104+ Best Flexibility Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Flexibility is the ability to change or be changed easily according to the situation. Profoundly inspirational flexibility quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Flexibility Quotes

You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve. Marc Benioff

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Albert Einstein

Accounting rules give financial institutions flexibility about when they choose to recognize venture capital profits. Alex Berenson

That which yields is not always weak. Jacqueline Carey

True flexibility is a symbiotic partnership between employer and employee and between technology and culture. Jean Philippe Courtois

The human capacity for burden is like bamboo far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance. Jodi Picoult

I think being sensitive gives you powers. You get the logic and the flexibility of emotions. Denzel Curry

There are times when I am so unlike myself that I might be taken for someone else of an entirely opposite character. Jean Jacques Rousseau

With a post Brexit economic policy that sets our economy and country on the right track, with new freedoms, the U.K. will exercise greater fiscal flexibility and regulatory reform to transform our country into a dynamic engine of prosperity, job creation and growth. Priti Patel

When the whole world is entrenched in the bunker of physical and often emotional isolation, only flexibility and ingenuity can revive us to remain grounded and imbibe the bolstering sunlight piercing through the canvas of chaos. Erik Pevernagie

Defenders of the status quo will argue that this system has served us well over the centuries, that our parliamentary traditions have combined stability and flexibility and that we should not cast away in a minute what has taken generations to build. Ferdinand Mount

Music may be the activity that prepared our pre human ancestors for speech communication and for the very cognitive, representational flexibility necessary to become humans. Daniel J. Levitin

I don’t think you necessarily have to be crazy fit for freeskiing. So much of the sport has to do with agility and nimbleness and flexibility and other things. It’s a lot of muscle memory it’s more like dance, in a way it’s technique more than strength or endurance. Gus Kenworthy

We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details. Jeff Bezos

You think aerobics is not a cool sport? I think you are wrong. It requires amazing discipline flexibility, fitness, knowledge. And you have to do it with a big smile on your face. Also, I once performed in front of 10,000 screaming women. I tell you something, I’d rather do that than kick a ball around in front of a few men. Magnus Scheving

I want to caution you against the idea that balance has to be a routine that looks the same week in and week out. Kevin Thoman

People want to make sure there is flexibility to reallocate assets. They are trusting us to make the asset allocation decisions. Michael Hintze

Wisdom requires a flexible mind. Dan Carlin

It is urgent to shift from a traditional, authoritative, rote educational approach to a Project based and experiential approach. Specific hard skills are fundamental, but is even more important that students learn how to learn and focus on crucial soft skills such as flexibility and the ability to adapt to change. Alain Dehaze

Intelligence is the handmaiden of flexibility and change. Vernor Vinge

Golf is flexibility, and I notice more guys injured. You can overdo this conditioning. Retief Goosen

Marriage is the union of two I’s to form a V. Both I’s have to tilt equally to make a good V. I’s standing tall can never make a V. Ashok Kallarakkal

To make flexibility work, it is not only necessary to change our attitude about who is a good worker and who is not, but we have to train managers at all levels to recognize the difference between the number of hours worked and the quality of work produced. Madeleine M. Kunin

Bridges symbolize change and flexibility! They show us this simple philosophy When you are on one side, you can easily move to the other side! Mehmet Murat ildan

Resident Evil Damnation was physically mo capped and recorded with the mo cap actors first, so there wasn’t a whole lot of flexibility with timing, so it was more stringent. We had to go in individually. Matthew Mercer

In terms of business resilience, it’s important to have the ability to repurpose inputs and redirect outputs. It’s important to have a good amount of flexibility designed into the businesses operating systems. When a business can answer the if this then that question over and over again with different fill in the blanks, it’s got resilience. Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr.

