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Famous Crown Quotes

It should have been more than that. When you hit the quarterback, especially with the crown of your helmet, that’s the price you pay. — Jeremiah Trotter

I am aware that the officers of the Crown have had the opportunity of perusing the bill and that they will be making some recommendations. — Arthur Williams

We believe that most of the services provided by Crown corporations could easily be delivered by a competitive free market system. And we believe it’s time for Manitoba to have the debate: Do we still want government-run auto insurance or do Manitobans want an option with a free market system. — Adrienne Batra

I went with them to the bank that day, … and my parents were stressed out. They went in there and came out with an envelope and all the money. My brother went and bought a Silver Crown car. He had no clue if he was even capable of driving it. — Carl Edwards

We will be handing out party favors and there will be champagne stations around the casino. There will be a balloon drop in the Crown Room at midnight. — Bill Woods

has always recognized that Las Vegas service is a crown jewel for this airport. In the past we’ve been disappointed that we could never get a schedule to Las Vegas that we needed. Now we’ll have a four-day schedule. — Mike Dunne

It’s incredible. The team has years of hard work behind them, today everything came together for us. This is the day you work for. If this is not the crown of your career, I don’t know what else it could be. — Felix Gottwald

To be voted into the Hall of Fame would be the crown jewel of my career. When I look back at what I overcame and what I was able to accomplish, it would be extra special. — Warren Moon

We have to be careful not to be satisfied now. We can’t make it our crown jewel. — Bob Marquardt

We think a greater public free float will be beneficial to the share price and it is a limitation. There is no fixed view at this stage about the Crown’s reaction to that. But it is something we will be exploring with the Crown as to whether there is value for them and all shareholders in paying some attention to the free float, — John Palmer

We wanted to make it an intimate evening at the Crown Room, — Roy Strong

The presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families. — Martin O’Malley

Where else could you do that much basketball? The great football rivalries plus we also did some south county games, Crown Point, Merrillville and also Valparaiso. — Tony Roberts

We will cut off his (the king’s) head with the crown on it — Oliver Cromwell

Unlike other major sporting events, such as the World Series or the NBA Finals or the Masters, it’s a one-day event. You crown the champion that day. — Roger Staubach

This is a stepping stone to bigger things hopefully. We’ll celebrate it tonight. We needed the performance we’ve been talking about this week for the whole of the Six Nations and to put it in to win the Triple Crown feels good. — Brian O’Driscoll

My dad was pretty old school. I’ve had a job since I can remember, and it’s not like he was like, ‘Hey, what kind of car do you want?’ My first car was a ’91 Ford Crown Victoria that was $1,000. And I had to buy every car after that. I had to do it all. — Scott Eastwood

My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy. — William Shakespeare

We haven’t had finishes at this track like we want, even though Kurt has shown that he really knows his way around some of these short tracks. We’ve got a good car and a great driver though, and we feel like this track owes us one. We’re locked into the ‘Chase’ once we start Saturday night, so we want to go get the win this weekend for the Crown Royal car. — Jimmy Fennig

Integrity of life is fame’s best friend, which nobly, beyond death, shall crown in the end. — John Webster

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has chosen Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz as Crown prince in accordance with Article 5 of the basic system of government, — Saudi Arabia

It is the intention of the Crown to proceed against the defendants on all counts. — Michael Bernstein

We’re not ready to give up the crown just yet. — Steve Holloway

It’s a privilege to take part in such a worthy cause. The people of that region need our help, and everyone at Crown Royal Championship Racing recognizes the urgency to do whatever we can to assist in the relief efforts. — Kurt Busch

The New York routes out of LaGuardia are part of the crown jewels of the Delta system. — Anthony Sabino

Ross begat Shawn. He handed down the crown of St Peter to Shawn. — Calvin Trillin

He seems to be a pretty good horse. I’m not ready to crown him a champion yet, but he was pretty impressive. — Jerry Bailey

For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation? / The hay appeareth, and the tender grass sheweth itself, and herbs of the mountains are gathered. — Bible Bible

When I was a child, the FA Cup was one of the crown jewels of the sporting year, along with the Grand National, Wimbledon and The Open. But with every announcement it seems to lose another piece of its identity. First it was sponsors added to the name, followed by the semi-finals at Wembley. — Gary Neville

