65+ Best Feeling Lonely Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Lonely is unhappy because you are not with other people. Profoundly inspirational feeling lonely quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

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Famous Feeling Lonely Quotes

I’m fascinated with myself and love hearing the sound of my own voice. I’d like to hear what I have to say. A lot of people don’t like being alone because they truly don’t like themselves but I love me. Gene Simmons

Loneliness is such an omnipotent and painful threat to many persons that they have little conception of the positive values of solitude and even, at times, are frightened at the prospect of being alone. Rollo May

My inspirations are the woman, friendship, and loneliness. Enrique Iglesias

We live in such a lonely world because most days we wake up and decide to marry no one but ourselves. Christopher Poindexter

Tore up my heart and shut it down. Nothing to do, nowhere to be. A simple little kind of free. Nothing to do, no one but me, and that’s all I need. I’m perfectly lonely. John Mayer

If you learn to really sit with loneliness and embrace it for the gift that it is an opportunity to get to know you, to learn how strong you really are, to depend on no one but you for your happiness you will realize that a little loneliness goes a long way in creating a richer, deeper, more vibrant and colorful you. Mandy Hale

If you are alone, you belong entirely to yourself. If you are accompanied by even one companion, you belong only half to yourself or even less in proportion to the thoughtlessness of his conduct, and if you have more than one companion, you will fall more deeply into the same plight. Leonardo da Vinci

Loneliness might be taking you towards an otherwise unreachable experience of reality. Olivia Laing

All men’s misfortunes spring from their hatred of being alone. Jean de La Bruyère

Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.  Jodi Picoult

You’re only lonely if you’re not there for you. Phil McGraw

Coming home from very lonely places, all of us go a little mad whether from great personal success, or just an all night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen. John Le Carre

To live alone is the fate of all great souls.  Arthur Schopenhauer

Loneliness isn’t about being by yourself. That’s fine, right and good, desirable in many ways. Loneliness is about finding a landing place, or not, and knowing that, whatever you do, you can go back there. The opposite of loneliness isn’t company, it is return. A place to return. Jeanette Winterson

It is far better to be alone than to be in bad company. George Washington

I was lonely. I felt it deeply and permanently, that this state of being on my own might never disappear. But I welcomed the loneliness, which had everything to do with being anonymous. It’s never loneliness that nibbles away at a person’s insides, but not having room inside themselves to be comfortably alone. Rachel Sontag

I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone. Rainer Maria Rilke

Pretending to be happy when you’re alone is an example of how strong you are as a person. Take care of your thoughts when you’re alone. And take care of your words when you’re with people. We are all so much together but we are all dying of loneliness. Albert Schweitzer

If you go deeper and deeper into your own heart, you’ll be living in a world with less fear, isolation and loneliness. Sharon Salzberg

When we cannot bear to be alone, it means we do not properly value the only companion we will have from birth to death ourselves. Eda J. LeShan

The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone. Mitch Albom

The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone that is the secret of invention be alone, that is when ideas are born. Nikola Tesla

Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact. Martha Beck

alent is nurtured in solitude A creation of importance can only be produced when its author isolates himself, it is a child of solitude. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It’s weird to feel like you miss someone you’re not even sure you know. David Foster Wallace

To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions. Deepak Chopra

When we cannot bear to be alone, it means we do not properly value the only companion we will have from birth to death ourselves. LeShan

Solitude is strength; to depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness. The man who needs a mob to nerve him is much more alone than he imagines. Paul Brunton

The loneliness you feel with another person, the wrong person, is the loneliest of all. Deb Caletti

We live in a very tense society. We are pulled apart and we all need to learn how to pull ourselves together. I think that at least part of the answer lies in solitude. Helen Hayes

When everything is lonely I can be my best friend. Conor Oberst

I will fill myself with the desert and the sky. I will be stone and stars, unchanging and strong and safe. The desert is complete it is spare and alone, but perfect in its solitude. I will be the desert. Kiersten White

