27+ Best DJ Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Famous DJ Quotes

The best thing about being a DJ is making people happy. There is nothing like seeing people get up from a table to dance or the expression on their face when they hear a song they love. Chelsea Leyland

The job of feets is walking, but their hobby is dancing. Amit Kalantri

I’m a DJ. I got the party started. Avicii

To most human beings, wind is an irritation. To most trees, wind is a song. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

It’s always important to me to play something other DJs aren’t playing. ATrak

Children are no longer being parented, but are raised. Thats why they don’t have morals, ethics,humanity and manners, because their parents neglected them. We now live in a society that doesnt care about right or wrong. De philosopher DJ Kyos

I feel as if you’re saying that DJ is not a real job. Jack Black

In the pursuit of greater equality in our education system, from K to PhD, technology access, print literacies, and verbal skill all collide as requirements for even basic participation in an information based, technology dependent economy and society. Adam J. Banks

As a DJ, people expect a certain sound and a certain dance ability for the music. As a producer, I really like to let go of any rules that may exist. Armin Van Buuren

Never justify someones wrong action, without them apologizing first  admitting their wrongs. If you do. You are not making them better, but you are making them worse on the bad things they do. De philosopher DJ Kyos

No driving, no sleeping. Live it up like it’s the weekend, when the DJ play the right song gonna drink, gonna party all night long. Wiz Khalifa

Bands perform songs. DJs perform records. Jace Clayton

The DJ is the spark that ignites the night. The pulse that brings alive everything around you, including the words to songs. Night Owls

What is thy story, rounded round rotund one? Ian Doescher

The greatest DJ is one who can live within the formula and make it sound as if he is producing and pulling the music all by himself. Dick Biondi

Playing by your rules, playing by my styles. Dolina J.

People like me, DJs and producers, have a bigger say and a bigger voice than we’ve ever had before. Thomas Wesley Pentz

Radio compilers, DJ’s or producers who only trust big labels to produce good music. Not trusting their own ears, Intuition or skills . Have missed out on lot of talent, talented people and a lot of hits. De philosopher DJ Kyos

For a few moments in their lives, they transcend and become lost in the fantasy of it all. As a DJ, I’m trying to create the opportunity for this to happen. Jeff Mills

The song reminds me of my life lately and the way things that happen devastate you so badly but then turn around and totally surprise you by growing into something unexpected and astounding. Of course, i could be wrong. I mean, who knows what the song is really about except whoever wrote it? But that’s one of the many things about music that’s so great. You can interpret a song and relate it to your life any way you want. Love Maia

I’m of the opinion that as a DJ you must always play what you love and ignore what’s trendy because true passion always eclipses what’s fashionable. Quality is always fashionable. Boy George

Hey wedding DJ, there is no way in hell I’m paying you $1,000 when all you’re doing is plugging your iPod into the sound system . Andy Ostrom

A DJ can’t just play one song. It’s about playing a set, or how you connect songs in those two hours, and where you place them. Zedd

They stood up and the world was totally different. The wheat was an onyx sea, ever moving in shadow. Above it the heavens were illuminated with the wink of stars and planets, the Milky Way like a giant streak of glimmer slashing across the sky.

She was standing right next to him, awed by the beauty of the night sky and their tiny, tiny place in it. It seemed perfectly natural that he leaned down to gently press his lips to her temple. It wasn’t a kiss really, it was a consolation. Take my hand, he said. D.J. could see nothing as he unerringly led her through the darkened grain to the edge of the field. Pamela Morsi

The traditional DJ world isn’t a world that I come from. Girl Talk