Feeling Down? Here Are Some Cute Animals To Help You Feel Better!

Hello, lovely world of BayArt! It’s me, Queertastic, and I’ve had a not so great day today. But after the crying and frustration and tiredness, I decided enough was enough- I had to go look at some cute animals and get over it. Then it occurred to me that the only thing better than looking at cute animals is sharing cute animals! So, come with me, and we can brighten up together <3

This warm happy sleepy kitten will show you happiness still exists

just loOK AT IT. It’s the purest thing ever! It’s a wonderful, sleepy, happy kitten, and you too can aspire to be this happy and carefree once everything blows over.

Look at this pure, unadulterated happiness, isn’t it contagious?

#FriendshipGoals. I know that dog would protect the little kid with its life, and it makes me want to happy cry.

This precious little guy just wants everyone to be happy

look at him, he clearly wants everyone to have fun. Why can’t we just elect him president?

This is a Loris, eating a banana. Precious.

The world can’t be all that bad when this pure creature exists, right?

These bunnies are just cups of absolute sunshine

Look at this happy , fluffy seal!

absolutely precious.

This little fluffball will instantly make you smile 

too much cuteness in one photo, I just can’t

Here’s some kittens that are sleepy, happy, and ready to give you a hug!

gosh they are all so pure I just want to protect them and keep them warm and happy and ahhh you guys, just ahh.

Hopefully, these animals made you feel a little less grumpy! I know that the hunt for GIFs to use on this post was something the really did brighten my day, best “research” ever. Who knows, maybe a part two is in order, because a little bit of sunshine is always nice. Till next time, Queertastic is out. Take care of yourselves and stay awesome, BayArt <3


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