My chore growing up was to empty the dishwasher and I despised this activity. Why? Well, I think simply because I was being told to do something versus doing it because I wanted to. You would think even if a teenager isn’t asked to do something, they won’t do it at all but for me that wasn’t true. I’ve always liked cleaning or at least keeping my surroundings tidy and organized. When my parents would leave town for a weekend, I would clean without being told because I enjoyed it- just without anyone around to tell me to do it. Still to this day, I do not ever empty a dishwasher. I’ve had one in every place I’ve lived but I choose to hand wash dishes instead. I actually find it is very therapeutic when I get into the zone and let the running water quiet my mind.

So what’s this about a fridgewasher? Now that you know my dislike of dishwashers (sorry future love, that is going to be your chore), we can discuss my newest, probably strangest habit of storing dirty dishes in the fridge. When I moved into my place, the unit goslinghad sat empty for a few months and there was a german cockroach problem in the neighboring units. Despite moving in to a clean, empty place, the roaches decided to move in with me. In the past when I was staying with my Aunt, I laughed about all of the non-perishable foods she kept in her fridge, like pasta. When I asked her why, she said she did it to keep roaches out of her apartment after a prior roach infestation experience. Apparently they don’t like the cold and their icky little creepy crawly legs can’t open a refrigerator door. Little did I know that soon I would be storing everything in my fridge too. Look whose laughing now! Not the roaches, that’s for sure.

These buggers are relentless and pretty indestructible. No matter how clean a place is, they can survive for an eternity, literally, off of a single drop of water. I had been good about cleaning my dishes right after using them but hey, life gets hectic and crazy in pleasant and unpleasant ways so I didn’t always have the time, or energy, to clean them right away. I started storing the dirty dishes in the fridge to make my home as inhospitable to roaches as possible, with the intention to get them cleaned at some point that same day.

As I tune into my emotions more, I am becoming aware quicker of when depression is creeping around the corner waiting to pounce. Tell tale signs are when my home gets depression-comics-illustrations-gemma-correll-fb__700-pngmessy, when I’m not doing the things I enjoy after work or on the weekends, and I am always tired yet not sleeping well. The same day fridgewashing started to extend to the next day, two days later, three, etc. until I’d have so many dishes in there that I couldn’t get to the food or bother make food because I didn’t have the energy to clean the pan. The weekend would roll around and I’d be staring at a fridge full of dishes, overwhelmed, and have to wash for 30+ minutes cutting into precious weekend time.

After dealing with adult acne for over 3 years, it came to a point a few weeks ago where I adultacnewas totally exasperated. I had tried everything to heal my skin- positive body affirmations, reducing sugar intake, not touching my skin, clay masks and even just trying to accept it. As a teen I had acne and my Mom would tell me that it wasn’t so bad and not to worry, it would go away once I was an adult. First of all, it is easy to say that to someone when you don’t have a massive zit on your nose. Secondly, if she hadn’t of lied and told me that this nonsense would disappear as an adult and would likely come back worse than it was as a teen, I don’t think I’d live to see 15!

I was feeling hopeless, at the bottom, maybe even resigned to the fact that somehow I just couldn’t heal my skin. I sat in that hopelessness for a day but then started researching holistic health/diet centers near me. I accepted that as much as I was capable of researching skin health and designing a nutrition/detox program myself, I didn’t have the time or energy to do so. So if that meant paying someone who does that for a living and does have the time and energy, that was what I had to do. If I didn’t have the money, then I’d have to go make more or use a credit card to take care of myself. Our health and happiness should always be our top priority. The knowing that there were options was enough to get me moving. I will heal my skin completely, once and for all (no acne, you cannot come back when I’m 45), and I look forward to sharing everything with you so you can heal it as well.

How to’s and stories of before and afters are very inspiring but they always leave me SMART Goalsfeeling as if these things won’t work or happen for me. What I really want to know, besides the final results and advice, is how that person got started and all of the failures along the way. My goal is to heal my skin and overwhelming myself with a million things to try at once to solve it will cause me to burn out faster than a shooting star. Instead, I need to take it one small goal at a time. Those small victories are what add up and bring us to the big goal. Since I feel happier and energized when I am organized and my space is tidy, my first goal towards healing this acne is to clean dishes after use or within the same day. The fridge is no longer accepting dishes. This allows me to have a manageable, easily accomplishable goal each day that will leave me feeling successful when I fulfill it. It also means waking up earlier to have time to clean the dishes I use before heading out to work, and going to bed earlier to get more rest. As I reverse this strange habit and replace it with a healthier habit, I can take on the next goal of drinking 100 ounces of water each day, which will help to clear the excess toxins in my body so that the toxins don’t end up releasing through my skin.

How to Heal Acne Forever:

  1. Empty the fridgewasher 
  2. Clean dishes after use/within the same day
  3. Life happens so if dishes are deposited in the fridge, make sure to clean them the next day, absolute latest
  4. Repeat until the fridgewasher habit is replaced
  5. Decide the next small, achievable goal to keep the momentum going….

To be continued!


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