198+ Best Drunk Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational drunk quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

Famous Drunk Quotes

I was talking to him hey don’t close your eyes wake up because he was drunk he was drunk. – Maria Garcia

Most airlines will take the wine on board the aircraft and taste it, because red wine in particular can taste quite different when drunk in-flight compared to on the ground. – Peter Jones

My uncle was the town drunk – and we lived in Chicago. – George Gobel

Those persons who suffer from indigestion, or who become drunk, are utterly ignorant of the true principles of eating and drinking. – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales. – Aleister Crowley

If we are able to get one drunk driver off the road, then the program is worth it. – Jenny Mack

I don’t know a whole bunch about Seafair other than hydroplanes, Blue Angels, Budweiser and drunk pirates. – Shannon Stewart

If carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be messed-up. – Mitch Hedberg

Go find somebody who’s life hasn’t been affected by a drunk driver. It pretty much touches everyone. – Chuck Heeman

When someone is in a car accident and they’re driving at 100 mph, drunk, who’s tape do you think his listening to at that time? Think about it. – Billie Joe Armstrong

You don’t quite know how drunk you are until all of a sudden you’re on the floor – Gina Gershon

Neon shines through smokey eyes tonight, It’s 2 AM, I’m drunk again, It’s heavy on my mind…Excused me please, one more drink, Could you make it strong cause i don’t need to think – Dave Band

I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed. – Ed Sheeran

It pays to get drunk with the best people. – Joe E. Lewis

Getting drunk was good. I decided that I would always like getting drunk. It took away the obvious and maybe if you could get away from the obvious often enough, you wouldn’t become so obvious yourself. – Charles Bukowski

Life on the road can get a little one-dimensional. I didn’t want to reach 40 and have to say all I’d done was look out the window of a tour bus and get drunk. – Bruce Dickinson

I have a responsibility, and it’s something that I did wrong, and if I could personally apologize to every single person that has lost a loved one from drunk driving I would. – Nicole Richie

I try not to drink too much because when I’m drunk, I bite. – Bette Midler

Not every man remembers the name of the cow which supplied him with each drop of milk he has drunk. – Shmuel Yosef Agnon

Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit. – Charles Bukowski

I remember having my father stand over me when I had driven over my own foot; one leg was out of the car and one leg was in the car. He looked at me and told me that I was a drunk and that he was ashamed to call me his son. That night, I stopped drinking and I never drank again; I was twenty four. – Randy Bachman

Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination. – Vin Scully

Discover the times when you’re most creative – mornings, nights, afternoons – and clear the time to work then. Many writers find the mornings are best, and the afternoons are only good for editorial corrections, or getting the washing done. Others can only work through the night, drunk. – Deborah Moggach

I sit here drunk now. I am a series of small victories and large defeats and I am as amazed as any other that I have gotten from there to here without committing murder or being murdered; without having ended up in the madhouse. as I drink alone again tonight my soul despite all the past agony thanks all the gods who were not there for me then. – Charles Bukowski

He tested positive for marijuana … Possibly he was using it while he was driving. It’s not like a falling-down drunk but it definitely impacts the ability to make decisions. – Larry Colagiovanni

My voice is rather quirky. It’s abysmally low. People often think I’m putting it on at first. Think drunk Darth Vader. Or Barry White singing country. It suits my dark material. When I do readings, I really play it up and go subterranean. I can make the phone book sound terrifying. – Benjamin Percy

If a woman earned a dollar by scrubbing, her husband had a right to take the dollar and go and get drunk with it and beat her afterwards. It was his dollar. – Lucy Stone

It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth. – George Burns

Like a drunk staggering home after last call. – Gary Stevens

It’s not name dropping, but not many people can say, like me, that they spent the day with the likes of Francis Bacon or that boring drunk Dylan Thomas. You don’t forget things like that. – Jeffrey Bernard