I always have to work on my flexibility to help my back, and Pilates helps the most. Denny Hamlin

When the Chief Justice read me the oath, he FDR later told an adviser, and came to the words support the Constitution of the United States I felt like saying Yes, but it’s the Constitution as I understand it, flexible enough to meet any new problem of democracy not the kind of Constitution your Court has raised up as a barrier to progress and democracy. Susan Quinn

Know your career values Not your parents values, not your friends, but what you personally value in work. For me, it’s things like moving quickly and scrappily, ownership and authority over my work, and flexibility. Kathryn Minshew

We all have patterns and defaults, including in the roles we play at work. The better you can accept others for who they are, the easier it will be to work with them. Flexibility will help provide an environment where everyone feels accepted for their unique strengths and skills. Darcy Luoma

The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers. Brian Greene

If you can begin to stretch for complete acceptance, you’ll be in a place where you can focus on things you can change. Flexibility does not mean nothing can change, but it does mean that you stop trying to change others. Go ahead and change your own behavior, your reactions, your willingness to engage, and anything else you can control that will improve things. But don’t wait for other people to change. Darcy Luoma

At the gym, I do full body circuits with low weights and high repetitions, as well as four or five cardio intervals thrown into the mix. I put a lot of emphasis on core strength and flexibility training. I also do a lot of running in my free time. Anytime I can move my cardio outside in the sunshine, I do. Jill Wagner

Flexibility isn’t your boss’s gift to give. You must create it yourself even if you are your own boss. Richie Norton

There’s a mindset of flexibility and adaptability that comes with us. We don’t mind hardship. We don’t mind somebody saying, Go in and do this nasty job. Whatever the job is, we can do it. That’s why the nation has a Marine Corps. James F. Amos

Anti time management is the new time management. Richie Norton

The variety and flexibility of ClassPass is limitless, ensuring that you’ll never get bored, and neither will your muscles. Payal Kadakia

The most important strategy of life is flexibility Do not insist on the train, neither on the direction of the train, nor on the station! Have the flexibility to take a completely different train from a completely different station in the opposite direction of the direction you want to go in the beginning! Mehmet Murat ildan

Each customer has unique deployment needs, and as a result, CIOs value the flexibility that our hybrid cloud offerings provide. Amy Hood

Your level of autonomy, ability and availability determines how flexible and free you are to make choices. Richie Norton

For the states that take the lead on reform asset recycling, deregulation, service innovation the Federal Government could step back, and allow greater flexibility in how we deliver our responsibilities. Gladys Berejiklian

A flexible body without flexibility of mind isn’t perfect. Tamerlan Kuzgov

Stretching exercises promote flexibility, so you move fluidly. Denise Austin

When we say we want someone who understands us, what we really mean is that we want someone who will agree with us. Luigina Sgarro

Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell out. Paul Kagame

Adversity is not a roadblock, but a detour. It’s up to us to find a new path forward. Jeff Ocaya

Everything we want to do in life requires discipline. And like strength, flexibility, and endurance, it can be built up over time. Laird Hamilton

Success is not just about reaching the destination, but about the journey through the ups and downs. It’s up to us to enjoy the ride. Jeff Ocaya

My wrist, I need stability in my wrist, more strength and flexibility, everything. Juan Martin del Potro

Just like a ship at sea, our lives can encounter rough waters. But with the right crew, we can weather any storm. Jeff Ocaya

While men and women alike are liberated by the balance that work flexibility affords, women appear to derive greater value from it. Julie Sweet

The path to success is not a walk in the park, but a climb up the mountain. It’s up to us to keep pushing higher. Jeff Ocaya

There are things that I am nostalgic about from the good old days. I loved motion control cameras, actually. I love the way they sound. I used to do a lot of miniature work, and it’s still warranted, but it’s done less often, largely for budgetary, schedule, and flexibility reasons. John Knoll

The journey to success is not about avoiding rough seas, but about learning to surf through the waves. Jeff Ocaya

Well, being fit is not about flaunting muscles or biceps. Being fit is about flexibility and fit is about flexibility and body composition. Prosenjit Chatterjee

