101+ Best Execution Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Execution is the legal punishment of killing someone. Profoundly inspirational execution quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Execution Quotes

Experience has taught us that men will not adopt and carry into execution measures the best calculated for their own good without the intervention of a coercive power — Washington

Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. — Adams

Over the past few years we have made solid progress in the execution of our strategy. — Claflin

Our dealers were telling us, ‘We can sell a luxury truck, you just have to work on your execution,’ … We went back to the customers to research it further, and it turned out the dealers were spot on. — Fitzpatrick

One hour in the execution of justice is worth seventy years of prayer. — Proverb

financed special research institutes investigating lethal gases and methods of execution. — Eichmann

New Jersey has stopped all executions. Four stays of execution have been granted on this issue in various states. The US supreme court has taken a case related to this issue. — Dieter

We’re always prepared, whether mentally or physically. It’s just a question of execution. And I think they’re still cautiously optimistic. My hope and dream is for them to become arrogant in the next five, six weeks. — Corso

The execution of the laws is more important than the making them — Jefferson

Solid execution drove another outstanding quarter of double-digit growth, … These [third-quarter] results reflect the overall strength of our business which, when combined with our pending acquisition of Macromedia, will position us for even greater success in the future. — Chizen

I think that should set up a very positive picture for the December quarter, subject to execution. — Chu

The fact that the USA, which was the world’s main perpetrator for the execution of juvenile offenders, has now ended the practice should be a clear message to those remaining countries that execute children that this barbaric practice must stop. — Khan

His approach was better and his execution was better. I thought his stuff was good. I kept seeing those radar gun readings and I don’t think they were accurate. — Duncan

Every tenth of a point is important. It’s going to take good form, having perfect execution, amplitude, striking the landings. Every detail matters. — Turnbow

We continue to focus on execution and operational improvements, as we see signs of recovery in our markets, — Kennedy

The reason we win games is not typical of a top 5 team. ‘We’re winning on execution and heart and guts and playing smart. — Few

I feel like Fortier was just as instrumental in my daughter’s execution as Terry Nichols and Tim McVeigh. — Kight

It’s our ball and anything but that. It was a combination of execution. One guy not coming hard enough to the ball and another guy not putting enough zip on the pass or reading that he wasn’t open. — Mihalich

The fundamental qualities for good execution of a plan is first; intelligence; then discernment and judgment, which enable one to recognize the best method as to attain it; the singleness of purpose; and, lastly, what is most essential of all, will-stubborn will. — Foch

We’ve got a stay of execution. — Graham

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The second quarter marked the continued successful execution of our strategic plan. Revenues were up 40% as we saw growth in virtually all of our business segments. We completed the production and final delivery of Season 3 during the quarter, and continued to grow our international television and product license businesses. The success of the show in the US, combined with strong ratings in international markets enabled us to broaden distribution into 116 territories around the globe. Further, we are moving forward with the Professional Poker Tour(TM) (PPT), and are close to signing a licensing agreement for it. Finally, we are pleased with the initial launch of WPT online. — Lipscomb

It’s not good. It has not been good at all, … The penalties have hurt us and our lack of execution hasn’t been nearly what it was a year ago. We have to get that thing going. — Gruden

Although it’s not easy for anyone, LSI has clearly underperformed. It comes down to a lack of focus and execution. — Edelstone

I thought we had a quality, quality game tonight. Guys played to win down the stretch ? except execution and closing out games, on both ends of the floor. — Casey

While we fully expect continued strength in our operations going forward, course correcting adaptations are vital to the execution of a focused agenda, — Diller

The key will be our composure and execution. We’ll be one of the better ball-handling teams (Mukwonago) will face all year. — Peperkorn

Freddie Mac’s new LIHTC Mod Rehab execution has several features that are important to our lender customers, including a less costly and more efficient execution with no interim financing. Freddie Mac is focused on delivering creative, flexible financing structures that meet our customer’s business needs, and to ensure that more properties for low-moderate income individuals get the financing they need. — May

Our execution in the second half was suspect in a couple areas. — James

We had a lot of young guys play tonight and our execution wasn’t that good. It’s tough when you start off by giving up 14 points. — Taylor

You don’t beat people with surprises, but with execution. — McKay

It’s not just playing really hard and really good tempo. Now it’s playing smart with execution. — Marinelli

It’s a gutsy play, but it’s all about execution. — Gruber

We believe there is upside to our estimates due to strong execution, overall strength in the devices segment and a relatively strong holiday selling season. — Cabi

