123+ Best Elton John Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Sir Elton Hercules John CH CBE is an English singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer. John has sold more than 300 million records, making him one of the best-selling music artists. Profoundly inspirational Elton John quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Elton John Quotes

If you write great songs with meaning and emotion, they will last for ever because songs are the key to everything. – Elton John

I’m 57, I can’t look like a 30-year-old. You try to hold age at bay, but there comes a point when you just have to give up gracefully. – Elton John

I guess that’s why they call it the blues, time on my hands could be time spent with you. – Elton John

I love the idea of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the beautiful stories about it, which I loved in Sunday school and I collected all the little stickers and put them in my book. But the reality is that organised religion doesn’t seem to work. It turns people into hateful lemmings and it’s not really compassionate. – Elton John

He’s been dead for so many years, but I’m still trying to impress him. That’s what gave me my drive. ‘Look at me, Dad, I’ve succeeded.’ – Elton John

Better to build a bridge than a wall. – Elton John

Don’t judge the picture by the frame, every man is not the same. – Elton John

I have an optimistic view of everything. You have to, otherwise you’d go nuts. – Elton John

It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love, ’till we find our place, on the path unwinding. – Elton John

Goodbye Norma Jean From the young man in the 22nd row Who sees you as something more than sexual More than just our Marilyn Monroe – Elton John

I became successful and within five years conquered the world and had the most amazing run. I had so much momentum and adrenaline going, but then it ends and you have to find what level you’re going to be on, how enthusiastic you’re going to be. – Elton John

I’m a very wealthy man. – Elton John

We have a society where every hit maker and TV presenter is gay. – Elton John

I’m enjoying everything in my life, but I think the element of surprise in show business is what makes us really love it, because one day you’re sitting by the phone waiting to do something or not doing anything, and the next day you’ve got the chance of a lifetime. Those little phone calls don’t come up so often, but when they come up, it’s fantastic. – Elton John

I was just genuinely shy. I’d always been a shy kid. – Elton John

I’ve got to think about what I’m going to say very carefully. There’s two avenues of thought: Do you stop everyone going, ban all the artists coming in from Russia? But then you’re really leaving the men and women who are gay and suffering under the antigay laws in an isolated situation. As a gay man, I can’t leave those people on their own without going over there and supporting them. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’ve got to go. – Elton John

There’s a lot of hate in the world. – Elton John

I went to a mixed school and I can’t remember being bullied at school, ever. I was quite large, in those days. Usually, if you’re going to be a bully, you’ll pick on someone who is small. I didn’t bully anybody, and I don’t remember being bullied. – Elton John

He [Ryan White] had a kind of angelic aura about him. And his family, too, it’s like, they are going through all this suffering, and I’m living this Life of Riley and I’m complaining about everything, and they are living this horrific life and complaining about nothing. – Elton John

I do like Britney Spears. I think she’s cute. I think she’s fun. And I like her records. You know, I’m not a pop snob whatsoever. I think she makes great pop records. – Elton John

I grew up in the Fifties and early Sixties, which were still quite conservative, and I wasn’t given any information about sex or anything like that… I went out with girls at school because one had to. I didn’t experiment with sex for quite a long time. – Elton John

I have a much better relationship with the press than I did, I think because I stood my ground. – Elton John

I’m very relaxed. I have a family, I have a partner of 20 years, I have a wonderful life; nothing could be better. – Elton John

What we should be doing as musicians is trying to bring people together. – Elton John

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life talking about when I used to drink or when I used to take drugs. I’m more interested in the future. – Elton John

The Backstreet Boys can sing their asses off. I’m not so sure about those other boy bands. But Backstreet Boys have my ultimate respect. – Elton John

As a child, as a teenager, I was kind of not allowed to wear fashionable clothes. – Elton John

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the piano player! – Elton John

Don’t let the sun go down on me Although I search myself, it’s always someone else I see I’d just allow a fragment of your life to wander free But losing everything is like the sun going down on me – Elton John

We can’t keep thinking of gay people as being ostracised; we can’t keep thinking of Muslim people as being [ostracised] because of the fundamentalism that occurs in Islam. Muslim people have to do something about speaking up about it. We can’t judge a book by its cover. – Elton John

