104+ Best Discouraged Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Discouraged means having lost your confidence or enthusiasm for something. Profoundly inspirational discouraged quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Discouraged Quotes

It’s funny that I love golf so much because I’m not usually drawn to things I’m not so good at. It’s all about practice and working and not getting discouraged. — Tessa Virtue

If my parents had discouraged me, I would have turned out very differently. They raised me in an open-minded, liberal environment. — Tom Ford

The idea that only the swaggering, all-knowing, and ruthlessly ambitious succeed is a lie. One that has discouraged so many people with so much potential – and worse, encouraged many more to crash and burn. — Ryan Holiday

A surgeon is surrounded by people who are sick, discouraged, afraid, embittered, dying – but also courageous, loving, wise, compassionate and alive. — Bernie Siegel

It is relatively easy… to determine whether or not a blow to a quarterback was deemed excessive or incidental. So I’m discouraged that there have been a number of games that are influenced – not that the outcomes are in question – but a number of games influenced based on the protection of the quarterback. — Troy Aikman

I am astonished but not discouraged by my enormous responsibility. Devoted both from affection and duty to the cause of the people, I shall combat with equal ardor aristocracy, despotism, and faction. — Marquis de Lafayette

I have all sorts of problems and feel discouraged. — Camille Claudel

Being a part of a large family is just like a little society: those who fight to the top of the heap. We relied on each other and still do. They never discouraged me or told me to get a proper job. — Octavia Spencer

Growing up, I was discouraged from telling personal stories. My dad often used the phrase ‘Don’t tell anyone.’ But not about creepy things. I don’t want to lead you down the wrong path. It would be about insignificant things. Like, I wouldn’t make the soccer team, and my father would say, ‘Don’t tell anyone.’ — Mike Birbiglia

I have always discouraged young writers from self-publishing, by which I mean going to a vanity publisher and spending your hard earned savings – say, some two-three lakhs – and getting your book printed. It’s not published; it’s printed! — Ruskin Bond

Cancer is a cosmic slap in the face. You either get discouraged or ennobled by it. — Richard Belzer

It’s hard for women at my age in Hollywood, but I’m not discouraged. — Jane Fonda

I feel impressed to counsel those engaged in personal challenges to do right. In particular, my heart reaches out to those who feel discouraged by the magnitude of their struggle. — Russell M. Nelson

If your inner life is not producing what you would like on the outside, don’t be discouraged… just be willing to change. — Joyce Meyer

You can pick wild strawberries with your eyes closed, locating them by smell, for they are two parts perfume to one part taste. An hour of searching might yield a handful if you’re lucky. Wild strawberries can’t be encouraged, nor can they be discouraged: They come to you unbidden and unearned. They appear, or do not, by the grace of the sun. — Hope Jahren

Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself. — Richard M. Nixon

I’ve done this a couple times, been to a couple different camps and a couple different AAU practices to talk to kids. I tell them you have to be dedicated, have to decide if you want to be a serious basketball player or not. They always ask, ‘What if you get discouraged?’ You have to remember what your goal was in the first place. — Jahlil Okafor

I realized that I would have some very tough sledding, and I was very discouraged because I didn’t see much hope of getting into the field I wanted to get into with no college education. — Clyde Tombaugh

Writers and artists never pay attention to advice given by their elders, quite rightly. The only worthwhile advice is the most general: ‘Keep trying, don’t give up, don’t be discouraged, don’t pay attention to detractors.’ Everyone knows this. — Joyce Carol Oates

It could be easy to get frustrated or discouraged when it comes to educating students with disabilities. But that’s because there are too often artificial barriers and roadblocks that limit your ability to focus on meeting their individual needs. — Betsy DeVos

Never be discouraged. If I were sunk in the lowest pits of Nova Scotia, with the Rocky Mountains piled on me, I would hang on, exercise faith, and keep up good courage, and I would come out on top. — Joseph Smith, Jr.

