Empty Works? – All In

Have you ever tried to move a car that was empty of gas? Throw it in neutral and push. You may be able to get it far if the road is flat, really far if it is downhill but there is no way you would get uphill. Trying to get close to God through works is like going uphill. We don’t have what is required. To have an all in effective relationship with God we need to fill our tanks with prayer and faith.
“Just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works.”
James 2:26 NLT
Faith comes first. Good deeds come as a result of faith. Because of the gift of God, life, we want to share that with others. When we fill our tanks with his love and prayer, works of kindness and over will come naturally, a desire of our hearts. There will be those who ask why then do people who haven’t accepted God’s love and forgiveness do good works? There are many who are compassionate outside his love. Some are trying to ‘win’ God’s approval, others man’s, still others are trying to make sense of why they are here on this earth, and others feel so guilty for things they have done they are working to ‘right’ their wrongs.
All these good works are great, but none will lead get them heaven or a relationship with him. Jesus told us the only way to the Father is through him. This is tough for people to comprehend because they are “good” people in their eyes. They don’t see that all they are doing is whitewashing their sin but the paint they use never stick never lasts, sin bleeds through. They have convinced themselves and others that their life is okay and there is nothing else needed to make it better. This arrogance for lack of a better term is spreading and untold numbers are missing out on a future with a God who loves them.
What are we doing to express our faith to the world? Are the works you do flowing from the love Jesus has placed in your heart and your relationship with God? Or are you still stuck in the belief that the good works you do atone for your sin? Take some time today to ask yourself these questions. Pray and work with the Holy Spirit to assess your works. You don’t need to do good works to please God. We do good things because if what he has done for us. That’s living an all in relationship.
So, have you accepted Jesus as your saviour? Have faith in his everlasting promise of life? Then are you doing good works? If not then you need to find a church that will use you. Ask them how God can use you in the church. You are important and play a special role in reaching lost people. Be an effective Christian. Being a Christian isn’t only about accepting Christ, it is about changing your life and moving toward in a relationship with him. Repentance is about doing a 180 degree turn and leaving the areas that will bring you back into sin. And one sure fire way to keep on track is getting involved in kingdom work.
Father, if any readers aren’t active in kingdom work I pray today that you will put a burning passion in their heart to get involved. Show them an area where they can be used, however it may be. Bring them in to not only strengthen their faith but to provide them with the joy of service. We know there is no retired or reserve Christians. We are all to be active in reaching the lost. Holy Spirit encourage us daily to be working towards this goal. For those who may not know you and have been trying to do good works to get closer to you, I pray today that they give their lives to you, accepting the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and begin a fulfilling all in relationship with you. Amen