200+ Best Dress Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Profoundly inspirational dress quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

Famous Dress Quotes

Before I took the veil, I was ornamented for the ceremony, and was clothed in a rich dress belonging to the Convent, which was used on such occasions; and placed not far from the altar in the chapel, in the view of a number of spectators who had assembled, perhaps about forty. — Maria Monk

Modesty in dress and language and deportment is a true mark of refinement and a hallmark of a virtuous Latter-day Saint woman. — Ezra Taft Benson

And finding the hat, I always like to find the hat. And then props just dress the set. It’s all fabulous. — Morgan Freeman

One of the great things about turning 30 is figuring out how to dress comfortably and still look good. — Cobie Smulders

My parents have influenced my fashion choices. I inherited many of their older garments, and I like their style. I love my mother’s elegant and dramatic couture dresses and the feeling for colour my father has. — Elizabeth Jagger

Every day each of us wakes up, reaches into drawers and closets, pulls out a costume for the day and proceeds to dress in a style that can only be called preposterous. — Mary Schmich

Someday I’m going to go onstage in a dress if I want to. — Paul Lynde

I’m not ‘one of the guys.’ I don’t want to pretend to be one on stage. I’m not going to dress like a guy or carry myself like one. — Natasha Leggero

I’ll mix a lot of things. I’ll wear a Temperley dress with flip flops, or I might be in head-to-toe Gucci and have on a ring that I got from a gumball machine for 50 cents. — Sara Blakely

There’s no need to dress like everyone else. It’s much more fun to create your own look. — Twiggy

I wore a pink Betsey Johnson dress to my prom, and I pretty much looked like a pink cupcake. I loved that dress! — Sarah Gadon

I always drew dresses. I remember loving Richard Avedon’s early Versace campaigns. I used to plaster my whole walls with them when I was a kid. — Sarah Burton

I dress how I feel. I just go off emotion. I can’t prepare my outfit a day before. Everything I wear is spontaneous. — ASAP Rocky

I’ve worn a dress at my wedding. I’ve worn 6-inch Louboutins. I’ve got no fear and no shame. — A. J. McLean

For me, in a world full of armies of stylists and makeup artists, what I think truly makes a fashion icon is how a girl dresses when she’s off duty and she has to put her own looks together – no small challenge! — Derek Blasberg

For special occasions, I love pretty dresses – but nothing too frou-frou! — Twiggy

There’s a definite responsibility that comes with being famous. You shouldn’t be able to just dress up and look pretty. — Rashida Jones

I like to dress for my body type and for my coloring. — Victoria Justice

I don’t want to be just known for the way I dress. I want to be known for how I play, how I treat people, and how I am as a role model. I don’t just want to be, ‘He dresses cool’ or ‘He dresses crazy.’ You’re going to have lovers and haters. I want my golf game to be the main thing. — Rickie Fowler

I love Robert Fripp. You know what I really appreciate about Robert Fripp? He always dresses appropriately for the occasion. When he’s on stage, he’s a Dapper Dan. — St. Vincent

A lot of old guys in movies are like cowboys – they talk like cowboys and they dress like cowboys. — Val Kilmer

I usually dress very casual. Whenever I go out with my friends, I’m always like, ‘Can’t I just wear sweatpants?’ — Natalie Portman

The plainer the dress, the greater luster does beauty appear. — E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax

I’ve got my ideal job. I like to sing, I like to dance, I like to bang drums and dress up, and someone pays me – it’s incredible. — Florence Welch

I love talking about clothes with women; it’s like a code because women dress for women. — Mindy Kaling

I sit at this really weird crossroads. My job requires me to take in calories. I take care of myself. I eat healthy. I exercise a lot. But then I have to go to events in cocktail dresses and look fancy, and people want to interview me about what I’m wearing, and then I’m compared to people who are wearing size 2 all the time. — Gail Simmons

It’s good to stay as close to real life as you can, and then kind of dress it up. — Nelson DeMille