One journalist said that everybody in Russia is miserable. Russia is a terrible place. And I’m going to end up miserable and I’m going to be a drunk and I’m never going to do anything. I don’t drink. I’ve never been drunk in my life. And they talk about Russia like it’s the worst place on earth. Russia’s great. – Edward Snowden

Our hearts were drunk with a beauty Our eyes could never see. – George William Russell

I have drunk of the wine of life at last, I have known the thing best worth knowing, I have been warmed through and through, never to grow quite cold again till the end. – Edith Wharton

I began imagining scenes in public which some drunk would come up to me and slap me in the face. Nothing like that ever happened, but I often wonder if I would have turned the other cheek – Max von Sydow

Come, for my part I will have only those glorious, manly pleasures of being very drunk, and very slovenly. – William Wycherley

If a body can just find oot the exac’ proper proportion and quantity that ought to be drunk every day and keep to that, I verily throw that he might leeve forever without dying at all, and that doctors and kirkyards would go oot o’ fashion – James Hogg

So as not to feel the horrible burden of time that breaks your back and bends you to the earth, be endlessly drunk. – Charles Baudelaire

We’ve spent so many hours trying to get drunk drivers off the road in so many ways. It makes you really mad to see that, after all that, people still do it. – Tom Johnston

A man can take a little bourbon without getting drunk, but if you hold his mouth open and pour in a quart, he’s going to get sick on it. – Lyndon B. Johnson

If you don’t think you’ve got the blues, just keep living, and if you don’t think you’re drunk, just keep drinking what you’re drinking. – Buddy Guy

Daddy, when he drank, just became sweeter. There wasn’t a mean thought in his body. I’ve always said he was like a drunk Jimmy Stewart. – Carol Burnett

I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

You have to be always drunk. That’s all there is to it-it’s the only way. So as not to feel the horrible burden of time that breaks your back and bends you to the earth, you have to be continually drunk. But on what? Wine, poetry or virtue, as you wish. But be drunk. – Charles Baudelaire

I had never, ever drunk beer in high school, and by the time I got to Tech we were having these parties out in the cotton fields and getting so drunk. I was the champion beer drinker; suddenly I was pouring it down my throat… Insane! Insane! – Bob Livingston

The fact that a player is very short of time is, to my mind, as little to be considered an excuse as, for instance, the statement of the law-breaker that he was drunk at the time he committed the crime. – Alexander Alekhine

Many people have played themselves to death. Many people have eaten and drunk themselves to death. Nobody ever thought himself to death. – Gilbert Highet

Only weeks after Oslo began, when nearly all the world and most of Israel was drunk with the idea of peace, I argued that a Palestinian society not constrained by democratic norms would be a fear society that would pose a grave threat to Israel. – Natan Sharansky

When I was at Upright Citizens Brigade, I would pretend to be a sad, drunk rapper. – Bobby Moynihan

Many of Britain’s towns and cities are falling victim to drunk and disorderly behavior at the weekend. We believe that these ads will reinforce the message that the police now have increased powers to deal with this sort of anti-social behavior. – Toni Harris

Love, with very young people, is a heartless business. We drink at that age from thirst, or to get drunk; it is only later in life that we occupy ourselves with the individuality of our wine. – Isak Dinesen

The man who gets drunk in peacetime is a coward. The man who gets drunk in wartime goes on being a coward. – Jose Bergamin

He was charged with DUI, driving without a license, having an open container in the car and for providing a false name. We linked him to another case under the name of Carlos Munoz where he was arrested in 2004 for being drunk in public. – Stephanie Macumber

And now sometimes I’m interviewed, they want to hear about life and literature and I get drunk and hold up my cross-eyed, shot, runover de-tailed cat and I say,look, look at this! but they don’t understand, they say something like,you say you’ve been influenced by Celine? no, I hold the cat up,by what happens, by things like this, by this, by this! – Charles Bukowski

I know you’ll never love me like you used to. – Ed Sheeran

Sometimes if you get ’em too drunk they don’t pay no attention to what you’re doin’ anyways, so you might as well just do old songs. But if you get one that’s paying attention, sometimes we’ll do some new material. – Merle Haggard