In the execution of Presidential decisions work to be true to his views, in fact and tone. — Rumsfeld

But with that comes timing and execution. With three or four weeks, it just isn’t ample time to get the timing down. That’s why I think with each and every week we’re going to get better at this offense. — Miller

We’ve got some good running backs as well. It’s going to come down to execution. — Hagans

I was pleased with our execution. Guys went out there and carried out their assignments the way they’re supposed to. — Lewis

We’d like to keep their offense off the field. Our execution on offense is a key because they have good skilled players and they can break it at any time. — Davis

Virginia is now pursuing an execution schedule that leaves less time for argument and for court consideration than the court’s rules provide for ordinary cases. — Breyer

It’s just simple execution. Cut hard, screen hard and pass good. It’s not something we’ve never worked on before. — Mihalich

Going for the fake punt showed a lot of guts and great execution. You’ve got to give them credit. — Richt

Q1 was a solid quarter for Cisco, with balanced execution across most of our geographies, market segments and product categories, … We are especially pleased with the improving business momentum in the U.S. and Asia Pacific, the strength of our product families and the accelerated growth of the commercial marketplace, which has become our fastest growing customer segment. — Chambers

There was absolutely no execution, — Vitter

We have to get the kind of execution at quarterback that will give it to them. — Saban

Being recognized as a technology leader in Supply Chain Execution, particularly by end users, illustrates the value of warehouse management to a company’s overall success. We are proud to be named to this list. — Lewis

I wasn’t thinking anything about revenge coming into this game. What enabled us to win was the execution of our game plan. — Quinn

There is a date set for October 19. They will be tried for the execution of 143 citizens. — Kubba

I think they know I’m upset because I think they know how much I want execution. It’s always disappointing when you don’t execute. — Barnes

Q1 was a solid quarter for Cisco, with balanced execution across most of our geographies, market segments and product categories. — Chambers

This was probably our best game of the year, the ball movement, balanced scoring and execution on offense and our effort defensively. — Meyer

They were able to execute a little bit better down the stretch. We made just a couple of execution mistakes that possibly could have given ourselves some better looks. Our timing was off a little and I don’t know if that’s youth or just lack of experience being in the NCAA tournament. — DeMoss

Our execution looked flawless. I don’t know how good they are, but they appeared on paper like they were real good. They did control the ball pretty well. We only had four plays the entire second half, and that’s kind of frustrating. — Dowling

The premium valuation is warranted in our view given the consistently high level of execution, the expansion into other revenue-driving channels such as entertainment and food … and the improvement in both U.S. and international profitability. — Miller

Q1 was a solid quarter for Cisco, with balanced execution across most of our geographies, market segments and product categories, — Chambers

I think some of the execution isn’t there. We’re looking for too much and making things more difficult. — Rafalski

See, execution is everything, — Keenan

There’s an execution risk here. — Smith

Our focus coming in was execution on both the offensive and defensive ends. I’m very happy with our kids and how they played. This game helps us understand the level of basketball we need to play at this point in the season. — Williams

Our execution was really, really good, especially in the second half. We only took three bad shots the whole game. We really played unselfish. — Turgeon

Everybody is an option. It’s going to come down to good, solid execution. You’ve got to knock somebody off the ball when they pretty much know you’re running it. That’s what makes the game great. — Gruden

A speech from Ernest Bevin on a major occasion had all the horrific fascination of a public execution. If the mind was left immune, eyes and ears and emotions were riveted. — Foot

I feel like Fortier was just as instrumental in my daughter’s execution as Terry Nichols and Tim McVeigh, — Kight

I think our execution really stepped up in the second half. We started making harder cuts and really concentrating on running our plays correctly. That was probably the key to the ball movement and better shots. — Strickland

Offensively, we struggled with our execution. — Demboski

Our execution and passing wasn’t very good. We had a couple of guys on a couple of shifts who couldn’t handle the puck, and it disrupted the whole power play. — Ruff

We had no execution in the fourth and that really hurt us. That’s a championship team, and they played like it. — Redd

Led by robust analog and wireless sales, we had an outstanding quarter. Focus on execution drove our gross margins to 51 percent, up from 48 percent in the previous quarter. — Halla

We’re very pleased that Mark is joining Fairchild’s management team. His strong financial acumen will significantly contribute to the execution of our strategy. We had a strong finish to 2005 and enter 2006 with great momentum, focused on improving our gross margins and increasing the mix of higher-value new products. This is an exciting time for Fairchild, and we look forward to Mark’s contributions as we continue to improve the quality of our business and drive stronger financial results. — Thompson

