7 Best Flirty Games to Play Over Text

Maintaining the bond between you and your partner is always a struggle when you are far apart. That’s why, flirty games over text are essential mostly to long-distance relationships.

Dull evening and sleepless nights, thinking and missing your partner may lead to so much distress and discomfort. This mostly happens when you are deeply in love with your partner, and any kind of silence may result in panic.

Making your partner happy all the time is still a considerable task, even if you are far apart from each other. There are cute missing you messages and flirty text messages that may always make your partner happy.

To women, small things matter, and every happy moment in their life always linger in their mind and fascinates them to laugh alone. The surety is that you may have exhausted all your ideas on making your partner happy over texts, but there are ways you can use to make her happy again.

You can play texting games that will strengthen your bond despite the distance between you and your partner. Using the flirty games to play over text will make your relationship sweet again and impress your partner to fall in love with you again and again.

The best thing about flirty games may also help you know more about your partner. And learning flirting tips can help you to keep spark alive in your relationship.

The best flirty games to play over text also can make someone miss you.

Flirty Texting Games to Play

You can use these games to flirt over text.

There are flirty games you can play with anyone and make it enjoyable. Games like ‘I Spy’ and ‘Kill, Marry and kiss’ can be the best option to use with your friend or partner.

Normally, flirty games to play over text are best if you play them with your partner. They sound more exciting and fun. Nothing to hide and being free make it super cool to play it with your partner with whom you share mutual feelings.

Here are some of the flirty games to play over text.

What If flirting game

Flirty games like ‘What if’ is a choice that will bring openness to you and your partner. This flirty game is about knowing your partner better. This game will help you understand your partner more and create a strong bond between you two.

First and foremost, this game is fully texting each other. What you need to do is ask come up with a short stupid story, then ask your partner ‘what if’ he/she was the main character what would he/she do in such context.

‘What if’ is so engaging and more fun. Your partner is paying attention and will have a funny answer, and you may laugh together and make a wonderful texting time.

In Character

First, you need to remember the characters you grew up watching.

After both of you select your favorite characters that you both know well, you can bring those back into the picture by pretending to be like them through text.

Text each other things that these characters would say and in the unique ways that they would say it. The one who can go the longest without losing character wins the game.

Movie lines flirty game

The movie line flirty game is best if both you and your partner love movies.

During texting, you can start a story about a particular movie you lately watched together. Coming up with movie lines and giving each other a certain character in the movie is very interesting.

Movie lines flirty games can be more funny if you both play the best role and quote the exact word from the movie’s persona. These kinds of games will always develop a strong bond and make your partner love you deep.

Kiss, marry and kill the game

Kiss, marry and kill is an oldie. Oldie, meaning classic. Anciently it was the kind of game that you play face to face. You can also play this game over text and still make it more fun than the former way to play it.

The game’s objective was to pick any people you know; the people can be your friends, colleagues, or family members. After selecting the three people, you then ask your partner to tell you amongst them who he/she will kiss, marry, or kill.

To make this game more fun and flirty, you can give your partner some romantic choices to choose from. You can also make the game more interesting and fun if you late your partner choose from anyone he/she may think of.

Kiss, marry and kill game is always fun; it has never lost its engaging habit when correctly played. This will help you know how your partner thinks of the people around you and always make you engage and know each other better.

I spy flirty game

I spy flirting games are best if you have a crush on someone. You can play this game even when doing something else like reading a novel or even traveling.

A spy game is like a guessing game, and you give your partner a clue of where you are or what you are doing and try to make them guess the answer.

To make the game more fun and interesting, always give your partner challenging clues to make it hard for them to know and answer.

This game is the best when your partner has moods and feels so low.

Emoji talk game

Emojis have the best way of explaining how you feel about someone or something. You can start an emoji game with your partner and still make it fun.

The fun begins by first of all understanding the meaning of significant emojis. To make it fun, always start the emoji flow and drive out what you are trying to mean.

If your partner understands emojis, it will be easy to interpret and respond accordingly and maintain the emoji talk game’s mood and tone.

Song lyrics flirty game

Everyone loves music, and to show how much you love certain music, you will always sing along while smiling because of how you feel it in-depth. Someone you have mutual feelings with and know you better knows the kind of music you love.

Song lyrics flirty games are best to entice your partner when in low moods or upset. Once you hit him/her with a particular lyric on a text, he will eventually notice and reply with a lyric next after yours on the same song. Song lyrics flirty game cannot be for any kind of a song.

The song should always be valid for the mood and what intentions you are trying to achieve from the game.

This game is best if you and your partner love the same song. It will be more interesting to play this game.


There are a lot of flirty games to play over text. The best flirty games to play over text should always have an aim. You cannot just start a flirty game out of the blues. A long-distance relationship makes any flirty game to play over text to be more interesting and fun.

Majorly flirty games are purposely to break a long silence or express how you feel about it. Some flirty games are best to establish a strong bond between you and your partner.

A chance to know her or him better and more deeply. How to control yourself when he or she is far apart and give you time to understand him or her more.

Some flirty games entertain you and your partner after a long hectic day of work. It gives you a relieving time to laugh and engage.

If you are a guy, nothing amazes you, lady if you play childish, it is so fun. Playing flirty games is best, sometimes you take the role of a kid, which is more entertaining. Always finding a flirty game to play with your partner is more fun and interesting.