32+ Best Eric Heitmann Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Eric Heitmann is a former center. Heitmann was drafted by the 49ers in the 7th round (239th overall) of the 2002 NFL Draft. Inspirational Eric Heitmann quotes about life and success that will help boost your confidence.

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Most Famous Eric Heitmann Quotes

On whether the quarterbacks did anything to help make his decision on a starter

While Heitmann hasn’t been visible at training camp, the ninth year pro is doing a lot behind the scenes these days to help prepare an offensive line featuring a pair of first round rookies and David Baas filling in at his spot snapping the ball to quarterback Alex Smith.

We’ll review film tomorrow and we’ll talk about it then, see how far we are from making that decision.

Heitmann, using crutches and wearing a walking boot over his lower left leg, isn’t ready to guess exactly when he will return. Speaking formally Wednesday for the first time since the injury, the 30 year old Heitmann insisted he’s doing all he can to be back within the six  to eight week window that he’s expected to need to heal.

At that particular time, we felt comfortable that he had taken the number of plays that he needed to take.

You always kind of want to give yourself dates to shoot for. This is a different injury than what I’ve experienced before, Heitmann said after watching one of the Niners’ most spirited practices yet this camp. Just know that I’m doing everything I can to ensure that I’m back as soon as possible.

Once again, I really have to look at it again. It was a deflected ball, so it’s one of those things, you have to look at the film.

With a broken bone, it just takes time to heal  so there’s not a lot he can do from a football standpoint yet. He’s taking calcium pills to try to speed up the process. He’s not sure how long he will need the boot and crutches, key stabilizers and protection while the bone is repairing itself.

It shows that he’s not afraid. I’m glad he stepped up. But, at the same time, I’m not going to be glad that he stepped up and hit the guy. Something like that, you just have to be careful. I’m excited to look at the film. We just have to see what’s there.

Replacing someone as essential as the guy who snaps the ball to the quarterback is a tough task. Baas hasn’t played center regularly since his senior season at Michigan but played one game there at the end of the ’06 campaign in Heitmann’s place.

Coming into the game, he knew what he had to do, as well as Shaun. When I look at the situation right now, it’s just a matter of the coaches and myself taking a step back and saying, ‘okay, what do you do?’ and look at the film. Anything he did well that he could have, or didn’t execute when he should have, he and Shaun, it’s just a matter of coming down to a decision between now and next week.

Heitmann is trying to help in any way to make the transition that much smoother. He even takes notes for his teammates on what they’re doing.

The only thing I can tell you is that the Adam Snyder injury is something we have to either get an MRI, or X ray, or maybe not even that. Maybe we just have to see how he is in the morning. We won’t know that until tomorrow.

There’s a lot I can do. I’m definitely very active in all the film sessions, Heitmann said. I’m trying to do everything I can right now to help the young guys, seeing blitzes, seeing the field, helping with the calls, anything I can do to mentor and help this team right now is exactly what I want to do.

My thought on that is this is football, and I don’t care if it’s offseason, in season, whatever. It’s football. You choose this as your job, what you have to do for a living, you’re going to get hurt. It’s as simple as that.

I wanted to see everyone do more in the time they were in. I guess the biggest thing is, once again, you just have to look at the film and see where he’s at. I have to look at the film.

Davis didn’t get to participate in a practice that featured plenty of back and  forth fun between the offense and defense, though the regular trash talker likely hollered a few words from the sideline to get in on the action.

I don’t know. I don’t really want to get into that. We just have to sit down and take our time, evaluate, and look at a number of things.

I want to be out there bad, Davis said. I’m ready.

Frank Gore is, in my opinion, one of the top five backs in the league. Frank’s going to run the ball. We’re going to get the ball to Frank. Coffee, we’re very thankful that we have him, but he’s going to serve the same purpose that we brought him here for. There’s going to be times when Frank needs a rest, and that’s when Coffee will have a chance to play.

So is Raye  to see his team intact at last.

It’s a number of things. It’s the preseason and we do want to establish the running game. We want to get our offensive line to continue to get the confidence they need. We want our running backs, particularly Coffee, to understand the various angles that he has to get the ball. Those are some of the things we really wanted to see in this game.

The continuity we have to have, we still haven’t had that, Raye said. We haven’t gotten that all together yet.

We sit down as a staff and we go through and decide what is the value of seeing Frank Gore. We’ve had a chance to see Frank Gore earlier this offseason and have had a chance to see him in two a days. We know exactly who he is, exactly what he’s going to be. So, you just look at the value and what you’re going to gain from it, not a whole lot. You look at the kid Coffee and you give him a chance to play. You really want him to be able to come to the game and be familiar with the play, be familiar with the offensive line, what angle he can hit that hole. It looks as though you give a guy a ball and say, go get it. But, there’s a lot more that goes into it than that. He makes a cut here, he goes 50 yards. He makes another cut, he gets the crap knocked out of him. That’s kind of the way it goes and those are the things he has to learn.

Davis didn’t get to participate in a practice that featured plenty of back and forth fun between the offense and defense, though the regular trash talker likely hollered a few words from the sideline to get in on the action.

No, we just did not execute the defense properly. We should have done a better job, but we got hugged up a little bit at the defense. We just have to do a better job of getting back on the zone.

The 49ers still haven’t had their regular offense together yet, something Raye sure would like to see soon. Running back Frank Gore is expected to play for the first time this preseason Saturday night against the Oakland Raiders and second year receiver Michael Crabtree could get his first action after missing time with a strained neck.

I saw a young kid trying to figure out how to play the game and trying to adjust to the speed of the game. But, he’s a kid that has some talent and he can make plays.

It will get better. I’m very confident of that. When I’m talking about pass rush, I’m talking about getting the quarterback really uncomfortable, and I just don’t think that we’ve gotten to that point yet.

I think our offensive line, both the first group and the second group, really did a good job executing. They came out, and we talked about before the game started, about the physicality that we wanted to be able to bring. They did that. I’m excited about that. I’m excited for them and think they’re going to continue to gel and continue to get better.