Consciousness and Memories

We humans have been living on Earth since millions of years. So many changes and events took place, which lead to the evolution of mankind. From the fire-inventing barbarians to so-called “civilised” and “intelligent” beings. Thinking is what has lead us here.

Every person is constantly ‘thinking’. Every second of our lives we think, thoughts keep on pouring in. We think before every action we take, before anything we do. Millions of people, living since millions of years, each person thinking something each second. Can we ever know what people in the past used to think?

Consciousness is “the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself” as per Wikipedia. It is unique for every person, and is the only way to confirm one’s presence in the universe. It is the only proof that you are still alive in this material world, and that you are still YOU.

Imagine you are going for a walk in a garden. It is filled with so many different kinds of  people, all busy with their own lives. Children playing around, elders taking a walk or reading newspaper, family picnics are few scenarios that are taking place. This is what YOU as a first person can see when you observe your surroundings. But imagine each person there is, having an unique first person view just like you, having his/her own consciousness, thoughts, beliefs, opinions and experiences, living his own continuous different life, exploring life in his own way, trying to figure out the meaning of life.

We never stop thinking. Since childhood, you are thinking and living in this world as you are doing right now, reading this post I wrote. You are thinking as you are reading, forming opinions about this article or maybe thinking something completely different all together. All this is happening inside you mind, your consciousness. You are doing this from the moment you were born, but do you recall every state of mind since your existence? Do you remember everything that you used to think then? Imagine you living back when you were a kid, as if that is the present now, just as you lived then, unknown of the future. Recall the life you lived, jump back in your memories and try and recall the thoughts you used to have then. Can you remember what you used to think then and how you used to live?

Photo and video albums may help in recalling your past Body, but these material things aren’t enough for recalling your intellectual past.

“Memories are the only way one can link back to his/her past consciousness.”

You can’t remember each and every detail about the past you, but the memories you hold within you, and memories of others combined together is the closest you can get to the past consciousness.

The memories you have are the only proof that your consciousness existed in the past. The thoughts and feelings you had then, how the world used to be, and every experience you had till date.

We have thoughts every moment we live, be it the present second or 10 years back, experiencing it LIVE. Once that moment is gone, we can never ever experience it the same way again.  “Memories tell us about our consciousness in the past PRESENT.” Reading this article will also form a memory for your future self, which you will think back someday to recall more about your present consciousness.

[ I personally can’t recall any memories before the age of 3, which is something to think upon, because you can’t remember the first 3 years of your existence?! Let me know in the comments section if this common to you too.]

We all live and experience the timeline in which we are born in, fighting our own battles materialistically as well as with our consciousness, making memories in the present. What the future holds is unknown to us, but isn’t the present unknown too? This mystery of future, the hope, the excitement, the inquisitiveness, the expectations are things that drive us in this amazing journey of LIFE.

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  1. My earliest moment in life was a few times during pre-school. Oddly enough I have a memory back that far. Now, what was left out of this passage are memories of tragic events. These memories stick out the most and can never be lost. It is impossible to let the mind forget these images and events. Why, well because the brain is designed to lose daily mundane situations. Tragedy effects too directly to forget.


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