Visits to crowded Indian urban centers unleash sensory assaults: colorful dress and lilting chatter provide a backdrop to every manner of commerce, from small shops to peddlers to beggars. — Steven Rattner

Having a couple really great basics makes it easy to dress well every day. — Cameron Russell

I wore the Marc Jacobs dress, so I love Marc Jacobs. He has a vintage flair. But I’ve always worn a lot of vintage stuff, so it hasn’t been a lot of designers. If I see something that I like, I just buy it. — Elle Fanning

I liked women as a shape to dress. — Gianni Versace

I love the way girls in London dress; it’s so different to the American ‘blow-dry and immaculate grooming’ thing. — Rachel Weisz

Bands like Nirvana had theatrical sensibilities, playing with image, challenging assumptions people were making about them, the apex being Kurt Cobain in a dress to make a point. — Amanda Palmer

I’ve been designing since I was 8. I started sketching dresses I could wear when skating. I was always involved in all aspects of skating, not just the technique, the choreography, the music, but the visual aspects, too – what I should wear. — Vera Wang

I have entered the sports equipment business with ‘Bhajji Sports.’ I am applying for ICC clearance so that cricket bats with ‘Bhajji Sports’ logos could be used for international matches. In domestic circuit, the Punjab team is already wearing Bhajji Sports dresses for the Ranji Trophy matches. — Harbhajan Singh

I’ve always been a girl who loves to dress up. — Gwen Stefani

I wear a lot of second hand clothes unless I have a concert and then I wear beaded and sequined second hand clothes. No stylist dresses me although I do have a woman that assists me with the buttons. — Chris Isaak

Joan Rivers telling Lauren Bacall her dress is all wrong is like Carrot Top telling Lenny Bruce he needs to get an edge. — Dennis Miller

It’s not what you spend but how you wear it that counts. The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories. Something like a beautiful designer bag or belt can make everything else look richer and more luxurious. — Chloe Sevigny

Just look at all the awards shows now. It has turned into a catwalk. You have to be wearing a certain designer, a certain dress, and everyone’s critiquing. — Portia de Rossi

An Edwardian lady in full dress was a wonder to behold, and her preparations for viewing were awesome. — William Manchester

I loved dressing for my pregnant body. A pregnant woman’s body is so beautiful. Towards the end, it does get harder, and then it became all about flats and comfortable maxi dresses. — Kourtney Kardashian

I wore dresses all the time. I like to wear dresses. — Willard Scott

Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress. — Elsa Schiaparelli

I feel very strongly about dresses on every level – a dress feels like underpinning. — Donna Karan

Women try to be the best everywhere, and it’s impossible. I want my clothes to give women the freedom to just be – I want them to put on my dresses and shine. — Alber Elbaz

He who observes etiquette but objects to lying is like someone who dresses fashionably but wears no vest. — Walter Benjamin

My style is cinematic; it is a touch of French woman of the ’60s and American hippie with a Brooklyn edge. I love wearing wide-brim hats, newsboy caps, mini dresses and sheer blouses with details. — Wynter Gordon

If I didn’t teach the aerobics class, I wouldn’t come, and I need to stay in shape. I’ve got a whole wardrobe of sleeveless dresses and strapless gowns, not to mention the short skirts. — Bonnie Bassler

God expects from men something more than at such times, and that it were much to be wished for the credit of their religion as well as the satisfaction of their conscience that their Easter devotions would in some measure come up to their Easter dress. — Robert South

I like having the freedom to dress as I desire. — Alber Elbaz

When I dress up, I have to have a lot of help. I was in a T-shirt until a few minutes ago. — Kristen Stewart

I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men. — Marlene Dietrich

Unfortunately, the greatest photographers don’t pay extreme attention to the clothes. If they decide to put a dress in a bathtub or in front of a cow in the countryside with dirt everywhere, well, the dresses come back… ready to be put in the garbage. — Valentino Garavani

