Who are you to judge someone else?


“None knows the weight of another’s burden.”

George Herbert


You can’t understand the burden of someone else because you’re not that person.


Don’t fall for the illusion of being like any one. We’re all totally different.


Stop thinking that you are separate from those around you. When you help someone else, you help yourself.


Don’t judge, because you end up doing it to yourself.


“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

Wayne Dyer


You can’t understand how others are feeling, because we all perceive our experience differently. But you can try to understand how others feel. You can build empathy for others and be there to support them as much as you can.


Try to listen to others. No judgment. No comment. Just listen and give some word of support as they are needed. It will help others and yourself too. As you listen to others, you’re bringing that beautiful energy of empathy into your own life.

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