forgiveness …….

Swallowing my pride and started the process of forgiving myself first , because I allowed myself to be placed in the victim category and I have lived there dormant for some many years . Not realizing that I have attracted these energies to myself by thinking so awful about my life about my luck and what I did or did not deserve. Realizing that I did this to myself. Working through my many many issues, I knew that I had to start within . I knew that I had to start with the Mini Raquel, she needed to heal !

Not realizing that the anger I possessed came from past hurts past disappointments that I thought that the method I used ” sweep it under the wrong and add it to my wronged list “..This was a list of people who have tried my life ( lol) and things that have hurt me that made me feel so deeply wounded that no one on gods earth could love a broken soul like mines.

I forgave myself for allowing my thoughts to get the best of me and for allowing others to make me feel as if I was not worth anything to anyone or anybody .I forgave myself for accepting little to nothing from everyone because I thought that I was lucky to have them and not the other way around. Realizing that I have been walking around with an ” F” on my chest which stood for ” Failure” all this time. Til now realizing that I deserve so many wonderful things and I deserve the fairy tale that I have always dreamed of ..

He taught me a lesson. The one who took my love my kindness my open-mindedness and basically pulled the final trigger and broke my heart ….He taught me to find balance and never give more than what you are receiving. He taught me that once someone has shown you their true colors believe them ! He taught me that no matter how pure your heart is and how much you  love them it will never be good enough because it is not the timing for them to understand the unconditional love that you are offering them.

But I forgive him anyway without the apology and I forgive those who have wronged me . Simply because no one deserves to be in your control of your energy or your thoughts. Be free and let it go ! forgive ! God forgives even though we continue to make some of the same mistakes over and over again. Forgive and watch how your energy transforms. Forgive and watch how you regain your peace your happiness.

Separating from this person has made me truly value who I am ..I am now dating myself . falling head over heels for myself. Watch as you let go be free and find peace within ..Everything will began to fall into place…. It is all about divine timing !

Love you guys ~ Rock

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  1. This is a great post! So often when heartbreak happens its so easy to blame ourselves the other person anybody really. Just to make things make sense. I’m so happy you have found the ability to move on in forgiveness. Congrats!


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