Blessed are the flexible, for change is inevitable. To fulfill our true destiny as spiritual beings we must trust in our divine power to adapt. Anthon St. Maarten

I follow my own advice eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and grains, and don’t eat too much junk food. It leaves plenty of flexibility for eating an occasional junk food. Marion Nestle

We have a tendency to become detached observers rather than participants. There might also be a sense of disassembling a complex, flowing process to focus on a small part of it. If we expand our focus to include emerging, one of the first changes we may notice is the bodily sense of being in the midst of something, of constant motion, lack of clarity in the left hemisphere sense, and unpredictability. Bonnie Badenoch

Without knowing about flexibility, one cannot work out strategies to deal with the enemy and prepare for changes, and without knowing about the foundation of one’s own culture, one would be contemptuous of the Confucian ethical codes. Zhang Zhidong

We put terrible pressure on our minds. When we tighten them or harden our views or beliefs, we lose all the softness and flexibility that makes for real shelter, belonging, and protection. Sometimes the best way of caring for your soul is to make flexible again some of the views that harden and crystalize your mind; for these alienate you from your own depth and beauty. John O’Donohue

You have tremendous flexibility in defining both the greater good and the greater community. If you don’t succeed in this, then you will continue to pull that heavy wagon up the mountain, and despite the fact that you are pulling it, it will somehow run over your own foot. Srikumar Rao

A bad plan is better than no plan, and the most important quality of any plan is the flexibility to change. Judson L Moore

I think yoga builds strength, flexibility, and calming of the mind which is never a bad thing. Joyce DiDonato

The biggest fool of all is he who cannot change his mind. Omar Cherif

There is no more reason to think that they expected the world to remain static than there is to think that any of us holds a crystal ball. The only way to create a foundational document that could stand the test of time was to build in enough flexibility that later generations would be able to adapt it to their own needs and uses. Diane Wood

You don’t want work life balance. You want work life freedom. You want a time centered seamless lifestyle. You want time flexibility. The flexibility to spend your time where, when and how you want. Richie Norton

I think, like every working parent, I sometimes feel that there are not enough hours in the day. But overall, I’m very fortunate that my job has a lot of flexibility. I spend a lot of time with the kids, just around the house. Reese Witherspoon

Yoga is a journey to find yourself, your flexibility, your inner strength, your inner beauty. It helps shape yourself to improve adaptability. Debasish Mridha

Charter laws do something really important. They give educators the freedom and flexibility that they need to attain results. But we also have to invest a lot in the leadership pipeline to take advantage of that freedom and flexibility. Wendy Kopp

You can’t go through life saying I hate mustard because that is shutting off the possibility of change. Alexander McCall Smith

None of us today know how to get computers to learn with the speed and flexibility of a child. Andrew Ng

For most of us, there are multiple attachment experiences, and picturing these pairings of the connections offered by others and the adaptions made by us may illuminate the complexities of current relational experience. Bonnie Badenoch

Freedom always deals with the possible; this gives freedom its great flexibility, its fascination, and its dangers. Rollo May

Life can break you many times before you get your big break. Curtis Tyrone Jones

In the 21st century when few of us stay in the same job all our lives, I would like to think there was flexibility so teachers could become social workers, or foster carers become teachers. Estelle Morris

In this moment there’s infinite possibility and this is the agility that gives me flexibility to overcome my situation when my situation’s killing me. Curtis Tyrone Jones

You banter, and you talk, and you get a sense of the speed of thinking and flexibility. It’s not terribly scientific, but I interview a dozen or two dozen people a week, and I get a certain vibe reasonably fast. Mickey Drexler

Hearts that bend will always mend. Omar Cherif

Creativity has always depended on openness and flexibility, so let us hope for more of both in the future. Siri Hustvedt

We need to encourage habits of flexibility, of continuous learning, and of acceptance of change as normal and as opportunity for institutions as well as for individuals. Peter F. Drucker

