Five Facts About Me!

Five Facts About Me!

Surprise, I’m here!

How is your day going?

If it didn’t go so well, take a deep breath. You are alive and tomorrow will be better, but only if you allow yourself to enjoy it.

I am new to BayArt (although I got my invite a while ago). I was a little nervous because I felt that my site is familiar territory and I have finally gotten used to blogging now. Also, I was worried of what other authors on this platform would think of my posts. But then I realised you are only as great as you allow yourself to be and that I shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new. I am different, different is what makes us special.

For my first post I am going to tell you a few things about myself so we can get to know one another better:

  1. My favourite colours are bold blue and pastel purple but I post in pink.
  2. Books. I love to read and I review books on my blog.
  3. Food. I prefer baking to cooking but I like salty popcorn, not sweet.
  4. Health. I am passionate about both mental and physical health and believe that they are equally important.
  5. I can’t choose between books and movies. Both can take you places your feet can’t.
  6. Magical creatures! Unicorns are cool but I am forever Team Mermaid.
  7. I once bought an orange toothbrush solely based on the fact that my new favourite book character had one.

I know that’s not really a lot about myself but I wanted to keep it short and sweet. And five facts has alliteration, not seven! If you want to find out more about what I get up to be sure to visit my blog for more madness.

One more thing. I know you all love my usual sign-off (I think!) but I am saving that for my own site. That’s special to me, like how people love their children or thier favourite teacup. So I will see you all later,

Au revoir!

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2 thoughts on “Five Facts About Me!

    • Aww, thank you. I am glad you found that interesting and not weird. But I guess there is no definition of weird because everyone has a different perception of normal! 🙂

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