171+ Best Elvis Presley Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Elvis Aaron Presley, also known mononymously as Elvis, was an American singer and actor. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, he is often referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll” or simply “The King”. Profoundly inspirational Elvis Presley quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Elvis Presley Quotes

I don’t do any vulgar movements. – Elvis Presley

I am not the King. Jesus Christ is the King. I’m just an entertainer. – Elvis Presley

Man, I really like Vegas. – Elvis Presley

Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free I’m gonna pack my bags because this great big world is calling me – Elvis Presley

Teenagers are my life and my triumph. I’d be nowhere without them. – Elvis Presley

If you bring a friend into your love affair, that’s the end of your sweetheart that’s the end of your friend, that’s when your heartache begins. – Elvis Presley

You only pass through this life once, you don’t come back for an encore. – Elvis Presley

In public, I like real conservative clothes, something that’s not too flashy. But onstage, I like ’em as flashy as you can get ’em. – Elvis Presley

Whatever I will become will be what God has chosen for me. – Elvis Presley

I happened to come along in the music business when there was no trend. – Elvis Presley

I’d just like to be treated like a regular customer. – Elvis Presley

I don’t mind being controversial. Even Jesus wasn’t loved in his day. – Elvis Presley

Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you. – Elvis Presley

I’m never going to sing another song I don’t believe in. I’m never going to make another picture I don’t believe in. – Elvis Presley

I’ve come too far, and I don’t know how to get back. – Elvis Presley

We can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds. – Elvis Presley

The Lord can give, and the Lord can take away. I might be herding sheep next year. – Elvis Presley

Take your troubles to the Chapel, get down on your knees and pray. Your burdens will be lighter, and you’ll surely find the way. – Elvis Presley

When we kiss my heart’s on fire, burning with a strange desire. And I know that every time I kiss you, that your heart’s on fire, too. – Elvis Presley

All I want is to know the truth, to know and experience God. I’m a searcher, that’s what I’m all about. – Elvis Presley

My movements, ma’am, are all leg movements. I don’t do nothing with my body. – Elvis Presley

Take care of the fans and they will sure as hell take care of you. – Elvis Presley

Sad thing is, you can still love someone and be wrong for them. – Elvis Presley

The only thing worse than watching a bad movie is being in one. – Elvis Presley

I’m no hillbilly singer. – Elvis Presley

He holds his guitar like a Tommy gun. – Elvis Presley

I believe in the Bible. I believe that all good things come from God. I don’t believe I’d sing the way I do if God hadn’t wanted me to.’ – Elvis Presley

A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage. It’s my favorite part of the business – live concerts. – Elvis Presley

When I first saw you with your smile so tender, my heart was captured, my soul surrendered. – Elvis Presley

When I started singing, I weighed 153 pounds. I weigh 184 now. I haven’t gotten any taller, but I’m putting on a little more weight. – Elvis Presley

It’s not how much you have that makes people look up to you, it’s who you are. – Elvis Presley

I saw three shrimp in the water, two were old and gray. I swam a little closer, and I heard the third one say, good-bye Mama. – Elvis Presley

Since my baby left me, I’ve found a new place to dwell, down at the end of Lonely Street at Heartbreak Hotel. – Elvis Presley

Never wait for tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes? – Elvis Presley

On a cold and gray Chicago morning another little baby child is born in the ghetto, and his Mama cries. – Elvis Presley

I think I have something tonight that’s not quite correct for evening wear. Blue suede shoes. – Elvis Presley

You’ve got to follow that dream, wherever that dream may lead. – Elvis Presley

I don’t think I’m bad for people. If I did think I was bad for people, I would go back to driving a truck, and I really mean this. – Elvis Presley

Her little sister will tell you she doesn’t live here anymore. – Elvis Presley

The only exercise I get is on the stage. If I didn’t get that I’d get a little round around the tummy, as much as I eat. – Elvis Presley

Friends are people you can talk to… without words when you have to. – Elvis Presley

Before you abuse, criticize, and accuse walk a mile in my shoes. – Elvis Presley

The colored folks been singing it and playing it just like I’m doin’ now, man, for more years than I know. I got it from them. – Elvis Presley

Just because I managed to do a little something, I don’t want anyone back home to think I got the big head. – Elvis Presley

You’re just a natural beehive, filled with honey to the top. Well, I ain’t greedy baby, all I want is all you got. – Elvis Presley

I’m with a crowd but oh so alone. – Elvis Presley

The man who can sing when he hasn’t got a thing, he’s the king of the whole wide world. – Elvis Presley