Theres a real power in heels and a good dress. — Talulah Riley

I always have one foot in the street, so I know not everyone wants to dress like the women they see in music videos. — Rachel Roy

I hold that gentleman to be the best-dressed whose dress no one observes. — Anthony Trollope

You might say that I’m the Michelangelo of the dress business. — Oleg Cassini

My manager wants me to dress like a nun and I want to dress like a teenager. — Anna Kournikova

I wanted to dress the woman who lives and works, not the woman in a painting. — Giorgio Armani

I love women that have an ease to the way they dress. I think Vanessa Paradis and Alexa Chung do that very well. — Ashley Madekwe

Girls are more attractive to me than dresses. — David Bailey

Whenever a female takes a strong stand for herself, the majority of the time they have to really, really narrow it down to being feminine and wearing dresses and just being lipstick chic. — Michelle Rodriguez

If I see something that inspires me, I’ll dress like it. — Paloma Faith

True economy consists in always making the income exceed the out-go. Wear the old clothes a little longer if necessary; dispense with the new pair of gloves; mend the old dress: live on plainer food if need be; so that, under all circumstances, unless some unforeseen accident occurs, there will be a margin in favor of the income. — P. T. Barnum

I love Catherine Maladrino, Angela Dean and Nicole Miller. Catherine Maladrino designs that beautiful, high-class red carpet stuff. Nicole Miller makes beautiful dresses you can wear every day. And when you just want to go and shut it down, you turn to Angela Dean. — Tasha Smith

Dresses are beautiful, but I’m such a slacks or a jeans person. Whenever a woman has a slick suit or dress on, she looks sharp. — Talisa Soto

Being married is kind of like being a Ken-doll; you don’t get to dress yourself anymore. — Grover Norquist

I think tattoos are horrible. It’s like living in a Pucci dress full-time. — Karl Lagerfeld

I’m just a bleeping maniac in straight clothing. There’s no reason to dress my monster up. — Glenn Frey

Louis Armstrong, who learned to be in exquisite dress, came from the bottom, and he’s not a trash can. — Stanley Crouch

I’m an athlete, so I can dress down with the best of them. I can throw on t-shirts and sweats with the best of them. — Dwyane Wade

I have never worn dresses by grands couturiers. — Valerie Trierweiler

I don’t dress for effect, and I think that it never works out when someone does. — Daphne Guinness

I mix talents and friendship, which is not very professional, but it’s my way of thinking. So I love Azzedine Alaia, because I’ve known him for 30 years, and he’s making my dresses most of the time. — Carine Roitfeld

You know when you find a great dress, you’ve gotta hold on to it. — Rachel McAdams

I’d like to make over Marilyn Manson and just dress him really normally to see what he looks like. That’d be really weird! — Karen Gillan

My dad used to say, ‘Just because you dress up in a coat and tie, it doesn’t influence your intelligence.’ — Tiger Woods

My closet is organized by tops, pants, and outerwear, but not a lot of dresses. Gowns are in another room because I don’t often dress formally, even though I design gowns. Like most designers, I have a uniform, and mine is a legging. — Vera Wang

I didn’t have cable television growing up; there were only six channels you could watch then. The only really good channel was channel 10, and they would play ‘The Nanny Called Fran’ every night for years. I’ve seen every episode 100 times. I would get my Grandma to make me leopard skin dresses on her sewing machine. — Iggy Azalea

It’s more fun to look at an old picture of me than it is to look at a new one sometimes. Although, I still wear a dress pretty well. — Iggy Pop

I wish I could wear 10 dresses to my wedding. It’s so sad that you put it in storage and then never see it again. I am going to sleep in mine after I wear it. — Eva Longoria

I actually have a stash of wigs for Halloween. But only for that. Not to play dress-up. — Alexa Vega

People think modeling’s mindless, that you just stand there and pose, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I like to have a lot of input, I know how to wear a dress, whether it should be shot with me standing up or sitting down. And I’m not scared to say what I think. — Linda Evangelista

