Deal with Work-Related Stress Like a Boss 

These days, stress has earned the title of public enemy number one when mental and physical health is concerned.

Of course, stress is not invincible, but it requires a lot of effort and mindfulness for you to eradicate its negative influence. In general, people complain about work-related stress the most.

If you too recognize yourself as a part of this group, the following tips can help you relax and relieve worries caused by your working environment.


Yoga exercises and breathing techniques can help you relax and soothe your mind both at work and at home. Of course, you have more freedom to actively engage in Yoga and other workouts at home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your breaks at work for some effective stress relief.

There are several very useful exercises that you can do at work, even as you sit at your desk. Physical activity will help you get rid of bodily toxins. You might need a bit of practice with stretching and breathing at first, but as long as you keep at it, you’ll feel the benefits pretty soon.


Another great way to reduce stress is meditation. You can also try this during your lunch break at work, as well as reserve some of your free time to get all Zen at home.

During meditation, try to picture the places and landscapes that have a calming effect on you. Then imagine yourself letting go of all the strains and worries that put pressure on you. For example, a great meditation exercise involves you imagining a mental ball of negative energy.

You should keep the ball between your hands and once you feel it has completely soaked up all the negativity, you can throw it away. This mental exercise doesn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time, but it can be very effective.

Comfy workspace

Most companies today try to adjust their commercial fitout to cater to their employees’ needs. Still, you can always take it upon yourself to make your personal workspace more pleasant and comfortable.

The environment plays an important role when it comes to your mood, energy and stress levels. If you can, get yourself a comfy chair with high back and arm holders that will support your body properly.

A chair cushion can come in handy, as well. Moreover, keep your desk area neat and clean. This includes the drawers, too. You can decorate your workspace with plants as well as some motivational messages and personalized stationery.

Quality alone time

Big part of your work de-stressing happens at home. Therefore, it would be great if you could upgrade your home décor the way it best suits your sensibility.

What’s more, make sure that you always have some quality alone time planned weekly, so that you can relax and pamper yourself. On daily basis, you can always use your time off work to do the things that you love and enjoy. One of the most relaxing options is cycling, you alone on the road with just nature to keep you company.

And if you are worried that you might be a bit out of shape, opt for an ebike, so that you can always rest when you need to. Just make sure you get a quality ebike so that you can experience both safe and stylish cycling and have all that stress just melt off. Don’t forget, even if you want a lazy evening in, you can work on your stress relief with a good book and a glass of wine.

Change your diet

We are what we eat. In that respect, eating a lot of saturated fats and junk food can only boost stress levels. Try to plan your meals and change your diet so that you can eat healthy even at work. The menu should be diverse and filled with fruit and veggies.

Still, some foods act as natural anti-depressants while some, regardless of their vitamin content, can actually make you feel moody. Do your research and visit a nutritionist, so that you can get a specific diet plan that will work wonders for you personally.

As long as you do your best in making the above-mentioned tips a habit, you will manage to deal with your work-related stress. Still, there will be situations that are out of your control, especially when other people are involved. It’s important to keep your cool when something like this happens.

If you stay calm and aware that you are not the problem, you can get over the unpleasant situation a lot easier. Also, don’t dwell on negative things in life and at work. If something is in the past, let it stay there.

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  1. This is a very handy article and so true! I have gone through work related stress on numerous occasions, last year I ended up having to go on a therapy course which taught me a lot but ultimately, that it’s down to me to manage those external influences.
    I would definitely recommend exercise as perhaps the number 1 solution to stress. As a naturally lazy person, motivating myself to get moving is VERY hard but I always feel great afterwards. Yoga is about the best there is, I’d urge anyone to try it . The amazing feeling afterwards is second to none 🙂

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