I think, as a kid, whenever you say you want to be an actor, you get discouraged, so perhaps if I had have listened to those people telling me that, I might have gone down the route of a teacher. But I was never really going to do that. — Colin Morgan

In fifth grade, I did ‘Oklahoma!,’ but I didn’t get a leading role. I knew the whole play and could sing it already, but they were like, ‘The sixth-grader has to get the lead.’ I was really discouraged. — Ansel Elgort

A lot of people are quite discouraged by the process of getting healthy because, one, they think they can’t afford it, and two, it’s daunting. I wanted to start a dialogue. Because you won’t be able to even get there until you actually accept yourself and start connecting with yourself. — Kate Hudson

Because a person has to be either working or looking for work to be counted as part of the labor force, an increase in the number of people too discouraged to continue their search for work would reduce the unemployment rate, all else being equal – but not for a positive reason. — Ben Bernanke

A fundamental lesson on being fired: Never lie about it. People will know what you’re saying is a cover-up for how you really feel – embarrassed, discouraged, and afraid. — Mika Brzezinski

Part of my problem as a young writer was that I was too much a New Yorker, always second-guessing the ‘market.’ I became so discouraged that I decided to write something that would please me alone – that became my sole criterion. And that was when I wrote ‘Forgetting Elena,’ the first novel I got published. — Edmund White

I was never offended that people underestimated me because of my appearance or that they thought I was pretty and discouraged me from fighting because they didn’t want me to risk hurting my looks. — Laila Ali

Many feel discouraged because they have not measured up to their potential. — Joseph B. Wirthlin

I have become down-hearted, I have become discouraged, I have become depressed. I’m just like you. I’m a human being and I have my problems. — Dyan Cannon

What I learned with Cecil Taylor was strategy and survival and how to resist temptations and resist getting discouraged. — Steve Lacy

Caretaking is different from care giving. Care giving has no second agendas or hidden motives. The care is given from love for the joy of giving without expectation, no strings attached. It cannot be manipulated or discouraged because love cannot be manipulated or discouraged. — Gary Zukav

Everybody is going to have their critics. It’s easy to get discouraged in life. — Joel Osteen

I was discouraged at drama school, along with most of my peers. — Sigourney Weaver

Sometimes I like practicing, sometimes I don’t. But I like the result… I hardly ever get discouraged. Maybe right when it’s very hard to get something done correctly, but then the idea flashes through of how to fix it. And I get encouraged. And other ideas flow. — Hilary Hahn

As a writer, you can’t allow yourself the luxury of being discouraged and giving up when you are rejected, either by agents or publishers. You absolutely must plow forward. — Augusten Burroughs

One reason I think I am able to work with such dark material is the fact I was never really discouraged from making this kind of work. — Ari Aster

I was a housewife, so I learned to write in times off, and I don’t think I ever gave it up, though there were times when I was very discouraged because I began to see that the stories I was writing were not very good, that I had a lot to learn, and that it was a much, much harder job than I had expected. — Alice Munro

A man can get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying. — John Burroughs

Don’t get discouraged with your skin when it doesn’t do what you want it to do… Give it some time. That’s the only way to get to know yourself. — SZA

Most of the time one is discouraged by the work, but now and again by some grace something stands out and invites you to work on it, to elaborate it or animate it in some way. It’s a mysterious process. — Leonard Cohen

You have setbacks in your life, and adversity. You can be discouraged about it or have courage to get through it and be better. — Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Disappointment is inevitable. But to become discouraged, there’s a choice I make. God would never discourage me. He would always point me to himself to trust him. Therefore, my discouragement is from Satan. As you go through the emotions that we have, hostility is not from God, bitterness, unforgiveness, all of these are attacks from Satan. — Charles Stanley

My son is trying to be a sports writer, and my daughter is a college student. She wants to be a comedy writer, and she’s at film school. I discouraged both of them early on from getting involved in Starbucks. I didn’t think it would be fair; plus, they didn’t have any interest anyway. — Howard Schultz

The dramas that I worked on were successful, but not the movies. I still have many opportunities, and I will not be discouraged. — Song Hye-kyo

We all get discouraged. — Richard G. Scott

Don’t be discouraged if the answer to your prayer does not come immediately. Study, ponder, and pray, sincerely having faith, and live the commandments. — Joseph B. Wirthlin

What’s happened to the music industry, from my perspective, is a lot of great music is behind the wall that can’t get through, and therefore, a lot of artists are getting discouraged. — Jimmy Iovine