I’d much rather dress like a 5 year old than a 21 year old. I’d much rather wear a puffy sleeved shirt than some low-cut top. — Elle Fanning

I’m a big fan of glamour. It’s something I don’t think there’s enough of in Hollywood anymore. I enjoy putting on a sexy dress and heels. I want to work it. — Ali Larter

It is a common observation, that the more solicitous any people are about dress, the more effeminate they are. — Karl Philipp Moritz

I promised to always bring up a glass of water to her before we go to bed, and she promised to never let me dress myself. — Fred Savage

As I traveled from one country to another, no one knew anything about me. So I could be anybody, I could speak as I wished, act as I wished, dress as I wished — Kathleen Turner

My look is a very individual look. I love Pink, but I don’t really dress like Pink. — Ashley Tisdale

I love hats; I love putting hats on. They are artwork. You can always go out and find a dress to wear for some occasion, but there are not that many occasions you can wear a hat. — Zara Phillips

If I’m uncomfortable on stage, everybody can see it. I’m not very good at hiding it. I like long, loose jacket dresses – anything that I can literally have room to move in – not that I’m a very big dancer, but because sometimes I’m sitting down at the keyboard, and then sometimes I’m standing. It just has to feel good. — Laura Mvula

There was a scene cut out of ‘Big Fat Liar’ (2002) where I had to wear a dress. This may sound kind of weird, but I really enjoyed shooting that scene. — Frankie Muniz

I like there to be some testosterone in rock, and it’s like I’m the one in the dress who has to provide it. — Courtney Love

Japan is the most intoxicating place for me. In Kyoto, there’s an inn called the Tawaraya which is quite extraordinary. The Japanese culture fascinates me: the food, the dress, the manners and the traditions. It’s the travel experience that has moved me the most. — Roman Coppola

Music creates a certain mood and then people dress accordingly. I think it’s all quite closely intertwined. — Georgia May Jagger

I love ‘Harry Potter.’ I’m a huge nerd – I would dress up if I could. — Veronica Roth

I had Courtney Love’s left bosom out of her dress on my plate in front of me. It was extraordinary. I didn’t know where to look. — Hugh Grant

When I say that I’m a businessperson and a dressmaker, it’s the truth. I run a business, and I make dresses, I make blouses. — Phillip Lim

There’s no way I set out to be a certain kind of symbol – the way I dress is the way I am, the way I live my life. — Pamela Anderson

Growing up, I was never the kind of girl to dream about wedding dresses and pretty houses. — Louise Nurding

My dresses are very reasonably priced, for dresses that are cut on the body. — John Galliano

I want to be so famous that drag queens will dress like me in parades when I’m dead. — Laura Kightlinger

Australia has a thing where apparently it’s fine for me to dress up as an Asian woman. No one has questioned that. — Chris Lilley

I’d rather kill myself than dress like Victoria Beckham in towering heels day after day. — Britt Ekland

During holiday parties I end up recycling a lot of my cocktail dresses and just wearing a layering piece, like a blazer and tights, with it. — Lauren Conrad

As long as designers want to dress me, photographers want to take my picture and companies think my face will help their products, then I won’t go anywhere until they’re done with me. — Linda Evangelista

There’s so many companies that are spending so much money on 17-year-olds… I can’t compete with that. I’m not that guy anymore, they can’t dress me up and roll me out there and make me look good. I am what I am! — Bob Mould

I couldn’t be an ingenue today, because the business has changed. I remember when you could dress for a premiere just by putting on a cute top. Now you have to be perfect and fabulous in every way, or you’re ridiculed. — Julia Roberts

I dress the way I want. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. — Britney Spears

I’m not one of those stars that goes out and literally dresses to be photographed. I’m kind of a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of girl when I dress. I go for comfort above everything else. — Anne Hathaway

I can wear a sexy dress to any red carpet event. My wedding is my chance to go all the way and wear a princess silhouette. — Roselyn Sanchez

