GABA and Anxiety and Depression.

GABA and its brain nutrients involve directly from the intestines and the Vagus nerve in the body/brain barrier. A bio-culture formed at birth as a bacteria system that a creature needs to formulate a principle state of the Inner Experience in thought and meditation. This bio-culture is used in the processing of food and liquids for the body/brain barrier. It is considered an inhibitory, but research suggests an excitatory factor is involved in early years of a developing brain. Inhibitory suppresses functions in the body/brain barrier.

GABA meaning Gamma Aminobutyric Acid is directly controlled by the Vagus nerve because this nerve has direct function involved with many of the inner organs including the stomach and intestines. The Vagus nerve also has some control on the thought and the speech patterns used for communication and reading a newspaper. This latter statement of reading is usually via the inner voice box where thought of Inner Experiences travel deep into the ear and echo outward.

In chemical terminology, it’s classed as an amino acid. This is because an “amino acid,” used without a qualifier (shape changing) refers to the alpha amino acids. GABA is not, neither is it considered to be incorporated into proteins. It is more a digestion juice. It is the individual structuring made in infancy from the mother’s milk ingestion where brain development is in Theory of Mind and Embodiment. These start to form as a Psychosocial Performance. This gives individuality in the early stages of outer life along with other Homeostatic Script devices that eventually establish an Ego Identity. Ego Identity is the stabilization into a young adult that has committed roles in life towards Psychosocial. Psychosocial is part a sublime Peripheral attraction where your eyes become focused on someone across the room. This is part of a Performance.

Feelings of the trauma of Anxiety problems have been linked to GABA. The trauma of depressive disorders has also been linked to GABA. Inhibitory problems that cause the mood swings into the trauma of depression disorders may be due to an over-production in the trauma of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic harmony where a Facial Conformity Disorder forms. That is also the same within the traumatic anxiousness and other Psychological trauma of anxiety disorders. The Inner anxiety Experiences are a direct result of the Vagus nerve and Sympathetic nerve interaction in the brain.

The feelings give a craving for certain nutrients however like Leucine and HMB to strengthen the cranial nerves and facial muscles. Much like the Psychological trauma of Leucine in depressive disorders deposits may build in the gut that causes stimulation of patterns involved with the Psychological trauma of mental illnesses and traumatic mental disabilities because of a blockage in the Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is where Tardive Dyskinesia affects the cranial nerves in the head and via facial contortion from this medicament induced state. This I know as a Facial Conformity Disorder where the muscles in the face slouch into the stance of sadness and then depression.