Femininely Badass as Fk

Someone the other day asked me how I would describe my style, the best way I could sum it up to be was “I’m aiming for the ‘she’s a bad ass and cute as hell, but I wouldn’t touch her without asking’ look” look. Crop tops are cute, dresses are classy, and little booties with a black brim hat are definitely badass-y.This outfit in particular had me all smiles today, and IMO that’s the best time to capture it (Also, obsessed with this window at Dos Lagos). I wore this the other day on a “play date” with my partner and I wanted to post a little OOTD. Top, shoes, and hat are from Forever 21, skirt is from target, and I bought them ALL at Plato’s Closet. THRIFT SHOP COME UP SAY WHAAAT? Macklemore, I see you.The scallop design at the base of the skirt adds a clean and delicate touch to the look. Lace up ANYTHING is a thing right now so when I saw this top a few years back I knew I had to have it. Also, how can you not love re-creating the 1960’s/1970’s fashion do’s with modern day clothing? Am I the only one who has been LIVING for this iconic trend resurface? Mama Michelle I’m channeling you, you fashion guru! The Summer of ’17 has definitely been one of femininity, suede, crop tops, and KILLING IT. Rock what you got, fashion is all perspective. Wear your outfit, don’t let your outfit wear you! Be edgy, be stylish, feel pretty. From ripped jeans and band tee’s to a nice dress and some heels, do you boo. What are your favorite summer fashion trends? “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the people who wear them will” Until next post…
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