87+ Best Curly Hair Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Inspirational curly hair quotes will fire up your brain and inspire you to look at life differently while making you laugh.

Most Famous Curly Hair Quotes

Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls, and just wanted to go to sleep forever? Bo Goldman

Never let anyone dull your curls.

Who run the world? CURLS!

Good hair, good mood, good day.

Curly girl: It’s more than just hair, it’s an attitude. Lorraine Massey

My curls looked too good to stay in.

I was shy, but it came out in a big personality. My turning point was when I let my hair go naturally. Tracee Ellis Ross

With curls, every day is a new adventure.

Natural hair fiercely poppin’ on purpose.  Stephanie Lahart

That’s why her hair is so big It’s full of secrets.

Don’t remove the kinks from your hair. Remove them from your brain. Marcus Garvey

My mood depends on how good my curls look.

Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one on one with another human being, and the object is to make them feel so much better, and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye. Vidal Sassoon

Curly hair is more than just hair, it’s an attitude.

My hair has become part of my identity; it’s almost an appendage to me. Troy Polamalu

Loose curls and glam sunnies that’s all a girl needs.

Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red red rose. Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty

Happiness is doing curls on my curly hair with my finger.

I was born with curly hair. It fits my personality, and it’s totally who I am. I am rough around the edges, and I am not a polished girl. Erin Wasson

You think your hair is a mess but strangers say it’s awesome.

I keep my hair curly and natural because I really just wanna show who I am. Alessia Cara

I didn’t really want to go out, but my curls looked to good to stay in.

I’m a queen crowned in my own curls.

My curly hair is a blessing for me because it shows the attitude I have.

I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy, and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair! Tracee Ellis Ross

Let your hair down, let your heart out, let your light in. Bob Schneider

Thank God your hair broke your fall. Susan Cooper

What’s the good of having naturally curly hair, if nobody’s jealous. Freida

With curls, every day is a new adventure.

When you have that long, flowing hair, you feel different. Natalie Dormer

If someone tells you your hair is too big, get rid of them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Dolly Parton

You can’t control everything. Your hair was put on your head to remind you.

Never let anyone dull your curls.

Curls are meant to be celebrated, not straightened to the point of heat damage.

For me, the working of hair is architecture with a human element. Vidal Sassoon

I’ll just quickly jump on the shower and leave. Said no curly haired person ever.

My most noticeable physical trait is, hands down, my hair. It’s big, unruly and curly, and you can spot it from a mile away literally. Becca Fitzpatrick

Curly hair can capture the attention but it’s the personality which captures the heart.

You know you have curly hair when your hair takes up 90% of your selfie.

Curly Hair problem 620: Is your hair natural? No, I do this every single morning

Eventually I knew what hair wanted; it wanted to be itself to be left alone by anyone, including me, who did not love it as it was. Alice Walker

I keep my hair curly and natural because I really just wanna show who I am. Alessia Cara

A girl without braids is like a city without bridges. Roman Payne

Naturally curly hair is a curse, and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. Mary Ann Shaffer

It doesn’t matter if your life is perfect as long as your hair color is. Stacy Snapp Killian

Stop worrying with your curly hair while styling rather let the soft breeze flow on it to take care of it.

People will stare. Make it worth their while. Harry Winston

My hairstyle is called, “I tried.                                                                                                                

My curls defined me; even my personality was curly, bouncy, springy, and playfully twisted. Elise Allen

Life is short, Make each hair flip fabulous.

Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices. Shana Alexander

I have curly hair. What’s your superpower?

Your hair carries a lot of energy and memories. Lindsay Price Stone

My life may not be perfect, but my curls are.                                                                                 

Racism is very characteristic of imperialism and capitalism. Hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my big mouth and curly hair. And I’m so proud to have this mouth and this hair, because it is African. Hugo Chavez

Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world!

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Her caramel skin and curly beach sand hair spreads in wavy chops like the choppy storm waves on the ocean. Ami Blackwelder

There are times when I fall in love with my short curls.

I’d like to run barefoot through your hair! Gifford Middleton

Yes, I have curly hair. No, I don’t wish that it was straight.

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair. Susan Polis Shutz

I didn’t want to go out but my hair looked too good to stay in.

People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know, I’m never there. Dolly Parton

Frizzy hair is really moody, they react according to emotions.

Your hair is winter fire, January embers. Stephen King

People always expect more of you when you have naturally curly hair.

I had curly hair and wished it was straight. Jennifer Aniston

I am fine with a messy curly hair bun To see the world with lots of fun.

If my hair gets any frizzier, I’ll shave it to the scalp. Or light it on fire. Whichever is easier. Victoria Scott

Humidity is my worst enemy.

Anybody who has curly hair knows you don’t want it to be brushed out because it becomes a never ending tangle. Judy Davis

Bad hair day More like bad hair life.

I was somebody who never loved my hair Jennifer Aniston

Sorry, I can‘t hear you over the volume of my hair.

I think the most important thing a woman can have  next to talent, of course,  is her hairdresser. Joan Crawford

Your curly hair is not a radio but the volume is too loud!

Life’s like hair. Sometimes it’s perfect and sometimes it’s a disaster. Mackenzie Fuller

My hair is really easy to manage, said no curly haired woman ever.                                              

Why don’t you tell your daddy to comb his damn hair, look like some spider is having a meeting’ on his head. Smokey, Friday

Find a partner who not only loves you but also loves your curly hair.

I have very curly hair and I straighten it every day  it takes maybe two minutes. I can’t imagine anyone having a bigger challenge than I do in the kinkiness that is my crazy ‘fro. Ginnifer Goodwin

You can’t control everything. I was born with curly hair as a reminder of that

And as for you, stop having curly hair! Louis Tomlinson

Having curly hair means having to check the forecast before leaving the house.

Nobody is really happy with what’s on their head. People with straight hair want curly, people with curly hair want straight, and bald people want everyone to be blind. Rita Rudner

Curly hair problems: you think your hair looks like a mess, but everyone else loves it.

Shug Avery sat up in bed a little today. I wash and comb out her hair. She got the nottiest, shortest, kinkiest hair I ever saw, and I love every strand of it. Alice Walker, The Color Purple