There is always something ticking with Murrow. He was described as a prince of doom, a man carrying a crown of thorns. I tried to show what was going on in his head. — David Strathairn

Looking at the restructuring, it will make the bond holders more comfortable at the expense of the minority shareholders, … If they get TIM out from under TI, bond holders will have better access to one of the crown jewels in the TI portfolio. — Raymond Hill

The streets made me. They stay at me. There’s nothing that’s gonna take away from my legacy. I’m sorry. It is what it is. I’m dying this way. With the crown on my head, nobody can take nothing away from me. It is what it is. I am who I am. Bottom line. — Lil’ Kim

Today, every one who cares about America’s public lands should be fighting the privatization steps laid out in that 1997 document. If we do not do so today, we will soon enough be fighting to prevent the sale of our nation’s crown jewels. — Scott Silver

Standing at his appointed place, at the trunk of the tree, he does nothing other than gather and pass on what comes to him from the depths. And the beauty at the crown is not his own. He is merely a channel. — Paul Klee

Playboy After Dark’ is one of the jewels in Playboy’s crown and was considered an important cornerstone in Hugh Hefner’s legacy. It was groundbreaking, in terms of being interracial, intergenerational and in terms of its format. — Kevin Burns

A creed is a rod,/ And a crown is of night:/ But this thing is God:/ To be man with thy might,/ To grow straight in the strength of thy spirit, and live out thy life as the light. — Algernon Swinburne

Both sides benefit. Thermo King was the crown jewel. And, what’s left is the power generation business with very large contracts particularly in developing markets, mainly in Asia. — Stuart Rossmiller

Thus again the Netherlands, for the first time since the fall of Rome, were united under one crown imperial. They had already been once united, in their slavery to Rome. — John Lothrop Motley

Absolutely it had a lot to do with my decision. I am Canadian and I love racing in Canada and racing in the 24 for a team with a Canadian sponsor was really appealing to me. This event is one of the crown jewels of racing, and I really want to add a win here it to my resume. — Paul Tracy

We spent the last telecast looking back at the 36 years and saying our goodbyes. And this is the Super Bowl. It’s the biggest event of the year; as John (Madden) was saying, we’re going to crown a champion. All the focus and efforts will be focused on that. — Fred Gaudelli

We’ve positioned ourselves now in the driver’s seat to win our league. I’ve always put a lot of importance on winning the regular season. I just think it’s a great crown to win. () — Brian McCloskey

They are buying a crown jewel and they are getting it at a reasonable valuation. — Mark Landy

At the concert I’m going to crown the best looking man, Mr. Tampa. Bald men definitely have an edge. — Christine Lavin

In India, the eldest has the most responsibility and the crown goes to him. The crown could go to a person with the most talent. But how could ‘most talent’ be determined? So Indian society settled on age. — Devdutt Pattanaik

When you get up into the crown of a redwood tree, you lose sight of the ground entirely. You also lose sight of the sky. And you’re in a lost world. You’re in an undiscovered, unexplored ecosystem, somewhere between Heaven and Earth, filled with forms of life, not all of which have been given names by scientists yet. — Richard Preston

This level of financing commitment at this stage of our development is a powerful vote of confidence in the W brand and our project. This commitment from Wall Street sends a clear message to the market that the W Las Vegas project is on pace to become the new crown jewel in the W Hotels family and in the Las Vegas skyline. — Reagan Silber

That way you get more stuff with it – the wand, the crown and the wings. — Shari Maxwell

When you go on the road and you’re trying to steal the crown away from the champion, you can’t bring your C-plus game and today we were a bit off our game. You have to credit Liberty with being physical and doing a good job at protecting its home court. We had an opportunity to get the game in our favor over the final six minutes of the first half and opening six of the second, but we couldn’t take advantage. — Bud Childers

So you have quality assets, you have an operating concern that is looked on as the jewel in the crown of the North American producer group. — John Hughs

When you have personal satisfaction, you always want to crown it with team reward. We didn’t get it and that is due to South Africa being tenacious at home. — Stephen Fleming

