72+ Best Dark Times Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Dark is devoid or partially devoid of light : not receiving, reflecting, transmitting, or radiating light. Profoundly inspirational dark times quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Dark Times Quotes

It’s so easy to be there when it’s all sunshine, but it really takes strength and courage to be there for each other during the dark times. — Bindi Irwin

One of the first times I wrote about Robin Williams for ‘The New York Times,’ I interviewed him for a feature about ‘World’s Greatest Dad,’ a dark comedy he starred in for his friend, the writer-director Bobcat Goldthwait. — Dave Itzkoff

I mean, The New York Times actually had an interesting case recently where they described a detainee who was afraid of the dark, and so he was purposely kept very much in the dark. — Jane Mayer

I think we present extreme aspects of human behavior and hopefully get at times, messages across or bring issues to the table or as we so often say, shed light into the dark crevices of human nature. — Christopher Meloni

If I write when I’m low, it will be a dark song, but I don’t care. I want to be honest with myself at all times. — Ayumi Hamasaki

You know, I’ve read Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ about fifteen times. — James Balog

When you grow up in an extended family, or in a stable neighborhood with two or three generations of families who live there, you feel seen. Not just the good things you’ve done, the stuff you put on your resume. You know they’ve seen you in your dark times, when you’ve messed up – but they’re still there. — Dean Ornish

I’ve gone through some dark times, and at those times, my tattoos have helped and guided me through. — Ronan Keating

Nabokov can be almost too delicate at times, but in ‘Lolita,’ he puts his aristocratic sensitivity to use in such a dark tale that it creates this great tension between the story being told and the style that it’s written in. And it’s just amazing that one of the best novels in English was written by a Russian. — Hallgrimur Helgason

Death at times seems like a dark tunnel to be traveled, and the future seems bleak. — Mother Angelica

Dark books do appeal to kids because they have nice, sheltered lives – and they also appeal to children who are going through pretty hard times themselves. — Melissa de la Cruz

Talking about darker stuff from my life was definitely very cathartic and at times confronting. — Mae Martin

Many times, I’d spend the night walking the city streets: the Trevi fountain, in the dark, is so beautiful it moves you, but the Colosseum is my favourite place – you can breathe history there. — Alisson

My favorite actress of all times is Bette Davis in Dark Victory. I have seen it six or seven times, and I still cry. — Bettie Page

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve obliterated my diet with a binge session. One second, I’m floating along just fine, four days into a successful low-carb lifestyle. The next? I’m standing alone in a dark kitchen, eating a sleeve of Ritz crackers and cream cheese with a spoon. — Rachel Hollis

I have warned many times about the guaranteed dangers of betting with your heart instead of your head – big darkness, soon come – but every once in a while you get a fair chance to have it both ways, and the annual NCAA basketball Tournament is one of them. — Hunter S. Thompson

I’m so thankful that I had music to turn to in the dark times and be able to understand myself through it. — Flying Lotus

Writers always have confidence issues – it comes with the territory. We never know where we fit in, or what the actual value of our work might be. So we hit lulls, or slogs. Throw in the idea that many creative people are somewhat manic-depressive, and it can get pretty dark at times. — R. A. Salvatore

At times, the curve/fat/plus convo tends be this ‘out of the dark’ story, like, ‘I used to be insecure, but now here I am.’ But that is not my reality, and for most of the people, that isn’t their reality, either. — Paloma Elsesser

My favorite dark comedy, which is also one of my favorite films of all time, is ‘After Hours.’ I’ve seen ‘After Hours’ as much as almost any film I’ve ever seen in my life; I’ve watched it dozens of times, and I still watch it once a year. I still get a thrill out of it every time I see it. — James Gunn

I think we all wish we could erase some dark times in our lives. But all of life’s experiences, bad and good make you who you are. Erasing any of life’s experiences would be a great mistake. — Luis Miguel

It gives us a look into a world that’s very much like ‘Traffic’ was for drugs, this movie is for gun running. Dark at times, but I think Nic Cage is an incredible person to watch and very entertaining. — Jared Leto

Because we were orbiting the earth faster than earth spins on its axis, we went around the earth 16 times a day, an earth day, which meant 16 periods of lightness and 16 periods of darkness in 24 hours. Every so often you’d look towards the earth, and often you could see lightness and darkness together, and dawn and sunset were spectacular. — Helen Sharman

I’m interested in the relationships of people. I’m interested in the darker moments within us. All those aspects of human behavior, I’m fascinated by. But in the times we’re in, those are hard movies to make. So if I can do it at HBO, fine. — Barry Levinson