I grew up at my grandmother’s house, and she had a beautiful garden. I used to hate mowing the lawn and weeding, which is what you do when you’re a kid. I loathe gardening, but I love gardens, and I have two beautiful gardens. – Elton John

The work became like the drug addiction, the clothes, anything in my life. It became – it’s become an addiction. I’m addicted to working. – Elton John

I’m not bored with my life. I’m not just making the records and touring, I would find that boring. – Elton John

We live in an age, in an era where there is so much negativity, there is so much violence in the world, there is so much unrest and people are at war, that I wanted to promote the word love and red signifies love. – Elton John

I don’t want to be married. I’m very happy with a civil partnership. If gay people want to get married, or get together, they should have a civil partnership. The word ‘marriage,’ I think, puts a lot of people off. You get the same equal rights that we do when we have a civil partnership. Heterosexual people get married. We can have civil partnerships. – Elton John

I don’t have a computer. I am the Luddite of rock’n’roll, I don’t have a portable phone. I write things down. – Elton John

Shock waves to a tired brain, sends that hungry lady to my door again. She’s my shelter from the storm when I feel the rain, entertaining white powder. – Elton John

I can’t talk about – as eloquently as everyone else about a prevention or medicine or, you know, funding, but I can talk about the human element, which is the main part of AIDS, because it comes to the human being and how they are being treated, what medicines they are on and what medicines they are not on. – Elton John

And these [pharmaceutical] companies are still threatening to sue. And it’s like, you know, do you not have a conscience? Do you not want the world to be a better place? You’re still making a profit. How much more of a profit do you want to make? – Elton John

I have a lot of money stashed away, but I do live my life from day to day. – Elton John

Don’t you know Im still standing better than I ever did. Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid. I’m still standing after all this time. – Elton John

Rock and roll came in and changed my life and changed the whole music scene forever, and then I grew to love R&B and Motown and all black music, gospel music. But I never dismiss any form of music. I listen to everything. – Elton John

When your persona begins to take over your music and becomes more important, you enter a dangerous place. Once you have people around you who don’t question you, you’re in a dangerous place. – Elton John

I lived my teenage years in my 20s when I sort of left home and became Elton John success, then it became Elton John excess… Everything I couldn’t do when I was younger I did 10 times over. I was having the time of my life. I was becoming the person that I wanted to be. – Elton John

I just wish more of my fellow queers would come out sometimes. It’s nice out here, you know? – Elton John

And I agreed with that, and I couldn’t wait to change my name anyway, because I’m not too fond of the name of Reginald. It’s a very kind of ’50s English name. – Elton John

I think people should be free to engage in any sexual practices they choose; they should draw the line at goats, though. – Elton John

So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do You see I’ve forgotten, if they’re green or they’re blue Anyway, the thing is, what I really mean Yours are the sweetest eyes, I’ve ever seen. – Elton John

I’m 27 years clean, and when you get clean, you see things in a different way. It makes your life so much more manageable. – Elton John

My mother encouraged me and was very great about me being gay, but she always encouraged me to follow my musical dreams, which I’m very grateful for. – Elton John

Live for each second without hesitation. – Elton John

You should never take more than you give. – Elton John

I do like my rock stars to be a little larger than life. I don’t mind the earnest ones at all, but I do like a bit of individuality. – Elton John

And we have come so far like that. I mean, the advances on the medication side have been enormous, and the advances on the human side have been enormous. But we still have this stigma to get rid of, and then we really will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. – Elton John

I’ve watched other people singing, I’ve become a much better singer. I’ve become a singer that plays the piano instead of a piano player that sings. – Elton John

The worst thing you can do to a child, and I’ve seen it happen so many times, is the silver spoon. – Elton John

I’ve dodged so many bullets. Not just because of unsafe sex, but because of the amount of drugs I did, the amount of alcohol, the amount of work I was doing. I started the Elton John AIDS Foundation because I got so lucky. – Elton John

