60+ Best Funny Horse Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Extremely funny horse quotes will fire up your brain and encourage you to look at life differently while making you laugh.

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Famous Funny Horse Quotes

If you are a horse rider, the number one thing to do is marry money!

Of all creatures God made at the Creation, there is none more excellent, or so much to be respected as a horse. Bedouin Legend

How to ride a horse: Step One  Mount the horse. Step Two  Stay mounted

You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper. Dagobert D. Runes

It is a lot like nuts and bolts  if the rider’s nuts, the horse bolts!

Every time you ride, your either teaching or un teaching your horse Gordon Wright

If you want a stable relationship, get a horse

Care, and not fine stables, makes a good horse. Danish Proverb

Tell a gelding, ask a mare and discuss with a stallion. Pray if it is a pony

One man’s wrong lead is another man’s counter canter. S.D. Price

Owning horses is perfect for people who never want to sleep in ever again

 What the colt learns in youth he continues in old age. French Proverb

Forget the prince, I’ll take the horse

 Words are as beautiful as wild horses, and sometimes as difficult to corral. Ted Berkman

Horses: much better than people

If you are a rider, the number one thing to do is  marry money!

I never fall off. I dismount with style

 If a horse stands on you its because your in the way.

Horses are only afraid of two things:  Things that move. Things that don’t move.

Horse If God made anything more beautiful he kept it for himself!

There’s no feeling in the world that compares to have 16 hands between your legs

A polo handicap is a person’s ticket to the world Sir Winston Churchill

Hey, girl. No, I meant hay girl. That is your job, isn’t it?

 There on the tips of fair fresh flowers feedeth he; How joyous is his neigh, there in the midst of sacred pollen hidden all hidden he; how joyous is his neigh.

If you are not a humble person, your horse will make you one

I live in a house but my home is in the stable

Life is so much better in riding boots

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

I wasn’t born in a barn, but I got there as fast as I could

 A mule is just like horse, but even more so.

Buy me horses and tell me I’m pretty

 A horse is like a best friend. They’re always there to nuzzle you and make your life a better place.

Dirt is cowgirl glitter

A horse is an angel without wings.

Be wary of the horse with a sense of humor. Pam Brown

 Just because you can jump a fence going north doesn’t mean you can jump in going south.

When life gets bumpy start posting!

 Life is like a wild horse. You ride it or it rides you.

Easily distracted by horses

 The only constant thing in life is change, and things can change rapidly when you’re dealing with horses.

For instant happy, just add horse

 I’m in a transitional relationship with my saddle!

You must be rich because you have a horse. No, I’m poor because I have a horse

 The horse will leap over trenches, will jump out of them, will do anything else, provided one grants him praise and respite after his accomplishment.

Things I am thankful for: 1. My horse 2. All of the other stuff.

 Equestrian activity teaches young ladies to cope with large, friendly, but dumb creatures  the ideal training for marriage.

Sometimes I just need my horse time

 If you have seen nothing but the beauty of their markings and limbs, their true beauty is hidden from you.

I used to have money, now I have horses

 Our hoofbeats were many, but our hearts beat as one.

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned horses

There is one respect in which beasts show real wisdom their quiet, placid enjoyment of the present moment.

Never squat with your spurs on

When you fall of your horse, usually what’s most hurt is your pride.

Horses are God’s way of apologizing for men

Don’t look at a horse as an animal, look as if the horse is a real person. Because a horse can tell the difference.

Hold onto what makes you happy. If it tries to buck you off just hold on even tighter

 There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it’s the risk, the gamble. In any event, it’s a thing I need.