A cold case will be brought back to full light. It’ll be tough to prosecute but the Crown will succeed by March 12. It involves someone found in a forest, and it feels like the person is coming up on more than one charge. There’s going to be lots of public controversy around this case. — Connie Adams

Technically, I guess (the Pope Classic) is not an actual tournament because we won’t crown a champion. But we’ll be keeping team scores and I don’t think there’s any better way to get ready for area than bringing in some excellent programs. — Jim Haskins

Mercedes Benz is the crown jewel in the company. — Dieter Zetsche

There’s nothing wrong if you’re not my type of guy, but I think guys should have the fire burning inside them. I always knew what games to get up for. I can read. I knew who was who. There’s a discipline in me. I take a deep breath. Do I need to act out? Or is there another way. I’m not looking for a crown or brass ring. I just look to get the best out of each player. — B. F. Skinner

A sorrow’s crown of sorrow, Is remembering happier things — Dante Alighieri

So Haman came in. And the king said unto him, What shall be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour? Now Haman thought in his heart, To whom would the king delight to do honour more than to myself? / And Haman answered the king, For the man whom the king delighteth to honour, / Let the royal apparel be brought which the king useth to wear, and the horse that the king rideth upon, and the crown royal which is set upon his head: / And let this apparel and horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king’s most noble princes, that they may array the man withal whom the king delighteth to honour, and bring him on horseback through the street of the city, and proclaim before him, Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honour. — Bible Bible

You take a triple crown guy off your team, you’re going to feel the effects. Conversely, I think we’ll be stronger throughout the lineup this year. — Cory Anderson

For some time now Western Union has been the crown jewel of this company. — Scott Kessler

And thou shalt overlay it with pure gold, the top thereof, and the sides thereof round about, and the horns thereof; and thou shalt make unto it a crown of gold round about. — Bible Bible

Special? Now that is a big word, like genius. It should not be thrown around. Special should be reserved for Triple Crown winners and horses like Spectacular Bid. (Brother Derek) is a very nice horse and he has gotten better and better. — Dan Hendricks

Obviously, we want to defend our LIC crown and be a playoff qualifier, — Keith Sinclair

The Stanford Mansion is certainly the jewel of Sacramento, … and we’re adding it to the crown jewels of the state’s parks system, along with Hearst Castle, Big Basin, the Humboldt redwoods and Point Lobo. — Ruth Coleman

They are defending state champions right now. However, you look at it right now, they have the crown and it’s for someone else to take. We can look at it that way and look at it as a goal ? it’s for us to take. — Ryan Sarazin

While creating as quiet an environment as possible, I would like to watch over the recovery of the Crown Princess, — Empress Michiko

She feels like she can’t lose either way – whether she gets the crown or not. She’s made so many friends and it’s been such an experience for her. — Donna King

KING, n. A male person commonly known in America as a crowned head, although he never wears a crown and has usually no head to speak of.A king, in times long, long gone by, Said to his lazy jester:If I were you and you were I My moments merrily would fly — Nor care nor grief to pester.The reason, Sire, that you would thrive, The fool said –if you’ll hear it — Is that of all the fools alive Who own you for their sovereign, I’ve The most forgiving spirit. –Oogum Bem — Ambrose Gwinett Bierce

When you get to my age, what you want is the cameo. You get paid a lot of money. You fly in for a couple of weeks. Everybody treats you like the crown jewels. It’s all great and if the film turns out to be a load of s – -, nobody blames you. — Bob Hoskins

There’s going to be a new champ wearing the crown this season. — Ian Gold

This garden is the crown jewel of the entire restoration project. The flowers cost $150,000. But it cost four times that for the layers upon layers of work in this garden that people never see, such as the archeology, the engineering, and the irrigation. — David Andersen

Member states are sometimes tempted to seek to protect their industrial or financial crown jewels from takeovers by companies from other countries, … We have seen such signals from France just recently. — Neelie Kroes

Proposition 75 is the crown jewel of the Bush-Schwarzenegger agenda, straight out of the (Bush adviser) Karl Rove playbook. This is what’s important in this election. Everything else is just a mask, … It’s unfair, not right — and we’ll defeat it when the people understand the governor is for it. — Phil Angelides

it is no longer indisputable … that the missing tapes contain crown jewel information about the nation’s nuclear weapons program. — James Parker