Flexibility is youth. Diamond Dallas Page

When touring by motorcycle, or navigating this road we call life, one must always be flexible, open to alternatives and willing to act quickly to get the most out of the experience. Michael ONeill

Flexibility is crucial to my fitness. Incorporating a good warm up and cool down into every session decreases my chances of injury. I use both dynamic and static stretching in my training. I’ve starting doing a few yoga sessions which incorporates muscle strength and flexibility. Samantha Stosur

When you cement systems of operation, you can’t get out even when you get to the top. It’s a myth to think you can escape the grind before learning to live in the present. Richie Norton

If you think aficionados of a living Constitution want to bring you flexibility, think again. You think the death penalty is a good idea? Persuade your fellow citizens to adopt it. You want a right to abortion? Persuade your fellow citizens and enact it. That’s flexibility. Antonin Scalia

If freedom, flexibility, and autonomy do not create chaos in a fast paced basketball game, what stops us from adapting the same in the business world? Sukant Ratnakar

Zero hours contracts are a low proportion of the workforce; they provide a route into employment and flexibility for staff. They benefit business, consumers, and taxpayers by keeping costs down, and they boost productivity, allowing the efficient use of labour. Jacob Rees Mogg

Achievement is often a balance between following through with a well made decision, accepting the process, while embracing flexibility until its completion. Lisa J. Morris

A statesman who keeps his ear permanently glued to the ground will have neither elegance of posture nor flexibility of movement. Abba Eban

Letting go of judgment and accepting others just as they are is difficult. However, it’s one of the most powerful Thoughtfully Fit practices. Flexibility teaches us the value of acceptance full and unconditional acceptance of others. Even, or maybe especially, when you don’t agree with their choices or behaviors. It’s much easier to accept others when we agree with them 100 percent. Darcy Luoma

Air power is indivisible. If you split it up into compartments, you merely pull it to pieces and destroy its greatest asset, its flexibility. Bernard Law Montgomery

Rigidity or inflexibility can be the result of a previous history of abuse or trauma, or of an upbringing that offered a child no permission to experiment or to deviate from the family norms. Flexibility can come from the freedom of having been allowed to make one’s own choices as one was growing up. Jared Diamond

Reagan’s enduring value as a conservative icon stems from his resolute preaching of the conservative gospel, in words that still warm the hearts of the most zealous conservatives. Yet Reagan’s value as a conservative model must begin with recognition of his flexibility in the pursuit of his conservative goals. H. W. Brands

Sometimes there’s no right decision. Just the one you make at the time. Phaedra Patrick

My biggest inspirations Sylvester Stallone for his body, Jackie Chan for his agility, flexibility. Closer home, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jamwal have amazing bodies. Kunal Kapoor

Be flexible and adapt easily to new things. Sunday Adelaja

One of the pillar ideas of how CrossFit thinks of physical fitness is how competent an individual is at cardiovascular respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. Rich Froning Jr.

Freedom is the inherent strength of a compassionate involved in acts of kindness and evolved in a constant training of flexibility. There’s no free spirit in a rigid body as only a mind with open willingness to change cannot get caught in a trap. Ana Claudia Antunes

That’s why I got into Pilates because I can reduce the stress and impact in my joints while still being able to increase strength and flexibility, and it’s going to pay dividends. Jake Arrieta

If we lived the plans we do more as bets than as forecasts, we would be less anxious and more prepared for the unexpected. Luigina Sgarro

We want to give our audiences flexibility in the way they’re commercially engaged in the content. Bobby Kotick

The most useful virtues, for one who walked on, were flexibility and a willingness to improvise. Rachel Hartman

Fear is the wrong response to technological unemployment. Focusing on economic flexibility and adaptability with special attention to eliminating the barriers we’ve accidentally created to the mobility of the working classes is the right response to technological disruption. Joe Lonsdale

Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed. Jason Kravitz