Our execution was good. We worked really hard this week. Not knowing who you were going to play really helped us because we worked on us, and I think it showed today in our execution. — Turgeon

Execution and fundamentals are the key to winning games, and we did it down the stretch. It’s a good win and it will be a good bus ride home. — Wine

The first seven minutes was as poorly as I’ve seen us play in a while. Our execution, our passing . . . we weren’t crisp. We weren’t alert. We deserved what we got. — Ruff

We played them pretty even for most of the game. But our execution was not very good. — Ruff

Even down 10, we had opportunities. Turnovers and poor execution on offense got us tonight. — Floetke

When the law of averages goes against us, I don’t like the law. I think it was just poor execution on our parts. Maybe it was just Florida State’s time. — Coker

We know what we’re supposed to be doing and you don’t magically come up with a new plan. It’s execution. At the end of the day, either your goalie stands on his head or you had better execution, and I think we had better execution. — Brind’Amour

It came down to a few plays of execution. We were able to execute. It’s not a situation where they failed. We just executed well. — Byrd

Broad-based demand and solid execution across all our businesses drove outstanding results for the quarter. Overall corporate IT spending continued to improve and we expect to see healthy demand through the end of our fiscal year. — Connors

We are clearly pleased with the strength of execution in the second quarter, as evidenced by the solid growth in revenue across our server lines, especially our HP ProLiant and Integrity server businesses, — Hudson

I’m not happy with our sales figures, I’m not happy with our execution delays, I’m not happy with our killed projects. — Gelsinger

Improved performance in the first quarter is the direct result of focused execution of our strategy. Cash flow strengthened, wireless growth continued, access line performance remained stable and investments in data center operations provided growing revenue streams from equipment sales and managed services. — Ross

It significantly reduces site acquisition and base station construction costs and substantially decreases the execution risks associated with the deployment of our launch network, — Russell

We have strong momentum in all our businesses as the benefits from continued execution in our consumer businesses were accompanied this quarter by a rebound in trading and good performance in investment banking and wealth management. — Lewis

We have to execute better on the road if we are going to win. You can get away without execution at home sometimes, but that can’t happen on the road. — Schmidt

We are committed to continued expense management and strategies to improve productivity in 2006. Execution in these two important areas should contribute to the achievement of our goal of improving operating margins by 50 to 150 basis points for the year. — Hughes

We need to focus on execution, no falls. — Shephard

What you will see is very original in execution, but very Ford at its heart. It starts to fulfill the promise we made in January, as part of our Way Forward plan, to think like our customers and see the world through their eyes. — Fields

But our execution still needs a lot of work. We still have too many drops in our concentration level. — Houston

That was a well-played first half by both teams. There was a lot of good offense and good execution. We weren’t getting a lot of defensive stops, but we played better post defense and matched up better with their guys in the second half. — Roffler

Half-court execution is something we’ve worked on. We still look to run, but as you get deeper into the MAAC, you have to score in the half-court. — Logan

A lot of it is having no practice time. Our offense is not good – our timing, our execution of things. We haven’t had time to practice. Teams scout and adjust and take away some plays. We haven’t been able to add counters. — Weber

I was very happy at that time because I had had a few minutes after the execution to really see what I felt inside. And I felt like the 14 years that she’s been down here has done me no justice. — Barker

Playing very well against Richmond and continuing on against GW and our execution, it shows that we’re getting better. — Dacko

They will be tried for the execution of 143 citizens. — Kubba

Their execution down the stretch was the key. They advanced the ball quicker up the court than what we’re normally used to. — Cheeks

A true remote execution has a tiny footprint and won’t need much of a system. — Tarter

With solid execution moving ahead, I can’t think of any reason that we shouldn’t be back on track. — Weitzen

That’s execution. You want to take it from the practice field to the game. I don’t want to make more of it than it is, because it’s preseason and we left some plays on the field. But that was a decent start for us, something we can build on. — Muhammad

We really had worked hard this week on getting ready and the kids really came through with the execution of our zone and made them go man to man. I thought both teams had fought really, really hard. — Pirtle

We’ve had great execution in the last two games; we won one and lost another. These types of one-possession games come in waves. The way our team is set up, we have players that can make plays. — Carlisle

In counsel it is good to see dangers; but in execution not to see them unless they be very great — Bacon

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