God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world. – Ed McMahon

A drunk driver is very dangerous. So is a drunk backseat driver if he’s persuasive. – Demetri Martin

I never drank except a couple sips of wine at Thanksgiving. – Carol Alt

A man is never drunk if he can lay on the floor without holding on. – Joe E. Lewis

I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke. It’s a personal preference. My mom has never drunk or smoked. I look up to my mom. – Ashley Tisdale

I used to get drunk in venues after my shows and sign the walls Ed was here. So if you see that, it was me. – Ed Sheeran

One of my life goals is to be a best man. It’s a baller position. You get drunk, you make speeches, and you make love to the prettiest bridesmaid. Usually standing from behind. – Aziz Ansari

Always be drunk … Get drunk militantly. Just get drunk. – Charles Baudelaire

I went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed but all I could do was to get drunk again. – Charles Bukowski

Coffee in Brazil is always made fresh and, except at breakfast time, drunk jet black from demitasses first filled almost to the brim with the characteristic moist, soft coffee sugar of the country, which melts five times as fast as our hard granulated. For breakfast larger cups are used, and they’re more than half filled with cream. This cafe con leite doesn’t re-quire so much sugar as cafe preto-black coffee. – Bob Brown

All the mistakes I’ve ever made in my life have been when I’ve been drunk. I haven’t made hardly any mistakes sober, ever, ever. – Tracey Emin

When I played drunks I had to remain sober because I didn’t know how to play them when I was drunk. – Richard Burton

People are used to being stimulated. People are drunk on entertainment and when you’re going out and seeing movies where 200 people are machine gunned down and vampires are tearing people’s throats out, and I’m not saying that is bad or it should be censored, but people are drunk on stimuli. – Alex Jones

I’ll be drunk again to feel a little love. – Ed Sheeran

When all is said and done, no literature can outdo the cynicism of real life; you won’t intoxicate with one glass someone who has already drunk up a whole barrel. – Anton Chekhov

I am prone to envy. It is one of my three default emotions, the others being greed and rage. I have also experienced compassion and generosity, but only fleetingly and usually while drunk, so I have little memory. – Augusten Burroughs

Never argue with a drunk or a fool. – Aaron Sorkin

With wine, poetry, or virtue as you choose. But get drunk. – Charles Baudelaire

There’s been times when I’ve been in really tough shape at the top of the course. Talk about a hard challenge right there. I mean, if you ever tried to ski when you’re wasted, it’s not easy. Try and ski a slalom when … you hit a gate less than every one a second, so it’s risky, you know. You’re putting your life at risk there. It’s like driving drunk only there’s no rules about it in ski racing. – Bode Miller

If you’re going to drive a Hummer and buy carbon offsets, that’s like getting drunk every night and getting into an AA meeting, throwing money in the basket, and leaving. – Ed Begley, Jr.

I was so drunk the whole time that I took bottles for girls and girls for bottles. – Anton Chekhov

We have wasted History like a bunch of drunks shooting dice back in the men’s crapper of the local bar. – Charles Bukowski

What can you say about the family who is suing the railroad after their drunk son was killed walking on the tracks? Trains don’t normally sneak up on people. Unless they’ve derailed, you pretty much know where to find them. – David Sedaris

He’s drunk 50 percent of the time. I stumble and slur words. – David Connolly

If you want someone to be ignored then build a life-size bronze statue of them and stick it in the middle of town. It doesn’t matter how great you were, it’ll always take an unfunny drunk with climbing skills to make people notice you. – Banksy

Going to a bar or pool hall doesn’t mean you’re a drunk, just like sitting in a henhouse doesn’t make you a chicken. It’s the same in the opposite setting. Sitting in a church building doesn’t make you a follower of Christ. – Jase Robertson