It’s not just self-defense, it’s about…self control, body discipline, and mind discipline…and breath techniques. It involves yoga. It involves meditation. It’s an art, not a sport. – Elvis Presley

I just know that, right now, … the biggest record selling business there is is rock and roll. – Elvis Presley

I like Brando’s acting … and James Dean … and Richard Widmark. Quite a few of ’em I like. – Elvis Presley

Viva Las Vegas with your neon flashin’ and your one arm bandits crashin’ all those hopes down the drain. Viva Las Vegas turnin’ day into nighttime, turnin night into daytime. If you see it once, you’ll never be the same again. – Elvis Presley

I’ve spent a life time waiting for the right time, now that you’re near, the time is here at last. – Elvis Presley

How can you lose something you never had, I tell myself when I’m feeling sad. – Elvis Presley

Do something worth remembering. – Elvis Presley

Samson told Delilah loud and clear, keep your cotton picken fingers out of my hair. – Elvis Presley

The next thing I knew, I was out of the service and making movies again. My first picture was called, GI Blues. I thought I was still in the army. – Elvis Presley

They put me on television. And the whole thing broke loose. It was wild, I tell ya for sure. – Elvis Presley

I’d rather go on hearing your lies, than to go on living without you. – Elvis Presley

Maybe I didn’t treat you Quite as good as I should have Maybe I didn’t love you Quite as often as I could have Little things I should have said and done I just never took the time You were always on my mind You were always on my mind – Elvis Presley

Make me feel at home, if you really care, scratch my back and run your pretty fingers through my hair. – Elvis Presley

Everybody comes from the same source. If you hate another human being, you’re hating part of yourself. – Elvis Presley

She touched my hand what a chill I got, her lips are like a volcano that’s hot. – Elvis Presley

The closest I ever came to getting married was just before I started singing. In fact, my first record saved my neck. – Elvis Presley

You look like an angel, walk like an angel, talk like an angel. But I got wise, you’re the devil in disguise. – Elvis Presley

Man, that record came out and was real big in Memphis. They started playing it, and it got real big. Don’t know why-the lyrics had no meaning. – Elvis Presley

Where could I go but to the Lord? – Elvis Presley

Those people in New York are not gonna change me none. – Elvis Presley

Love is a thing you never can share. – Elvis Presley

Love had surely made us all and hate would surely make us fall. – Elvis Presley

I’m not kidding myself. My voice alone is just an ordinary voice. What people come to see is how I use it. If I stand still while I’m singing, I’m dead, man. I might as well go back to driving a truck. – Elvis Presley

I go for all the belles, except the wedding kind. – Elvis Presley

The child needs a helping hand or he’ll grow up to be an angry young man some day. – Elvis Presley

I sure lost my musical direction in Hollywood. My songs were the same conveyer belt mass production, just like most of my movies were. – Elvis Presley

If you let your head get too big, it’ll break your neck. – Elvis Presley

Your kisses lift me higher…like the sweet song of a choir. You light my morning sky, with burning love. – Elvis Presley

I’m trying to keep a level head. You have to be careful out in the world. It’s so easy to get turned. – Elvis Presley

More than anything else, I want the folks back at home to think right of me. – Elvis Presley

The image is one thing and the human being is another…it’s very hard to live up to an image. – Elvis Presley

I feel so alone sometimes. The night is quiet for me. I’d love to be able to sleep. I’ll probably not rest. I have no need for all this. Help me, Lord. – Elvis Presley

Don’t criticize what you can’t understand, son. You never walked in that’s man shoes. – Elvis Presley

If you wanna be loved, baby, you’ve got to love me, too. Oh yeah, cause I an’t for no one side love affair. – Elvis Presley

Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. Ain’t nowhere else in the world where you can go from driving a truck to cadillac overnight. – Elvis Presley

I learned how important it is to entertain people and give them a reason to come and watch you play. – Elvis Presley

We’re trapped in a world that’s troubled with pain. As long as a man has the strength to dream, he can redeem his soul and fly. – Elvis Presley

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind. Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine. – Elvis Presley

I did the Ed Sullivan show four times. I did the Steve Allen show. I did the Jackie Gleason show. – Elvis Presley

I’m so nervous. I’ve always been nervous, ever since I was a kid. – Elvis Presley