He’s just getting into racing shape to go with these horses. With his third-place finish in the Breeders Crown last year, he showed he could be a top horse. Hopefully, he improves off this race for the final. — John Campbell

We’re the champs ’til somebody takes the crown from us. We respect all the teams in this conference but we’re the champs and we have to come out like it. — James Mathis

For me as the actor that was about to step onto the stage, carrying the baggage that I do of Remington Steele or Thomas Crown or Bond, I think this was a wonderful way of deconstructing all of that, playing with it and turning it on its ear. — Pierce Brosnan

It’s the jewel in the crown really for rural areas at the moment the health service, and I think if that disappears it is another nail in the coffin for rural communities. — Peter Lewis

A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. — Bible Bible

It feels really good to be able to cut down the net on Senior Night. We were ready to play and the girls felt like they had something to prove. We played hard all season and winning a share of the district crown is one of the rewards for that. — Don Patterson

It’s said that timing is everything. This was the right time for us to make a change. We’re not going away by any means, just moving down the road a bit. Come see us at Crown Motors. And we do want to wish Robert Peltier the best. — Jack King

To be honest, I’ve never excelled in a Silver Crown Car at Richmond. Maybe it has something to do with the team or maybe me in the car. For some reason I seem to learn quicker in the stock car. We had a good test at Dover last week, too, and I’m really excited to come back to Richmond next week for the race. — Erin Crocker

If we make a play here and there or get a base hit here and there, we could be 6-2. But we haven’t done it. Sean Green struck out 13 in his first outing and then comes back with nine against Crown Point. John strikes out 14. Both have pitched well. We’ve just let ourselves down. — Jack Campbell

He won’t actually be three until May so we want to give him time to develop. Although we have no specific targets in mind for him at the moment, Discreet Cat will not be running in any of the Triple Crown races. — Simon Crisford

Cricket highlights are one of the jewels in our crown and will play a big part in our continued development as a broadcaster. We are planning to invest significantly behind them, while the cross-media promotional benefits of our deal with the Telegraph offer a unique opportunity to deliver something innovative and heavyweight. — Jonathan Lewis

We have defined ourselves by our unprecedented lineup of major championship events, and today we are enhancing that roster, … Adding the Triple Crown to the Breeders Cup gives us unique promotional opportunities for our telecasts and for the sport. — Dick Ebersol

It was the end of his speech that they cut to. I said, ‘We have to hear what it is that’s important to him in his work and in his life,’ … So I got together with my dentist. He gave me some stuff to work with. When he puts a crown or cap or something, he just talks about, ‘This is the best cap or crown design. This is it.’ — Eugene Levy

It’s a beautiful thing; it’s fun. We’re going to defend the crown what more can you ask for? — Andre Cook

The Silver Crown Series has produced some of the greatest drivers and they have a really rich history. — Carl Edwards

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: / And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. — Bible Bible

I enjoyed coming home to Crown Heights. There was a certain order to life there. You know, Shabbos, spending time with your family, eating and being in ‘shul.’ Prayers at nighttime, prayers in the morning. Everyone knows everybody; you walk your kids everywhere. — Matisyahu

I was lucky enough to meet him a few times and to work with him once. I felt as if I had been allowed to try on the Crown Jewels. He was a great, remarkable man. — Stephen Fried

Let arms yield to the toga, the laurel crown to praise. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

I think she plays the role of queen of Australia impeccably. The country was formed under the Crown, we decided to federate under the Crown and it is the fulcrum of our federal system. — David Flint

To be a king and wear a crown is more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasure to them that bear it. — Elizabeth I

Back in 1948, a monomaniac called Korczak resolved to impose Crazy Horse’s likeness upon a mountain. It took 50 years to complete the head, which measures 90ft from crown to chin. By comparison, the four presidents at Mt Rushmore seem modest. — Clive Sinclair

There’d definitely be disappointment. At the same time, our main goal is that Triple Crown run. If he gets a good race Saturday, and he comes out of it well, we’ll be able to feel good. — Doug O’Neill

If the county sees the Big Darby as the crown jewel, then they should be willing to buy the land around it. — Lee Edwards

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