People say, You should write lyrics and I say I’m quite happy not to, because I like being part of that process where you write your version of what someone else’s lyrics are saying to you, and that enjoyment has never changed. – Elton John

I had no balance in my life. I was this one person onstage and this person offstage, who really didn’t know much about living. – Elton John

But you know, I have a pretty good relationship with the press and the paparazzi. It’s just when they step over the line that, you know, enough’s enough. – Elton John

I still want to play music but I don’t want to look like Donald Duck while I’m doing it. – Elton John

And there’s no guarantee that if you get HIV and you take these triple therapies, or whatever comes along next, that they’re going to be successful for you. – Elton John

I’ll not complain about your boring life, if you just leave me to mine – Elton John

The less I say the more my work gets done. – Elton John

It seems to me, sorry seems to be the hardest word. – Elton John

Love is the key we must turn; truth is the flame we must burn. – Elton John

You get the same equal rights that we do when we have a civil partnership. Heterosexual people get married. We can have civil partnerships. – Elton John

The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star. – Elton John

We were both very much the same. We were both very impulsive. We both loved life. We both loved shopping. We both had a love of clothes, obviously, because he was the designer that I kind of wore forever and ever. – Elton John

I didn’t have sex until I was 23 and that was with a man. I made up for lost time after that in a hurry. I wish I could have had sex when I was, like, 14, 15 or 16 because that’s such an exciting age to have sex. – Elton John

Nothing should be an issue when it comes to sexuality in the first place. Music is the one artform where people feel comfortable coming out. – Elton John

I just go into the studio, look at the lyrics for the first time when I put them on the piano, and go. If I haven’t got it within 40 minutes, I give up. It’s never changed, the thrill has never gone, because I don’t know what I’m going to get next. – Elton John

As Elton John, my days on pop radio are over, and I know that and I accept it and I’m not unhappy about it. – Elton John

I love to work. It fascinates me. And I love seeing who’s coming up, who’s got the charisma to last, who’s got the intelligence to move on to other things. I’m so glad now that I’m stuck behind the piano, because when you’re getting older it’s very hard to waddle around the stage. – Elton John

I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian way of life, I love the food, I love the people, I love the attitudes of Italians. – Elton John

Ever since I had that interview in which I said I was bisexual it seems twice as many people wave at me in the streets. – Elton John

You know, it’s a very treatable disease. You shouldn’t feel ashamed. But I’m afraid that’s carried on very much so from the first days of AIDS, when it was basically a gay disease. And then, of course, you know, it affected everybody. – Elton John

Once you have people around you who don’t question you, you’re in a dangerous place. – Elton John

I am the most well-known homosexual in the world. – Elton John

You can cage the songbird, but you can’t make her sing. And you can trap the free bird, but you’ll have to clip her wings. – Elton John

It’s so easy to write songs about misery and hard times and sadness. It’s much more difficult to write songs about happy and chirpy stuff. – Elton John

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane. I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain and I can see Daniel waving goodbye. God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes. They say Spain is pretty though I’ve never been, well Daniel says it’s the best place that he’s ever seen. And he should know, he’s been there enough. Lord I miss Daniel, oh I miss him so much. – Elton John

Johnny, can’t you come out to play in your empty garden? – Elton John

Basically, I wanted redemption for the way I lived my life beforehand, and that was the drugs, the drink, the loose sex, whatever. – Elton John

Because, I figured that, because I was a successful man, I was wealthy, I was, you know, seemingly intelligent – even that I am not intelligent enough to ask for help. – Elton John

I’m lucky enough and wealthy enough to be able to buy photographs and buy art that inspires me from day to day. I don’t want a Picasso on my wall; it’s great art, but it’s dead art to me. I’d rather have a photograph by someone I’ve never heard of that really inspires me. – Elton John

I’ve got a great collection of photography. – Elton John

I’m going to fight for human rights, whether I do it silently behind the scenes or vocally so that I get locked up. I can’t just sit back; it’s not in my nature. I can’t sit back and blindly ignore it, and I won’t. – Elton John

