Future me.

One day my hair is long.
One day I have zero worries about money or how much I spend.
One day I feel comfortable and stylish in everything and anything I choose to wear.
One day my skin will show what my mind cannot explain with the tattoos I get.
One day my skin will be tight and my muscles toned to the better physical version of myself.
One day I help people.
One day I have my farm. One day I have all the animals I want to take care of. One day I’m toxins free.
One day I am flawless.
One day.

Today, I am me.

2 thoughts on “Future me.

  1. Today you are you and that’s just right. You are right as you are, you are unique and fantastic alone, because you can write so beautifully. Stephen Hawking was once asked what he wanted differently in his life. and he said NOTHING! And I think he said the truth. Because he knew that he would never have come so far with his mind if his externalities had been “normal.” What a knowledge!

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