Why do alcoholics begin down the same hazardous road day after day? They are in search of that elusive window of well-being that opens when you drink your way out of a hangover and aren’t yet drunk all over again. The alcoholic’s day consists of trying to keep that window open. – Roger Ebert

The important thing is to be drunk. – Chelsea Handler

When you’re drunk, you always think you’re not. If you even drink at all don’t get behind the wheel. – Bam Margera

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy, it is the wine of a new procreation, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for men and makes them drunk with the spirit. – Ludwig Beethoven

Credit buying is much like being drunk. The buzz happens immediately and gives you a lift… The hangover comes the day after. – Joyce Brothers

Let us be lazy in everything, except in loving and drinking, except in being lazy. – Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Do It Under the Influence Yourself! That’s what we’re shooting for! Get drunk and make your dreams come true. – Aziz Ansari

I’ve drunk Amazon’s free Diet Coke. Nothing makes more sense to me than a company trying to make bookselling into a profitable business. I’m not anti-Amazon, and I’m not pro-publishers either. I’m pro-books. – Lev Grossman

We tried not to get drunk on the future, but actually to predict it accurately. – Reed Hastings

I have been brought up and trained to have the utmost contempt for people who get drunk. – Winston Churchill

He had the artistic metempsychosis which is half drunk when sober and looks down on airships when stimulated. – O. Henry

And, drunk with my own madness, I shouted at him furiously, Make life beautiful! Make life beautiful! – Charles Baudelaire

My country, right or wrong’ is a thing no patriot would ever think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying ‘My mother, drunk or sober. – K. Chesterton

We’ve found about 200 road-rage deaths over a period of several years, compared to the 17,000 a year caused by drunk driving. Some states are considering pretty severe penalties, trying to rewrite laws so that road rage has some specific legal consequences. We’re not sure that’s appropriate. – Mark Edwards

Freedom of drinking should always be allowed, and it is only American to let a guy get drunk where he wants to get drunk. – P. J. Harvey

A drink a day keeps the shrink away. – Edward Abbey

It’s okay saying sorry, but when you are drunk you say what you really feel. – Vidal Sassoon

Nobody can write the life of a man but those who have eat and drunk and lived in social intercourse with him. – Samuel Johnson

What, when drunk, one sees in other women, one sees in Garbo sober. – Kenneth Tynan

My doctor tells me I should start slowing it down – but there are more old drunks than there are old doctors so let’s all have another round. – Willie Nelson

I don’t drink. I choose to be sober now. I have drunk over the last six years, but I just don’t want to be that person anymore. – Chester Bennington

Nationalism … is like cheap alcohol. First it makes you drunk, then it makes you blind, then it kills you. – Daniel Fried

In order not to feel time’s horrid fardel bruise your shoulders, grinding you into the earth, get drunk and stay that way. On what? On wine, poetry, virtue, whatever. But get drunk! – Charles Baudelaire

I dealt with men who had tempers, and who could get violent-Lord knows how I had to defend myself against Howard Hughes and Frank Sinatra, and from Artie Shaw’s verbal abuse. But George [C. Scott] was a different category of animal when he got drunk. He’d break into my hotel room, which he did in Italy, London and at the Beverly Hills Hotel, attack me to where I was frightened for my life, and scream, ‘Why won’t you marry me?’ Well, I would never marry a man who couldn’t control his liquor. Me, I’m a happy drunk. I laugh, I dance. I certainly don’t break bottles and threaten to kill. – Ava Gardner

I am dying. I haven’t drunk champagne for a long time. – Anton Chekhov

I became a terrible drunk or alcoholic – or a good one depending on your point of view. – Craig Ferguson

I’m drunk. Correct. What the f*** is it to you? – Calamity Jane

I rely on the promise, God is kind to women, fools, and drunk people. – Jane Welsh Carlyle

You know the stories of a woman saying to Churchill, ‘Sir, you’re drunk,’ and he said to her, ‘And you’re ugly, but in the morning I’ll be sober.’ I was really excited to do that scene, but I did get slapped. – Thomas Howes

