Digging into Morals

Digging into Morals

In this “tolerant” society we have become so sensitive to allowing others to be concerned that what we may be doing is wrong. So, in the end the phrase “if it feels right do it” becomes almost the acceptable practice, and if you don’t like it to bad. We are now seeing some fall out to this with all the claims of harassment being reported on. These people didn’t think what they were doing was wrong at the time so why do we get to judge them? We do this because society has decided that it is morally wrong. We want to promote good social choices over bad ones. It sure doesn’t help that movies, TV, magazines and the internet have been promoting the objectification of woman and men.


In saying all that we as believers need to understand where we stand morally. Are we aligned with the societies moral standards or Gods?


“If anyone comes to your meeting and does not teach the truth about Christ, don’t invite that person into your home or give any kind of encouragement. Anyone who encourages such people becomes a partner in their evil work.”

2 John 1:10-11 NLT


We often hear people misquote or misuse the phrase judge. Here in 2 John we clearly see a stern recommendation to not allow someone who is causing dissension to work in the church. They gossip and are not working to forward the mission of reaching people for Christ. We not to encourage them, nor partner with them.


This doesn’t mean we stop loving and praying for them, but to allow them to work will be counterproductive to the mission. They will put stumbling blocks in front of new believers and cause others to fall. It is the role of the pastor and his leadership to deal with these issues. But if you see it maybe he doesn’t depending on the size of your family. Letting you pastor know your concerns is the right thing to do, not talking about it with others every time you meet, that is gossiping and not improving the situation.


I pray that you don’t have anyone like this in your church. Let us work towards fulfilling the mission of reach the lost and discipline new believers.


Jesus, I pray that if anyone in our church is causing dissension that they are rooted out prayed with and become productive Christians. Let us support one another in all we do. Help us to fulfill the mission, they matter to you so they matter to us. Let us be active in this. Amen


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1 thought on “Digging into Morals

  1. we also do not gossip, even though in our eyes they are unbelievers who are counterproductive. No, not everything that humans do is alright and has to be tolerated just because It is o.k. For them. There is a certain morality and manners that every human being should respect and not be disregarded.
    I think everyone should get a chance. Of course, an employee of the church must also represent his basic ideas or be ready to accept and learn them. Just as teachers have to follow the rules of the school.

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