I get sometimes; I get lonesome right in the middle of a crowd. – Elvis Presley

I’ve never written a song in my life. It’s all a big hoax. – Elvis Presley

Don’t step on my blue suede shoes. – Elvis Presley

Don’t criticize that man unless you have walked in his shoes. – Elvis Presley

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away. – Elvis Presley

Rock and roll is a music, and why should a music contribute to … juvenile delinquency? If people are going to be juvenile delinquents, they’re going to be delinquents if they hear … Mother Goose rhymes. – Elvis Presley

People think you’re crazy if you talk about things they don’t understand. – Elvis Presley

I’ve been getting some bad publicity – but you got to expect that. – Elvis Presley

Ah just act the way ah feel. – Elvis Presley

Singers come and go, but if you’re a good actor, you can last a long time. – Elvis Presley

Adversity is sometimes hard upon a man; but for one man who can stand prosperity, there are a hundred that will stand adversity. – Elvis Presley

I ain’t no saint, but I’ve tried never to do anything that would hurt my family or offend God…I figure all any kid needs is hope and the feeling he or she belongs. If I could do or say anything that would give some kid that feeling, I would believe I had contributed something to the world. – Elvis Presley

When things go wrong, don’t go with them. – Elvis Presley

The first car I bought was the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen. It was secondhand, but I parked it outside of my hotel the day I got it. I sat up all night, just lookin’ at it. – Elvis Presley

I’m not trying to be sexy. It’s just my way of expressing myself when I move around. – Elvis Presley

I’ve never gotten over what they call stagefright. I go through it every show. I’m pretty concerned, I’m pretty much thinking about the show. I never get completely comfortable with it, and I don’t let the people around me get comfortable with it, in that I remind them that it’s a new crowd out there, it’s a new audience, and they haven’t seen us before. So it’s got to be like the first time we go on. – Elvis Presley

If you’re smart, you’ll think twice, when they start to sound off with advice. – Elvis Presley

We do two shows a night for five weeks. A lotta times we’ll go upstairs and sing until daylight – gospel songs. We grew up with it…It more or less puts your mind at ease. It does mine. – Elvis Presley

When I got outta High School I was driving a truck. I was just a poor boy from Memphis, Memphis. – Elvis Presley

Talent is being able to sell what you’re feeling. – Elvis Presley

Sharing money is what gives it its value. – Elvis Presley

Animals don’t hate, and we’re supposed to be better than them. – Elvis Presley

If you cry when you’re in love, it sure ain’t no disgrace. – Elvis Presley

When I was a child, I was a dreamer. I read comic books, and I was the hero of the comic book. I saw movies, and I was the hero in the movie. So, every dream I have ever dreamed has come true a thousand times. – Elvis Presley

I’ve had a pretty good lesson in human nature. It’s more important to try to surround yourself with people who can give you a little happiness, because you only pass through this life once, Jack. You don’t come back for an encore. – Elvis Presley

When you get down to the nitty gritty, isn’t it a pity that in this big city not one little bitty man will admit that he could have been a little wrong. – Elvis Presley

Until we meet again, may God bless you as he has blessed me. – Elvis Presley

A hardheaded woman, a soft hearted man, been the cause of trouble ever since the world began. – Elvis Presley

My fans want my shirt. They can have my shirt. They put it on my back. – Elvis Presley

Live each day, as if it we’re your last. It’s written in the stars; your destiny is cast. – Elvis Presley

I’m so lucky to be in the position to give. It’s really a gift to give. – Elvis Presley

The first time that I appeared on stage, it scared me to death. I really didn’t know what all the yelling was about. I didn’t realize that my body was moving. It’s a natural thing to me. So, to the manager backstage I said, What’d I do? What’d I do? And he said, whatever it is, go back and do it again. – Elvis Presley

Gospel music is the purest thing there is on this earth. – Elvis Presley

There are too many people that depend on me. I’m too obligated. I’m in too far to get out. – Elvis Presley

I wouldn’t call girls a hobby. It’s a pastime. – Elvis Presley

I have no use for bodyguards, but I have very specific use for two highly trained certified public accountants. – Elvis Presley

A lot of people seem to think I started this business. But rock ‘n’ roll was here a long time before I came along. Nobody can sing that kind of music like colored people. Let’s face it: I can’t sing like Fats Domino can. I know that. – Elvis Presley

When I was a child, ladies and gentlemen, I was a dreamer. I read comic books, and I was the hero of the comic book. I saw movies, and I was the hero in the movie. So every dream I ever dreamed, has come true a hundred times… I learned very early in life that Without a song, the day would never end; without a song, a man ain’t got a friend; without a song, the road would never bend – without a song. So I keep singing a song. Goodnight. Thank you. – Elvis Presley

Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do – Elvis Presley

I was almost always true to you. – Elvis Presley

Envy someone an’ it pulls you down. Admire them and it builds you up. Which makes more sense? – Elvis Presley

Ma’am, I’m not tryin’ to be sexy. Ah didn’t have any clear idea of trying to sell sex. It’s just my way of expressin’ how I feel when I move around. It’s all leg movement. I don’t do nothin’ with my body. – Elvis Presley

I feel my temperature rising. Help me, I’m flaming, I must be a hundred and nine. – Elvis Presley

Once I catch you and the kissing starts, a team of wild horses couldn’t tear us apart. – Elvis Presley

All the stars will tell the story, of our love and all its glory. Let us make this night of magic and make it a night of love. – Elvis Presley

I look at you and wham, I’m head over heals. I guess that love is like a banana peel. – Elvis Presley

If one can’t give what they have and share, then they will always be empty – Elvis Presley

I never expected to be anybody important. – Elvis Presley

I don’t like people who are in politics for themselves and not for others. You want that, you can go into show business. – Elvis Presley

The walls have ears, better think before you throw that shoe. – Elvis Presley

When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in comic books and in movies. I grew up believing this dream. – Elvis Presley

Music should be something that makes you gotta move, inside or outside. – Elvis Presley

Since I was two years old, all I knew was gospel music. That music became such a part of my life it was as natural as dancing. A way to escape from the problems. And my way of release. – Elvis Presley

Too much TV hurts movies. – Elvis Presley

I’m lonely like Adam and you’re evil like Eve. – Elvis Presley

To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave. – Elvis Presley

I was training to be an electrician. I suppose I got wired the wrong way round somewhere along the line. – Elvis Presley

I like to sing ballads the way Eddie Fisher does, and the way Perry Como does. But the way I’m singing now is what makes the money. – Elvis Presley

Computers may outthink us one day, but as long as people got feelings, we’ll be better than they are. – Elvis Presley

From the time I was a kid, I always knew something was going to happen to me. Didn’t know exactly what. – Elvis Presley

NUTHIN’ more fun than Rock n’ Roll! – Elvis Presley

I don’t want to be a tiger; tigers play too rough. I don’t want to be a lion, cause lions ain’t the kind you love up. – Elvis Presley

Money honey, if you want to get along with me. – Elvis Presley

When your intelligence doesn’t tell you something ain’t right, your conscience gives you a tap you on the shoulder and says ‘Hold on’. If it doesn’t, you’re a snake. – Elvis Presley

Tomorrow will be too late, it’s now or never. – Elvis Presley

People ask me where I got my singing style. I didn’t copy my style from anybody. – Elvis Presley

In this day and time, you can’t even get sick; you are strung-out! Well by God, I’ll tell you something, friend: I have never been strung-out in my life, except on music! – Elvis Presley

A little less fight and a little more spark, close your mouth and open your heart. – Elvis Presley

Somebody does somethin’ stupid, that’s human. They don’t stop when they see it’s wrong, that’s a fool. – Elvis Presley

Everything is so dreamy when you are young. After you grow up it kind of becomes — just real. – Elvis Presley

Do what’s right for you, so long as it doesn’t hurt no one. – Elvis Presley

Life has taught me one big lesson, always keep the girlies guessing. – Elvis Presley

I wore glasses, no music, and I won – I think it was – fifth place. I got a whipping the same day. My mother whipped me for something. Destroyed my ego completely. – Elvis Presley

Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do ’em all together, I guess. – Elvis Presley

The road to love is full of danger signs. – Elvis Presley

I learned very early in life that: ‘Without a song, the day would never end; without a friend, a man ain’t got a friend; without a song, the road would never bend-without a song.’ So, I keep singing a song. – Elvis Presley

My philosophy of life is simple: I need someone to love, something to wait and do something. – Elvis Presley

That’s why I hate to get started in these jam sessions. I’m always the last one to leave. – Elvis Presley

Happiness is knowin’ you’ve done a good job, whether it’s professional or for another person. – Elvis Presley

I love only one girl, one in every town. – Elvis Presley

There’s no job too immense, when you got confidence. – Elvis Presley

I like entertaining people. I really miss it. – Elvis Presley

Fame and fortune, how empty they can be. – Elvis Presley

Whatever it is, go back and do it again. – Elvis Presley