It seemed that I performed better sober than drunk. Who knew? – Craig Ferguson

Anybody can be a non-drunk. It takes a special talent to be a drunk. It takes endurance. Endurance is more important than truth. – Charles Bukowski

We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English. – Winston Churchill

I’m grateful for a lot of things. One is not being a drunk wreck. Or losing all four limbs in some ridiculous East Village bus accident that I was so destined for. – Augusten Burroughs

I used to lay drunk in alleys and I probably will again.Bukowski, who is he? I read about Bukowski and it doesn’t seem like anything to do with me. – Charles Bukowski

Because we hate each other. I’m perfectly happy to get drunk with the rest of them. I was just in London, and we had a really spectacular dinner. But I think it should go no further. We’ve earned that. – Eric Idle

Getting drunk is an paradox! When people party they feel like royalty at the village pub, but feel like an outcast while kneeling at the porcelain throne? – Travis Hedrick

So, after awhile, you can only get so much happiness from a guy who’s drunk come up and tell you you’re great. – Rick Derringer

Everybody in recovery smokes. If you don’t like smoking, don’t even bother trying to get sober. Just stay drunk. – Augusten Burroughs

I read something once that when you’re online, your inhibitions are lowered to the state where you’ve had three drinks. Once you basically know that the entire internet is slightly drunk, it all makes a lot more sense, and you deport yourself accordingly. – Caitlin Moran

And it occurs to me that if I were aboard a rowboat floating in the middle of all the beer I’ve drunk in a lifetime, I’d never be able to see the shore. – Al Purdy

I was never afraid of anything because I never hurt anyone. I was always an old drunk. – Chavela Vargas

Not drunk is he who from the floor – Can rise alone and still drink more; But drunk is They, who prostrate lies, Without the power to drink or rise. – Thomas Love Peacock

Unfortunately, a lot of people are stupid. They take drugs. They get drunk and do all the wrong things in life. I just played it straight. – Bobby Vinton

Gabriel and I were always getting the giggles, but he was really scary when he was in character, … drunk and screaming and shouting at me. At one point, he held a gun to my head and I could feel my heart racing. Then, afterwards, he’d just be fun Gabriel again, having a laugh. – Nicholas Hoult

Should have been held on high bail whether he was or he wasn’t a police officer. Everybody should be held to an extremely high standard when it comes to drunk driving. – Rudy Giuliani

Grant stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now we stand by each other. – William Tecumseh Sherman

If you want to know where God is, ask a drunk. – Charles Bukowski

I’m not a drunk anymore, but since they cut out my tongue, I sound drunk. – Eddie Van Halen

I love being in an arena that has like 10,000 people and huge crowds. I want to do a show at like the Viper room so badly. Like go up on stage and thrash myself around, go jump into the crowd. You can effing swear, get drunk on stage and do whatever you want basically. – Avril Lavigne

Buckling up is the best defense against a drunk driver, – Eric Walker

I’m not going to get drunk at a bar. There are younger girls who look up to me. So I do my best not to stray too far. – Ashley Greene

I was a savage for so many years of my life. There was some seed of determination in me that I was not conscious of. I was mostly consciously getting into trouble and drunk. – Daniel Day-Lewis

Bacchus, n.: A convenient deity invented by the ancients as an excuse for getting drunk. – Ambrose Bierce

It is time to get drunk! So as not to be the martyred slaves of Time, get drunk; get drunk without stopping! On wine, on poetry, or on virtue, as you wish. – Charles Baudelaire

The guy’s life drunk, I think, makes Candide look like a sourpuss. Does he even know that death exists? – Jandy Nelson

The best research for playing a drunk is being a British actor for 20 years. – Michael Caine

I doing casual labor by the day. They wouldn’t pay you until the next morning. There was a bar that would cash your check if you bought a beer first. A lot of guys never left until they’d drunk up all their money. – Fred Ward