In a relationship when things are really great you don’t need to say anything and just enjoy the other person. Sometimes with a couple, it gets dark and you don’t know what to say and that silence can last all day. Other times you don’t want to stop talking because you don’t want to lose one another. — Anton Yelchin

The original ‘Edge of Darkness’ was fantastic, a fabulous series. It was of its time, but this film version shows that times really haven’t changed. — Ray Winstone

There was a lot of procrastination on Cameron’s part because of the personal nature of ‘Almost Famous.’ There was a lot of deep, dark doubt about even doing it. I don’t mind being a cheerleader, but I did reach my limit quite a few times. I do my own writing, so I understand, but I was pushed to the point of anger with the insecurity of it. — Nancy Wilson

My musical taste and image is going to change naturally. It’s not forced; I do what comes natural to me. Sometimes, I like to be dark… other times, I like to be really light and ladylike. — Rihanna

I have done a lot of great things. I have a beautiful family and wonderful friends. But there were many times, dark times, that I almost let it all slip through my fingers. — Jimmy Barnes

I’m a sinner just like everybody else and I have my faults and I’ve been through my dark times in my life to where I wasn’t walking the walk and talking the talk, or I may have been talking the talk, but I wasn’t walking the walk. — Josh Turner

Harriet Washington, in ‘Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present,’ documents the smallpox experiments Thomas Jefferson performed on his Monticello slaves. In fact, much of what we now think of as public health emerged from the slave system. — Greg Grandin

My way of coping with the day to day news cycle, which can be a lot, following every undulation of the news, I think it’s really psychologically harmful, so I check in, but I check in on a slower cycle. That’s my way of controlling my emotional response to fairly dark times. — Morgan Spector

There have been some dark times. But what I’ve realised is that I love this sport. — Kell Brook

There have been times in my life when I have felt like I can’t go out without my makeup on. But now I just put on some dark glasses so people can’t see if I look rough! — Keeley Hawes

Honestly, I think there’s a cycle to the popularity of fantasy and fairytales that usually coincides with times of unrest or hardship in our own world. By retelling these legends or immersing ourselves in fantasy realms, we can safely explore the very real, very day-to-day darkness of our own lives. — Sarah J. Maas

Dance with a girl three times, and if you like the light of her eye and the tone of voice with which she, breathless, answers your little questions about horseflesh and music about affairs masculine and feminine, then take the leap in the dark. — Anthony Trollope

During dark times, real entrepreneurs come out. They are not competing with 10 look-alike companies for engineering talent, so it’s a great time to invest and help build companies. — Douglas Leone

What I am afraid of is the first thing I was ever aware of being afraid of and what I have told my daughter countless times she need not fear: being alone in the dark. It is a small prison of emotion from which there is no escape. It is also, in its own way, a shattering revelation. — S. C. Gwynne

I have had some dark times, it was a frustrating 2019. I was pushing for the Terence Crawford fight but, through no fault of my own, I did not get any of the big fights I wanted. — Kell Brook

The times I’ve tried not to be funny, it’s never worked, and the times I’m trying not to be dark and just be funny, that never works, either. As varied as my subject matter is, I think the worldview is pretty consistent: seeing darkness and seeing humor. — Rebecca Makkai

I’m not someone who shies away from darkness being funny. I think that life is very dark at times, and there are things that are very funny about that. — Brett Gelman

Sometimes the times were dark and the outlook was lonesome, but where there is a will, there is a way. I pitched in and dug at my work until now I am where I am. — Edmonia Lewis

At fashion shows, my brows often get bleached, and they’ve been dyed back much darker – like jet black, where you can’t even see my skin. Sometimes with Just for Men! What a mistake. At times, the two brows aren’t even the same color! — Cara Delevingne

We have a history in country music of writing about the darker side of things – maybe not as much in modern times, but there’s a lot of cheating and self-deprecation. We sort it out in song, in country music, as a genre. — Chris Stapleton

My inner strength comes from my friends. I have a very close group of friends and family, and we all help each other through our dark times. — Kathy Bates

We’ve always lived in dark times. There has always been a range of human experience from the sublime to the brutal, and stories reflect it. It’s no less brutal now; each age has its horrors. — Terri Windling

‘Darkest Before Dawn,’ the short film, is basically the film of a man who faces the darkness when his back is against the wall and just about how miracles come in all forms, and even in your darkest times, it comes. — Pusha T

I’d heard other players talking about dark times when they were trying to get back from bad injuries. — Luke Shaw