I have a great admiration and tenderness for Azzedine Alaia. I haven’t seen him in a while, but I guess he must be still sewing some dresses at night. — Hedi Slimane

I love a beautiful gown on stage, and luckily I’ve been fortunate to wear some amazing dresses. — Leona Lewis

Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women. — Elsa Schiaparelli

A woman should be less concerned about Paris and more concerned about whether the dress she’s about to buy relates to the way she lives. — Geoffrey Beene

The more you’ll dress up the more fun you’ll have. — Brian Molko

On my wedding day. I didn’t want a natural, blushing-bride look – I had a full-on hairdo and red lips. I thought it would be disingenuous to do the whole virginal look, so even though I had the white dress, I had pink net underneath. — Sophie Ellis-Bextor

One time when somebody showed up in a wedding dress, but I never knew if it was a joke, or she was serious. She asked me to marry her. She was serious. It was pretty funny. — Bryan White

I like the fact that Jack is always wearing a tie except when he’s on a mission. I do like it when I get out there and dress up, or dress down, a little bit. — Victor Garber

I love the ’70s, I’m very into that right now. The long Chloe dresses, very Virgin Suicides. — Elle Fanning

I like to dress up but I’m not so concerned with looking very sexy, it’s really more the art of dressing. — Andrej Pejic

I have to make a dress out of recycled materials for my kid’s preschool ‘Project Runway’-like assignment. I’m currently fusing plastic bags. — Busy Philipps

I have beautiful, beautiful clothes, designed by my bachelor boy son, Kenny. Kenny has a big following as it is, and even Lady Gaga has asked Kenny to design dresses for her. But Kenny isn’t very keen on, well, shall we say, extreme women. He likes someone that women all over the world can identify with. — Barry Humphries

I was brought up to be a gentleman. That means you know how to walk, talk and dress the part. — Brian McKnight

We’re all well-acquainted with depression, we all know what the low moods are, but the mania was not something I knew much about. I didn’t know that it would make someone dress extravagantly or start to pun, and to stay up and drink. — Jeffrey Eugenides

People have a hard time making me dress up to look like a classy gal. — Judy Holliday

I adore women, and the one thing I want to do more than anything is to see a transformation of personality when someone puts on one of my dresses. — Alber Elbaz

You can’t beat a Diane Von Fostenburg wrap dress; I always tend to go for the wrap dresses with a little more structure. I also love Prada shoes. — Wendi McLendon-Covey

As I grew up, I learned what worked for me. That’s where the short dresses came from. And you can’t dance in a long dress. — Tina Turner

If you dress like a movie star, you have me. — Steven Cojocaru

I like dresses for night; I like after-party more than party. I like the mystery; I like the dream, like fantasy dresses. I think, also, that you make women dream. — Alber Elbaz

However I dress it up, I was a spy and I am not proud of it. — Christine Keeler

It has been the experience of a lifetime to work with Catherine Middleton to create her wedding dress, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. — Sarah Burton

Just to see what a pink dress can mean to a woman, any woman, but a disabled woman, that’s extra special and thrilling because they shouldn’t be separated and their disabilities don’t have to separate them in anyway. — Betsey Johnson

The work is with me when I wake up in the morning; it is with me while I eat my breakfast in bed and run through the newspaper, while I shave and bathe and dress. — C. S. Forester

I’ve worn dresses from all different price ranges, and the thing that couture dresses have in common is that the fit is amazing. — Beyonce Knowles

My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way. — Henny Youngman

Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners. — Loretta Young

Yes, I play dress up! I do it for a living, like a retard! — Jennifer Aniston

I like to play dress up, I’m in love with fashion. — Fantasia Barrino

I dress up as a middle-aged prostitute and do a game show. — Paul O’Grady

Look, if Givenchy is going to lend you a dress, I’m not going to turn it down. I would wear that dress to just go out and buy a pint of milk if they would lend it to me. — Florence Welch

