Essential tips to improve work-life balance when you work at home

The great benefit of home-based job is the fact that you’re working from your own home, while the main downside is also the fact that you’re working from your own home.

Many people who haven’t experienced this would probably find it hard to understand. But separating yourself from the noise and fun pastimes that are just couple of steps away from you is really hard. Not to mention that you have to work in the same environment, every day.

If you want to straighten up your life and make it more organized, there are some tips that can help you – but only if you’re ready to put some effort into these changes.

Dress for work

Working in your slippers and pajamas might sound like a dream come true for some people and it probably was pretty fun in the beginning.

But, as time goes by, the sloppiness of your own appearance can take its toll on your work performance and concentration as well.

Therefore, don’t be too comfortable in the mornings. While you don’t have to put on some fancy professional clothes, you should still get changed from your sleep wear.

Clean home office

It’s essential to establish a space at your home that is going to be your working area. It doesn’t have to be big, or even a separate room.

Actually, a corner with the desk and other essentials may be all you really need, but the important thing is that this space is mess-free and organized. Therefore, always try to keep your working area clean, with the necessary stuff at your immediate reach.

Get rid of the clutter and decorate your home office in a way that would be most comfortable and efficient for you.

Set working hours

This part is crucial if you want to introduce some structure into your daily life when it comes to both your work and free time.

If you clearly decide what your working hours are, it will be a lot easier to find the time for everything, finish all tasks in time, have fun with your family and friends and so on.

If people don’t take you seriously because they know you work from home and at the same time you’re easily persuaded to shift your working hours for someone else, make sure to announce your new set working hours to everyone. If necessary, use a new job’s policy as an excuse.

However, this won’t work if you yourself aren’t prepared to follow through on the plan.

Move your body

Home-based jobs are usually desk jobs that involve a lot of sitting. Some studies have shown that sitting is the new smoking.

That being the case, you should plan out what time after or before work you’re going to use for an effective workout. If you don’t have the time or energy to go to the gym, get yourself a few pieces of commercial gym equipment and start sweating in the comfort of your home, even if it’s for a little while.

Moreover, regular exercise releases toxins from the body, makes you more energized and happy as well as improve brain function, memory and concentration skills.

Go outside

If you successfully follow your newly set working hours, you’ll be able to get yourself some free time. Use this time to enjoy the company of your family and friends or to simply unwind.

Still, whatever you decide to do, try to urge yourself to spend more of that time outdoors. By working from home, you can find yourself shut in with days passing without you even taking a step outside. This is not only bad for human body but for the mind as well.

Therefore, take this opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and different surroundings.

If you feel that structure and organization are missing from your life, that you never seem to relax and always fail to do everything you wanted to, make a good use of the above-mentioned tips and create a plan that you’ll be able to stick to.

Some inspirational post-it notes that remind you of your duties and tasks would be a good start until you make this new plan a habit.

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