They were, I doubt not, happy enough in their dark stalls, because they were horses, and had plenty to eat; and I was at times quite happy enough in the dark loft, because I was a man, and could think and imagine. — Hugh Miller

I regret those times when I’ve chosen the dark side. I’ve wasted enough time not being happy. — Jessica Lange

At times, I feel overwhelmed and my depression leads me into darkness. — Dorothy Hamill

Drama asks some uncomfortable questions at times… It goes to pretty dark places. — James Nesbitt

One thing I really like about ‘Lucha’ is it breaks traditions. It’s established it’s own identity and a world where the character can be darker, multilayered, even supernatural at times. — John Morrison

Oddly, I’d been to most of the locations where I started photographing slavery many times before. I even considered some of them homes-away-from-home. But there can be dark corners in familiar places. — Lisa Kristine

It’s not like I don’t want to play the guy next door. But sometimes they’re not the best written or the most complicated. But I am very, very particular about my bad boys. There are certain types of characters I will not play. I’ve said no so many times to so many parts that are just way too dark. You have to be careful. — Kim Coates

It’s funny, because I have periods where I just kind of go dark. I don’t tweet, I don’t talk, I don’t interview, and then I have times where I do. — Lance Armstrong

It’s called ‘Miles Davis, Prince of Darkness,’ and it’s about Miles Davis, the genius, and why he was the way he was, and how he changed music so many times. He changed music six times. So, I’m excited about that movie. — George Tillman, Jr.

Blessed be God, that we live in these latter times – the latter times of the reign of darkness and imposture. Great is our privilege, precious our opportunity, to cooperate with the Saviour in the blessed work of enlarging and establishing his kingdom throughout the world. — Adoniram Judson

I’ve been through some dark times but I’ve experienced joy too. Now that joy can’t be suppressed. — Michelle Shocked

Granted, there are times when, for business reasons, you do something that’s more mainstream. But even then, I try to find something that has a dark or subversive aspect. — Ryan Phillippe

I have moments of darkness, of anger, and moments of rage. They do creep up at the most inopportune times. Not to recognize that in my music would give people a sense of sainthood that I don’t necessarily have or even want to have. — K’naan

‘Sons of the Prophet’ is a dark comedy about human suffering. The play explores the particularly messy portions of life – the times where you find yourself coping with multiple life issues, and before any of them can be resolved, two more show up on your plate. We’ve all been there, I’d wager. — Stephen Karam

In the past I’ve been very into the falling part, very into the swimming in the dark, deep emotional water. ‘Rampart’ I really went into it and it took me three times as long to get out of that depression as it did to just do the scenes. I had to learn to give it my all and then go home and laugh. — Brie Larson

The truth is that for a Democrat to triumph in a presidential election, it needs to come on the heels of ‘the dark times’ of an unpopular Republican administration. Carter followed the Nixon era, Clinton succeeded after 12 years of Reagan/Bush, and Obama was a direct result of eight years of Bush/Cheney. — Fabrizio Moreira

It’s not always enjoyable to go back and look at things in your life. Things that you’re not proud of, you definitely don’t want to confront; dark times that you’ve already gotten over. — Dante Basco

My job on ‘Dark Shadows’ was to make it fun and funny, first and foremost. It can still be dark and it can still even be gory and gothic at times, but it also needed to be fun and it needed to be an experience that people would enjoy having. — Seth Grahame-Smith

We take it for granted that we can see at all times of day and night. But there was a time, not all that long ago, in the age before electricity, when night brought total darkness – and with it, a not-so-small amount of terror. We get a sense of this when we go camping or when there’s a power outage, and our fear of the darkness is primal. — Jake Halpern

When I was in Portland, there were some dark times for me. — Greg Oden

I’ve seen ‘True Detective’ end-to-end at least three times; I’ll probably see it again. It is a work of dark brilliance. But if the phone goes fifteen minutes from the end of that last episode, I’ll likely turn it off and go make coffee when I’m done with the call. — Richard K. Morgan

I’m appreciative of things going wrong. At first it sounds crazy, but how boring would life be if you just coasted along without any challenges? Without learning about who you really are through the process of going through the darker times? Without feeling the sense of elation when you reach even a small stepping stone? — Kirsten Sweetland

I don’t think that TV on the Radio is some dark mysterious band that no one can know about. We write music because it’s an immediate form of communication. We’re able to put on record what’s happening in our times, and we want that message to be heard by the most amount of people. — Dave Sitek

A lot of times I think people, when they’re doing a movie that’s a family movie, they’re worried about this being too esoteric or too dark or too weird. — Bill Hader