Elusive Emptiness

Once, a man runs away, frustrating from his thoughts. He continues walking unless he reaches a jungle. He walks and walks exploring the jungle. He finds a monk sitting on the rock there. He bows to the monk and asks if he could answer his questions. The monk smiles and listens to him with all ears.

The man speaks:

“I have all I ever wished. A good house, beautiful wife, brilliant kids. I am financially well settled. I achieved my goals and fulfilled my dreams too. Now when I have everything, I feel there is something missing in my life. Though its not that I want something more from life, nothing still settles my mind in peace. Why it is so? Why I am not in peace? What I need more now? These thoughts in my mind creates stress and frustrations in  my life.”

After a while, the monk answers:

“My child, before I answer your question, I want to you to go in a palace. It is on the east side of this jungle. That palace has many rooms and one of them has huge wooden cupboard in it. Go there and find that cupboard. That cupboard has a safe inside it. Open the safe and you should find four gold coins in a box there. If you go and bring those coins for me, I will answer your questions.”

The man was little surprised at the monk’s wish. Why would a monk needs gold coins! Why he ignored my questions and instead assigned me some irrelevant task! He leaves the place in search of the palace ultimately. After very long way, he finds the palace. As he reaches the palace, he feels tired. He rests for a while and starts searching for a wooden cupboard. There are various rooms in the palace so it takes an entire day for him to find the room with a wooden cupboard. It’s a huge with several compartments in it. He examines each of those carefully to search for gold coins. Ultimately, he finds the safe and finds out a box which consists of gold coins. As he grabs those coins he freezes there. He looks at coins and counts again. They were only three. Where is the fourth coin now? He screams in his mind. He makes a lot of efforts to search all the compartments, drawers in the cupboard again and again but in vain.

He feels little more exasperated. Is there some place I missed in searching? Is it that the monk lied to me about four coins? Myriad of thoughts rein his mind. He slept there that night planning to begin search next day. He spends whole day in just finding that fourth coin in the palace. There is not a single corner of the palace where he doesn’t look for the coin. He struggles, feels irritated and annoyed. He feels tiresome and sad. Ultimately he decides to go back with the three coins. He starts walking again next day towards the monk’s place.

“Will he ever answer my questions now? Will he send me back to search for the fourth coin?” He struggles with such thoughts on his entire way to the destination. As he reaches, he narrates the story to the monk again. He says sorry he is not able to find the fourth coin.

He further asks “Can you please tell me where it is? What about my answers now?”

The monk smiles again and says, “you already have your answer dear! There is no fourth coin in that palace anywhere. It’s just that I told you about four coins and so you started finding four of them. Similarly, it’s just your own thoughts which force you to believe that there is something missing in your life! You already have everything like those three coins but you are searching for that fourth coin which doesn’t exist. You’re running after something which you never saw. If you would have had these three gold coins before knowing that there is fourth one, you would have felt happy about it. You know well that value of 3 coins is much more than that of 1 coin but the greed would not allow you to settle. You run after elusive emptiness and waste entire life like that. There is nothing like emptiness but it’s always about what you think and perceive.”

The moral of the story is we are always bored from the routines or our life. We forget that whatever we have is something we wished for someday! Instead of being appreciative about things we have or achieved, we always complain about what we not have or not gained yet! Instead of cherishing good relations, we cry over those that are just past now and of no importance in our life. Instead of enjoying present, we always worry about future.

In any programming language in information technology field, void states for no value or is empty . We fill that void space in our thoughts first and then feel them in our life. This void space has no return value! Fill that emptiness with happy moments which you already have and is something which is in your control. Fly like a free bird. Do not restrict yourself to materialistic happiness, life is much more than that! Happiness is always within you. Celebrate your existence.

Count your blessings and not what’s missing!

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