When people go to rehab and come out, they go through a difficult period, a lot of people. I never had that. I was so glad to be rid of all that crap that for me, to learn again and to function as a human being and learn how to participate in the human race again was just pure joy. – Elton John

I get bombed for breakfast in the morning, I get bombed for dinner. – Elton John

It was also great to have the Backstreet Boys appear on stage with me because I have gotten to know them all a little bit just recently, and not only are they great performers, but they also very hard working professionals and really nice guys. – Elton John

I’m addicted to working. I mean, I have a list of 100 countries I want to play in. I’m basically killing myself by travelling so much, for no reason whatsoever. – Elton John

All this science I don’t understand, it’s just my job five days a week. – Elton John

How wonderful life is while you’re in the World. – Elton John

I hate to say this, but I always listen to the music and the instrumentation first, and then grab on to the lyrics later. – Elton John

I do work a lot. I mean, most of my income, I would say, comes from live performances. And then you’ve got publishing, you’ve got record royalties. – Elton John

Children are extremely important. They are the future of the world. – Elton John

I’ve been coming to America since 1970, and it’s like my second home, but I’ve never felt such a divided country, ever. I didn’t think it would get to this point, and it breaks my heart. – Elton John

I had to learn how to function as a human being. And I really enjoyed that process. – Elton John

People who mock rap and say, I don’t like it, they should go and check out Kanye [West] in the studio rapping, or Marshall, Eminem, when he’s in the studio. It’s a phenomenon. Don’t knock it until you’ve seen it. It may not be your cup of tea, but don’t ridicule it. – Elton John

There’s a time for everyone, If they only learn, that the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn. – Elton John

Ask anyone. If it hadn’t been for Elvis, I don’t know where popular music would be. He was the one that started it all off, and he was definitely the start of it for me. – Elton John

An agent is a person who is sore because an actor gets 90% of what they make. – Elton John

And I talked to my doctor, and I must admit, you know, I’m sometimes quite renowned for my outbursts and I was just very frustrated, maybe a little frightened. – Elton John

Sometimes when I’m flying over the Alps I think, ‘that’s like all the cocaine I sniffed.’ – Elton John

I love people who expect me to wear great, feathery costumes- and I do it. It’s like an actor getting into his costume for his part. I don’t really feel that part until I’m into whatever I’m going to wear. – Elton John

Welcome to the world of bullshit, my dear. You have arrived. – Elton John

Make this man a saint now, OK? – Elton John

I’m not going to Russia and tell them to go to hell and think – that’s not the way things are done. You chip away at something and you hope that there will be dialogue and that the situation can get better. You don’t just go in there with guns blazing and say well, to hell with you because they’re going to say to hell with you and get out of the country. – Elton John

I’m so proud to be on a Kate Bush record; she’s always marched to the beat of her own drum. – Elton John

I get high in the evening sniffing pots of glue. – Elton John

I heard Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, and that was it. I didn’t ever want to be anything else. I just started banging away and semi-studied classical music at the Royal Academy of Music but sort of half-heartedly. – Elton John

I love every minute of fatherhood, staying up all night, changing nappies, kids crying, I find it really funny and inspiring. It connects you to the world in a new way. – Elton John

This is a tremendous assets for the club, a tremendous headache lifted from our shoulders, really. – Elton John

I’ve only been interested in the artistic side of life. – Elton John

I suspected my homosexuality, but I’d never acted out on it because I was afraid of sex. It’s awful to be afraid of sex. – Elton John

Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours. – Elton John

Religion promotes the hatred and spite against gays. From my point of view, I would ban religion completely. Organised religion doesn’t seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it’s not really compassionate. – Elton John

She’s got electric boots, a mohair suit, you know I read it in a magazine. – Elton John

I don’t think you can recreate anything from the past. You can not do it. If you’re going to go out and imitate a Motown sound, you can’t do it, it’s impossible because of the studios and players involved and the atmosphere. – Elton John

I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems. On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don’t know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East — you’re as good as dead. – Elton John

Bands today have to learn their craft by putting the hard work in that we did when we were young performers. – Elton John

It was Elvis that got me interested in music. I’ve been an Elvis fan since I was a kid. – Elton John

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