I think if you’re fame-hungry, go out to a nightclub and get drunk… why do that? I don’t understand how some people would want fame so bad that they’d go out and get negative attention to earn it. – Zac Efron

When I went out on tour as Bing Hitler I would hook up with Lenny and we’d get drunk together. He was always very supportive. He was a big star and a lot of what he said to me had power and impact. Apart from that, I just like him. – Craig Ferguson

I found out water can be drunk straight. – Billy Carter

If I had listened to the critics I’d have died drunk in the gutter – Anton Chekhov

Most people would say, ‘they’re a bunch of drunk drivers, screw them. That’s exactly why we have constitutional rights — because the majority does want to go after people. – Sam Fields

I’m not really the party person. I don’t ‘become myself’ once I’m drunk. I don’t use alcohol to be happy. – Jessie J

Peace was declared, but not all of us were drunk with joy or stricken blind. – George Grosz

Ever since the Greeks, we have been drunk with language! We have made a cage with words and shoved our God inside! – Amber Valletta

Why didn’t kill me it never made me stronger at all. – Ed Sheeran

Seat belts are your best defense against a drunk driver. We want people to drive safe, drive sober and buckle up. – Glynn Birch

If they’re too drunk I’m not sure they would actually look at their key ring and think about it. – Lauren Eigen

Me, I’d prefer to have a good reputation rather than getting press for being scandalous, getting drunk in public, staying out late and so on. – Sophia Bush

If you wanted to show a mirror to people that says, ‘You’ve been drunk on money,’ they’re not going to want to see it. But if you reflected that mirror on another time they’d be willing to. People will need an explanation of where we are and where we’ve been, and ‘The Great Gatsby’ can provide that explanation. – Baz Luhrmann

I got drunk when I was five. Everybody gets drunk before they’re 21. – Fiona Apple

The film Punch – Drunk Love is how you see the world when you’re in love. You don’t see somebody’s psychological baggage necessarily, you see the person walking out of the light. – Emily Watson

Mother Nature visualized brilliance in everything; but surly was drunk when she created the liberal. – Greg Evans

Sometimes when you’re drunk you can see better. – Damien Hirst

I’m drunk and high at the same time/Drinking champagne on the airplane. – Two Chainz

Go to bed, you fool, Calcifer said sleepily. You’re drunk. Who, me? said Howl. I assure you, my friends, I am cone sold stober. He got up and stalked upstairs, feeling for the wall as if he thought it might escape him unless he kept in touch with it. His bedroom door did escape him. – Diana Wynne Jones

My country wrong or right, is like saying my mother, drunk or sober. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton

I am very disappointed in what seemingly is a system that allows me to be guilty until proven innocent, … I have been internationally labeled and branded what — an extortionist, whatever, a drunk driver… – Bill Clinton

Your life changes. Everything has to be done perfectly, and I didn’t follow that. I lived my life as if I wasn’t in the public eye. I thought, ‘I’m young. I have the right to experience new things, and if I want to go to a bar and get drunk, that’s my prerogative.’ – Shannen Doherty

Don’t you know there ain’t no devil, it’s just god when he’s drunk. – Tom Waits

Men drunk with ambition and power do not ground their weapons, nor stop to recognise the fellow-humanity of those they are about to slay. Not here – not now. – Ellis Peters

A good writer is not, per se, a good book critic. No more so than a good drunk is automatically a good bartender. – Jim Bishop

If you like to read, sometimes it’s interesting just to go and see what the reality is, of the word, of the seedy or not so seedy fiction writer, the drunk or sober poet… Sometimes you can go looking for illumination. – Harold Brodkey

Well I am still not drunk I straightened up against the pillows as best I could. You told me once that if you could still stand up, you weren’t drunk. You aren’t standing up. he point out. You are. – Diana Gabaldon

Anyone who is elected mayor of a place called Sin City is allowed to be a drunk. – Bill Maher

I get everything. … Fans, they don’t know me, and some of them are drunk and don’t know the difference. They butcher it pretty bad and give me a hard time, but it’s kind of funny. – Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus. – Ozzy Osbourne