My loneliness was born when men praised my talkative faults and blamed my silent virtues. Khalil Gibran

Not everyone knows how to be alone with others, how to share solitude. We have to help each other to understand how to be in our solitude, so that we can relate to each other without grabbing on to each other. We can be interdependent but not dependent. Loneliness is rejected despondency. Solitude is shared interdependence. David Spangler

Dreams have only one owner at a time. That’s why dreamers are lonely. Erma Bombeck

When I get lonely these days, I think So Be lonely, Liz. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings. Elizabeth Gilbert

I had been alone more than I could have been had I gone by myself. Sylvia Plath

Loneliness is the human condition. Cultivate it. The way it tunnels into you allows your soul room to grow. Never expect to outgrow loneliness. Never hope to find people who will understand you, someone to fill that space. An intelligent, sensitive person is the exception, the very great exception. If you expect to find people who will understand you, you will grow murderous with disappointment. The best you’ll ever do is to understand yourself, know what it is that you want, and not let the cattle stand in your way. Janet Fitch

I am lonely, sometimes, but I dare say it’s good for me. Louisa May Alcott

he best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be. Anne Frank

The worst thing about loneliness is that it brings one face to face with oneself. Mary Balogh

Yet it is in this loneliness that the deepest activities begin. It is here that you discover act without motion, labor that is profound repose, vision in obscurity, and, beyond all desire, a fulfillment whose limits extend to infinity. Thomas Merton

You’ll end up living a lonely life if you’re waiting around for perfect. Samantha Young

We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly – spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order. Susan L. Taylor

It’s only natural to feel lonely after the enjoyable moments pass. But as you experience new joys those feelings of sorrow will start to fade. Mizu Sahara

Keep in mind that to avoid loneliness, many people need both a social circle and an intimate attachment. Having just one of two may still leave you feeling lonely. Gretchen Rubin

I’ve noticed that loneliness gets stronger when we try to face it down, but gets weaker when we simply ignore it. Paulo Coelho

Surrender to the grief, despair, fear, loneliness, or whatever form the suffering takes. Witness it without labeling it mentally. Embrace it. Then see how the miracle of surrender transmutes deep suffering into deep peace. Eckhart Tolle

You do not have to be alone. The world never inflicts loneliness upon us. That is something we choose or reject by ourselves. Darren Shan

The pain of loneliness seems to be part of the mortal experience. But the Lord in His mercy has made it so that we need never deal with the challenges of mortality alone. Sheri L. Dew

Sometimes being surrounded by everyone is the loneliest, because you’ll realize you have no one to turn to. Soraya

We need solitude, because when we’re alone, we’re free from obligations, we don’t need to put on a show, and we can hear our own thoughts. Tamim Ansary

Throwing herself into learning helped Miri ignore the painful chill of solitude around her. Shannon Hale

Being alone does not mean being unhappy. The world is full of plenty of interesting and enjoyable things to do and people who can enrich your life. Michael Josephson

What makes loneliness an anguish is not that I have no one to share my burden, but this I have only my own burden to bear. Dag Hammarskjöld

To be alone with yourself is to be alone. To be in the company of others is to be alone together. The only time you are not alone is when you forget yourself and reach out in love. Vera Nazarian

You never walk alone. Even the devil is the lord of flies. Gilles Deleuze

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Half of the time I don’t know what they’re talking about; their jokes seem to relate to a past that everyone but me has shared. I’m a foreigner in the world and I don’t understand the language. Jean Webster

Solitude is where one discovers one is not alone. Marty Rubin

It had filled my time given me quiet, steadfast company with those characters, who did not exist and never would, but somehow made me feel less alone. Sarah J. Maas

She understood how a world jammed with phones, email, and faxes could still leave you feeling utterly alone. Jodi Picoult

I don’t know why I still feel this pit in my stomach whenever I get a moment to think. I know what the pit is, too I feel lonely. But I’m not alone, I keep telling myself. Pittacus Lore