Do you like gardening?

I just posted my recent experience with Gardening and I thought I would share it to you all. Please feel free to read and let me know your comments. Have a great day!

It is true that plants have listening power and I experienced it personally. I have a green thumb.I like to grow plants and have a few in our small corridor space. One of the plants I have is a Hibiscus. It has been planted a year ago. Initially it was growing at a regular pace, started to bloom with flowers from the 6th month few days a week. Of late, the plant was not giving any flowers and the leaves looked dull.

I was wondering what happened. I continued to water  as before but what else the plant needed I was unsure of. I have read somewhere that, plants do listen if you speak. If we encourage them to grow well, they will hear it and it encourages them. I decided to try that approach. Everyday after watering I used to stand near her, telling her to grow back, blossom with flowers and that I totally liked her flowers. I used to touch upon the plant when talking. All these were only for few minutes in a day.

A few days passed by…and the magic happened!There were new buds on the plant. I was so happy!

One day there were 5 flowers from the plant, that was the highest I have ever seen! (The picture you see below)It brought a lot of cheer to me. There have been more flowers since then. Oh well, its true, Plants do listen!.They need your care and affection, even if its for a few seconds. Do talk to them.

Gardening is a great activity; It brings a lot of pleasure when you see the results of your efforts. If you have a little space, its enough to start up with. You will realize how fun it is.


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