After the crash happened, I was so humiliated and embarrassed. I thought of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, that they must hate me. – Tracey Gold

Isn’t there a danger with Tweeting, like drunk dialing? Isn’t there a drunk Tweeting danger? – Julianna Margulies

I have drunk deep of the waters of my ancestors. – Larry Neal

I’ve been drinking tequila for a long time now, and it’s never been about drinking to get drunk. I don’t do that. I never drink tequila during the day, and I don’t drive at night. – Sammy Hagar

Next these, learn’d Jonson, in this list I bring, / Who had drunk deep of the Pierian spring. – Michael Drayton

His sermon struck a pretty deep chord in me. I haven’t drunk a drop since, and I’ve been going to church regularly and praying. The bad dreams are still there, but Jesus helps. – Gary Peabody

When we started I wasn’t the singer. I was the drunk rhythm guitarist who wrote all these weird songs. – Robert Smith

Any drunk who has tried to put his car where a lamppost stands is a self-educated physicist. – Dean Koontz

One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk. – Charles Baudelaire

I got drunk that night in Honolulu, and we had some celebration. I went to the nearest joint I could find. Soldiers and sailors paid for nothing. Civilians paid for everything, picked up all our tabs. They loved us. The town was ours. – Charles Singley

Let him who sins when drunk be punished when sober – Legal Maxim

A child sees everything in a sense of newness – he is always drunk. Genius is nothing but childhood re-attained at will. – Charles Baudelaire

He is a drunkard who takes more than three glasses though he be not drunk. – Epictetus

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday – it’s a day that’s American to the core and it’s a day that’s all about what and how we eat. – Marcus Samuelsson

One night at a party, a really drunk guy came up to me and said, ‘Whoa you look like Yves Saint Laurent’ because I was wearing a turtleneck. I’d love to track that guy down and tell him that he gave pretty good casting advice. – Pierre Niney

A good wine has many qualities, I think. If drunk moderately, it is healthy and good for your heart. – Tom Araya

There’s a joke in economics about the drunk who loses his keys in the street but only looks for them under the lightposts. When asked why, he says, ‘because that’s where the light is.’ That’s the problem with the deficit. – Christina Romer

The sky was falling down on me and I spent most of the time drunk. It was the only way I could handle it. – David Millar

One thing I hope I’ll never be is drunk with my own power. And anybody who says I am will never work in this town again. – Jim Carrey

An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men. – Charles Darwin

The reason that last-ditch political maneuvering has become business as usual in Washington is that the actors involved are drunk on blame and are convinced that the voting public is, too. They count on outrage, thereby spreading numbness. They cherish the prospect of partisan fury, thereby inspiring nonpartisan disgust. – Walter Kirn

I have never smoked and have always drunk a lot of water, but cleanse, tone and moisturise every day? No way! – Tori Amos

Because of the high altitude, you get drunk really fast. So everyone’s drunk all the time. – Clea Duvall

I believe that in your heart you already know something is profoundly wrong. When bartenders are responsible for drunk drivers’ acts, and gunmakers are responsible for criminals’ acts, and nobody is responsible for O. J. Simpson’s acts, something is wrong. – Charlton Heston

I am the person who is a mother against drunk driver. – Tracey Gold

I loved Jack Ford. I got him in his later days, and he was a total tyrant and a total autocrat and an Irish drunk. But I had a great time. – Richard Widmark

Without you to hold i’ll be freezing. – Ed Sheeran

It’s hot tonight and half the neighborhood is drunk. the other half is dead. if I have any advice about writing poetry it’s – don’t. I’m going to send out for some fried chicken. – Charles Bukowski

To get enough to eat was regarded as an achievement. To get drunk was a victory. – Brendan Behan

Sometimes I get a little drunk, sometimes I get a little out of it, sometimes I get out of tune onstage, but that’s something that shouldn’t be dissected – Stephen Stills

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