There was a French singer, Francoise Hardy – I used to look at her pictures and try to dress like her. — Carly Simon

The trouble with most Englishwomen is that they will dress as if they had been a mouse in a previous incarnation they do not want to attract attention. — Edith Sitwell

Minimal is the word I’d use to describe how I live and dress, and it’s also how I sing. I’m not a big fan of overemoting. — K. D. Lang

I’ve always loved to dress up a bit and show off. — Daniel Craig

I try to dress classy and dance cheesy. — Psy

No doubt I enjoy being close to people in the way I dress, the way I speak, and the way I communicate with people. — Vicente Fox

Dresses, I find, are impractical in social situations, but I enjoy wearing them a great deal on stage. — Brian Molko

I live in jeans and own a lot of them. I’m much more comfortable in trousers and T-shirts, and I don’t often wear dresses. — Hayley Mills

You don’t have to put dresses in a movie to make girls like it. — Seth Rogen

I will never have a problem working with anybody. I will even work with a man if he dresses up like a woman, because it’s my job. I am here to act. — Ranbir Kapoor

In Los Angeles, people dress with the deep and earnest hope that people will do nothing but stare at them. — Ellie Kemper

I mean, you can’t walk down the aisle in Westminster Abbey in a strapless dress, it just won’t happen – it has to suit the grandeur of that aisle, it’s enormous. — Bruce Oldfield

I’m five feet tall – I’m very petite – so for me, if I’m wearing a skirt or dress, it needs to be short, or else it makes me look frumpy. I need to wear either something really short or a maxi dress; anything in between just looks weird. — Kourtney Kardashian

We undress men and women, we don’t dress them any more. — Pierre Cardin

When I’m interviewing someone, I want to make sure that he thought enough to take care of himself – to dress appropriately and to groom himself properly. — Bill Rancic

Let me go to Clinton’s new proposal: to have uniforms in public schools. And people are doing that. How come they’re doing that? Dress codes! I find that abhorrent. — Russell Means

My friends and I are collecting prom dresses to give to girls who can’t afford them for their proms. — Lauren Bush

There’s no rhyme or reason to how I dress. — Ashley Madekwe

I don’t wear dresses and flowers in my hair and float around! — Victoria Legrand

With small breasts, you don’t have to wear a bra with dresses that have some support. It feels sexy without one. — Sandra Oh

When art dresses in worn-out material it is most easily recognized as art. — Friedrich Nietzsche

I have a collection of impractical vintage dresses and jackets. I guess I never grew out of the ‘playing dress up’ faze. It’s actually a bit of a problem. — Candice Accola

I’m on a team with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, and they both dress well. It gets competitive. If I don’t bring my A game, they’re going to outshine me. — Dwyane Wade

I do not discriminate about size. I design dresses to accentuate a woman’s positives, whether you are a size 0 or a size 3X. — Tadashi Shoji

In terms of work I’ve always had a Bad Attitude in that I won’t work anywhere which requires me to work strict hours or follow a dress code. I don’t know if that’s an Asperger’s thing or not, I think it’s just being reasonable. — Bram Cohen

If I want to wear a dress, I’ll wear a dress. — Dennis Rodman

I was getting a lot of editorial, as in lots of pages in ‘Vogue,’ but it’s far more important to get your dresses on the back of a famous person. Charlotte Rampling in Bruce Oldfield. That sells. — Bruce Oldfield

It’s a Japanese way of thinking, that I give value for my merchandise. So I don’t want to sell unnecessarily expensive dresses and make just 10 or 20 and then feel satisfied. I want to design for real women who can afford my dresses. — Tadashi Shoji

I like to dress pretty basic during the day, but with a sophisticated bohemian spin, and sometimes a little rock chic. At night I like to go glamorous. — Alessandra Ambrosio

If you want someone to feel warm, you dress them in a warm color and put a warm light on them and you get the picture. Sometimes, all that needs pushing a little bit to help tell the story. — Colleen Atwood

