Disturbance in the Land (Oct 2017)

Disturbance in the Land (Oct 2017)

By Victoriadeyemi
Festival by Victoriadeyemi

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Disturbance in the land

I wished that my single teardrop caused a ripple in the ocean and create waves.

I wished that the ripples created strong waves, so strong that they confused the moon in the night sky. For the moon had always smugly believed that it was the only force with enough power to influence the waters in such a way.

I wished that the waves would become tall walls of water, so tall that they reached the sky.

How I wished that it rained heavily on the walls of water and the clouds wept the remnant of the tears that I could no longer make.

I wished so earnestly that the walls of water would come crashing down with such speed and force that they caused a natural disaster.

Since the beginning of time, there has always been a natural order of things. But there can never be a disturbance in the land unless the Maker agrees and says “it is time”.

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