conor McGregor

Real champions fight through adversity. – Conor McGregor

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Be passionate, be optimistic, be grateful. – Conor McGregor

There are people that focus on the game and forget about the art. There’s that specific special individual that can do both. – Conor McGregor

Smart work pays best. Trust it. – Conor McGregor

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My success isn’t a result of arrogance. It’s a result of belief. – Conor McGregor

You can’t fear success and I think a lot of people do. I think a lot of people fear the really high heights. But I am not one of those people… I’m not like that. I’m going for it. – Conor McGregor

Savage Conor McGregor Quotes

I wish everyone well, but you need to focus on yourself. You need to stop putting your hand out. Everyone wants handouts. Everyone wants things for free. You’ve got to put in the world, you’ve got to grind, you’ve got to go through the struggle, and you’ve got to get it. – Conor McGregor

If you deserve it, go get it. – Conor McGregor

I don’t feel pressure in a negative way. I like the pressure. I feel excitement and calm at the same time. No pressure, no diamonds. I want pressure: pressure creates drama, creates emotion. – Conor McGregor

There’s no talent here. This is hard work. This is the obsession. Talent does not exist. – Conor McGregor

What defines us is how we rise after falling. – Conor McGregor

I don’t work, I live… I don’t have a job, I just have a life. – Conor McGregor

To do anything to a high level, it has to be a total obsession. – Conor McGregor

Defeat is the secret ingredient to success. – Conor McGregor

Don’t read the paper, make the paper. – Conor McGregor

An injury is not just a process of recovery it’s a process of discovery.

I am not afraid of saying something and going and pursuing it. That’s it. I see it in my mind. I say it loud. I go and do it. – Conor McGregor

My name, the McGregor name, my family’s motto … means royal is in my blood. That goes way back. So for [Aldo] to say he is the king and I am the joker, if this was a different time, I would invade his favela on horseback and kill anyone that was not fit to work. But we are in a new time. So I’ll whoop his * in July.

The thing about truth is, not a lot of people can handle it. – Conor McGregor

Appreciate your surroundings and be grateful for it and that’s when good things happen. – Conor McGregor

I enjoy competition. I enjoy challenges. If a challenge is in front of me and it appeals to me, I will go ahead and conquer it. – Conor McGregor

People like to blame others. I think a person should just look at their own situation, look around them, find out what they wish to do, and seek and go and do that. And that’s it. – Conor McGregor

I fear no man. If you breathe oxygen, I do not fear you. – Conor McGregor

Trash talk? Smack talk? This is an American term that makes me laugh. I simply speak the truth. I’m an Irish man. – Conor McGregor