If you take my performance or my understanding of the role and my appreciation for story and then dress it in CGI, that I guess becomes an action film. — Vin Diesel

A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride. — Carolina Herrera

I’m really laid back but I still like to dress up sometimes. — Allyson Felix

All of the agreed-upon pariahs throughout pop-culture history put their identities into the thing we decry. And yet we derive our own identities from the act of hating. We connect on the things we are disappointed in. Some may argue that nothing in history gathers a crowd like complaining about Lady Gaga’s meat dress. — Patrick Stump

I don’t always wear underwear. When I’m in the heat, especially, I can’t wear it. Like, if I’m wearing a flower dress, why do I have to wear underwear? — Naomi Campbell

Sometimes I put on a ski mask and dress in old clothes, go out on the streets and beg for quarters. — Mike Tyson

I love color and I love to dress like a woman. — Lisa Guerrero

I’m age-appropriate. I dress age-appropriately, I choose mates age-appropriately. I’m a big believer in people should act their age. — Jamie Lee Curtis

People love fashion exhibits because they can fantasize. They can respond to a dress even if they can never wear a dress like that. — Andre Leon Talley

I tend to dress a little more sophisticated than most women do. — Nicole Richie

Personally, I’m a simple dresser. I usually buy my own clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, summer dresses and track pants. Whenever I get the time or see a shop that catches my fancy, I buy something. — Katrina Kaif

Every trick is an old one, but with a change of players, a change of dress, it comes out as new as before. — Lady Gregory

I didn’t finish my dress until about three days before my wedding – I had the flu and was stitching it from my bed. And the tulle came back from India all brown. We had to wash it for hours, but that didn’t dissuade me from wearing it. — Georgina Chapman

I chose the most explosive dress I could find. I put a ton of makeup on and some great round earrings. I looked like Jennifer Jones in Duel in the Sun. — Victoria Abril

I hate to say it, but the truth is that the upscale line is where I get respect as a designer. The higher the price range, the higher the respect level from the industry, even though it’s much easier to make a great $500 dress than a great $100 dress. — Betsey Johnson

I have a dress-up chest at home. I love to create this fantasy kind of thing. — Kate Moss

I kind of love going to weddings – it’s a guilty pleasure. I’ve never been the wedding-y type girl dreaming about the big day, the dress, but I always cry. Always. Even if I don’t know the bride that well, I’m verklempt! — Alison Brie

Dress is at all times a frivolous distinction, and excessive solicitude about it often destroys its own aim. — Jane Austen

I used to collect vintage clothing – exquisite lace dresses, embroidered shawls and ornate jewelry – but that’s just not me any more. — Britt Ekland

I dress a little strange. I dress a little theatrically. — Kirsten Vangsness

I used to work for a management consulting company, so I dressed differently – business casual, probably a lot of things from Banana Republic. My wardrobe now is definitely more expensive, but I always dress for the occasion. — John Legend

I don’t like the way Uncle Junior dresses. He loves it. — Dominic Chianese

Appearing in ‘Legally Blonde’ has helped me find my inner girl, although at the beginning the director was constantly telling me off for sitting like a boy, with my legs apart, while wearing a cocktail dress and heels! — Sheridan Smith

I like people who dress quirkly and differently. Like in womenswear, thank god for Helena Bonham Carter! — Helena Christensen

When I’m not working, I dress like a surfer. I look like I’m going to come into your house and clean your pool. — Alec Baldwin

But I don’t have a very good track record with royalty. My dress fell off in front of Prince Charles at the Prince’s Trust, so I’m just living up to my reputation. — Kate Bush

I have so many strong opinions on the entertainment industry, but if I’m in a deli somewhere, and someone says they love that Adam Sandler movie where he dresses up as his twin sister – well, I don’t want to make people feel bad for how they feel about things. I’m always courteous, not mean. — Andy Kindler

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