There’s a lot of mediocrity being celebrated, and a lot of wonderful stuff being ignored or discouraged. — Sean Penn

You know, there is always times where you feel discouraged and things coming against you, but I don’t know if I ever wanted to throw in the towel. — Joel Osteen

No matter how frustrated, disappointed and discouraged we may feel in the face of our failures, it’s only temporary. And the faster you can stop wallowing in guilt, blame or resentment, the faster you can put it behind you. — Fabrizio Moreira

Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged. — Thomas A. Edison

Every time I wrote fiction, I was discouraged, and every time I wrote nonfiction, I was encouraged. — Ron Chernow

Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times. — Napoleon Hill

For me, I didn’t really have family that was in entertainment. I didn’t really grow up with an uncle that’s a TV writer or something, so I didn’t even know that it was possible at all. I slowly learned more about it and ended up here. I want people to not be discouraged by the fact that they don’t have a legacy in Hollywood that’s bringing them in. — Jaboukie Young-White

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself. — Lucille Ball

If you fail, do not be discouraged. — Henry Sy

You can be discouraged by failure, or you can learn from it. So go ahead and make mistakes, make all you can. Because, remember that’s where you’ll find success – on the far side of failure. — Thomas J. Watson

You are damned and praised, or encouraged or discouraged by those who listen to you, and those who come to applaud you. And to me, those people are very important. — Miriam Makeba

I wanted to bleach my skin so bad, but my sister always discouraged me. She’d say, ‘This is a bad thing. Don’t try it.’ — Khoudia Diop

From a young age in England I felt technical skills were coached out of me. I remember when I was 15 doing a rainbow flick over a player’s head in training and the coach telling me off and shouting: ‘This is not the Eni show.’ That discouraged me from expressing myself individually with the ball in that team again. — Eniola Aluko

As I occasionally survey the pack of sycophantic shih tzus in the Washington press corps, wriggling on their bellies to kiss the feet of those in power, I feel plumb discouraged about the future of journalism. — Molly Ivins

I will not be discouraged by failure; I will not be elated by success. — Joseph Barber Lightfoot

Around the age of 14, I was very discouraged from a coach. It was my first youth club team while playing soccer. She told me at the time that I wasn’t good enough to play on the team, that I would never get into the game. — Alex Morgan

Sadly, semi-consciousness, along with daydreaming, is a capacity that is actively discouraged among children in schools, and our society is much poorer and harsher as a consequence. The value of liminal space and transitional imagination remain personally and culturally undeveloped. — Michael Leunig

While I was a student at The Cooper Union, they discouraged too much of a focus on any one medium, and it helped me try new and different things. — Wangechi Mutu

I always knew how to cook and at one point in my career where I had done nine television pilots before Three’s Company and they all failed, I just got discouraged. — Suzanne Somers

Psychotherapy theory turns it all on you: you are the one who is wrong. If a kid is having trouble or is discouraged, the problem is not just inside the kid; it’s also in the system, the society. — James Hillman

Children are trained to think linearly instead of imaginatively; they are taught to read slowly and carefully, and are discouraged from daydreaming. They are trained to reduce the use and capacity of their brain. — Tony Buzan

What is important is to believe in something so strongly that you’re never discouraged. — Salma Hayek

I know when I get down and discouraged, it’s hard for me to be able to just see anything except for right where I am. — Victoria Osteen

I had to work a lot. I was doing YouTube videos, but I wasn’t getting a lot of love. How do I make a living off rapping when no one knows me? I got kind of discouraged. But hard work shuts people up. — Saweetie

As children, my siblings and I were actively discouraged from acting. I have no memories of going on set with my parents – aside from ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’ — Tom Sturridge

I want to venture out into music education for kids. As a child, I was discouraged by a lack of money, and now I want to use my platform to give back to kids without resources. — Khalid

For years, women in India were largely discouraged from participating in high-level sports – and, unless the women were wealthy, good facilities were hard to come by, anyway. — Mary Pilon

We all have to start somewhere, and doing something is better than nothing at all. Start small so you don’t get discouraged and give up. Remember it is all about consistency. — Khloe Kardashian

The N.F.L.’s rule on underclassmen should be abolished, and the N.B.A. should be discouraged from adding an age limit. — David Shields

I believe that when you think of the negative, and you get up discouraged – ‘There’s nothing good in my future’ – I really believe it almost ties the hands of God. God works where there’s an attitude of faith. I believe faith is all about hope. — Joel Osteen

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. — Rabindranath Tagore

If you have a passion for something, never be discouraged by anyone. — Neil Sedaka

I didn’t start writing songs, honestly, until I started making my album. I was always doing poetry, but I never thought I could write songs. I discouraged myself and thought it was so hard. But starting this process and learning just what it is to be a songwriter and performer taught me that you don’t have to feel discouraged about anything. — Alessia Cara

I’ve always been very determined. I don’t get easily discouraged. — Kalpana Chawla

I have had so much at heart. Defeated, not conquered; disappointed, not discouraged. I have but to be more energetic and more faithful in the difficult and painful vocation to which my life is devoted. — Dorothea Dix

There are those who argue that the public celebration of festivals such as Christmas should be discouraged, in the questionable belief that it might somehow offend those of other religions or none. — Pope Benedict XVI

When a common man is discouraged to buy a movie ticket, it becomes a concern for the entire film industry. I think entertainment tax is too steep. — Manoj Bajpayee

Refuse to be disheartened, discouraged, distracted from your goals in life. — Bernice King

We must be careful, as we seek to become more and more godlike, that we do not become discouraged and lose hope. — Ezra Taft Benson

It is possible to become discouraged about the injustice we see everywhere. But God did not promise us that the world would be humane and just. He gives us the gift of life and allows us to choose the way we will use our limited time on earth. It is an awesome opportunity. — Cesar Chavez

Even missionaries get discouraged at times. — Mack Wilberg

I was just never discouraged from doing something wacky like trying to be a comedian. — Kate McKinnon

When people are around us, they should leave better off than they were previously. Rather than feeling discouraged or defeated, people should feel challenged and inspired after spending any time with you and me. — Joel Osteen

Young people can get very discouraged and get hooked on drugs or on alcohol because of problems they perceive as insurmountable. It is important that they realize a mistake need not ruin their future, but they must also know that not everything in life is a bed of roses. — Maureen Forrester

If I read or listened to critics of our music, I’d have been discouraged a long time ago. — Graham Nash

I’ve had days here and there where I would get discouraged because I wasn’t a big star, but I’ve made a living ever since I was 27. Not a great living, but enough for me. I think actually being able to pay my rent and eat and perform is enough, and I did that for many years. Then I had some good years in there, too, where I made pretty good money. — Jane Lynch

As you move through the application process, keep refining the way you present yourself. Like any skill, you’ll only get better with practice, and you’ll only hurt yourself if you get discouraged too early. This is one race that’s definitely a marathon, not a sprint. — Kathryn Minshew

Children that have been petted and waited upon, always expect it; and if their expectations are not met, they are disappointed and discouraged. This same disposition will be seen through their whole lives, and they will be helpless, leaning upon others for aid, expecting others to favor them and yield to them. — Ellen G. White

Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these. — James Whitcomb Riley

Under the leaden sway of Alexander III’s government, the silence of the graveyard prevailed. Russian society, equally discouraged by the collapse of all hopes for peaceful reforms and by the apparent ineffectiveness of the revolutionary movement, was in the grip of a mood of depression and resignation. — Rosa Luxemburg

When things are a disappointment, try not to be so discouraged. — Carol Burnett

Most biographers are apt to be discouraged by the sheer volume of papers left behind by their subject. — Michael Korda

History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats. — B. C. Forbes

Even the first suitcase-off-the-train moment, it’s easy to be discouraged, frustrated, annoyed, angry. Because you’re waiting in freezing weather outside of an open call, and you’re like, ‘This moment of me right now is not the joy I felt when I was doing J. Pierrepont Finch in ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ in high school.’ — Jonathan Groff

Jesus discouraged the accumulation of wealth, worried about its effects on those who had it, and took special pleasure in helping the poor, dedicating his efforts to them. He must have shaken his head at the large gaps between rich and poor throughout ancient Palestine in the first century. — Jay Parini

There’s a lot of guys out there that can play at this level, and sometimes they might be discouraged because they come from a small school or a tough situation. — Adam Thielen

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