90+ Best Girl Wash Your Face Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be is a best-selling 2018 self-help book by Rachel Hollis. Profoundly inspirational Girl Wash Your Face quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Girl Wash Your Face Quotes

I am an expert in rejection—or more specifically, I am an expert in bouncing back from rejection and fighting my way toward my goal. — Girl Wash Your Face

Blowing off a workout, a date, an afternoon to organize your closet, or some previous commitment to yourself doesn’t seem like a big deal—but it is. It’s a really big deal. Our words have power, but our actions shape our lives. — Girl Wash Your Face

When someone tells me they want to start a diet, I’ll suggest they start by aiming to drink half their body weight in ounces of water every day. It’s much easier to add a habit than to take one away, but the water goal is a challenge. When they conquer that for the month, they’ve set a new standard for achievement and can add on something tougher. — Girl Wash Your Face

I used to spend so much time obsessing over all the things I was doing wrong as a mom. But you know what? My kids are awesome! Oh sure, they drive me bonkers at times, but they get great grades and are kind and welcoming to everyone they meet. I’m the one they come to when they’re hurt. I’m the one they call out for in the night if they have a bad dream. Our bond is strong and unbreakable, which doesn’t change simply because I’m a working mother. Look at the evidence in your own life. If you’re raising arsonists who are rude to their grandma . . . well, maybe you need to seek out some help. But if your kids are basically good most of the time, then cut yourself some slack. — Girl Wash Your Face

You have to decide to pursue your wildest dreams. No matter what they are,no matter how simple or extravagant. No matter if they seem ridiculous to others or maybe even too easy . . . it doesn’t matter. They’re your dreams, and you are allowed to chase them—not because you are more special or talented or well-connected,but because you are worthy of wanting something more. Because you are worthy of not letting your past dictate your future. Start today. Start right now, this very second, and promise yourself—heck, promise me—that you’ll reach for the big stuff. Do you want the big stuff for your life?You won’t get there by saying yes. Yes is the easy part. You’ll get there by not giving up when you hear the word no. — Girl Wash Your Face

The precious life you’ve been given is like a ship navigating its way across the ocean, and you’re meant to be the captain of the vessel. Certainly there are times when storms toss you around or cover the deck with water or break the mast clean in half—but that’s when you need to fight your way back, to throw all the water off the boat bucket by bucket. That’s when you battle to get yourself back to the helm. This is your life. You are meant to be the hero of your own story. — Girl Wash Your Face

keep your eyes on your goal, regardless of what gets in your way. — Girl Wash Your Face

Work just as hard for fun moments, vacation moments, and pee-your-pants-laughing moments as you do for all the other things. I encourage you to take a walk, call a friend, have a glass of wine, enjoy a bubble bath, or take a long lunch. All of that work will be there when you get back, and a little time away can recharge your batteries and give you the energy to battle that ever-growing to-do list. — Girl Wash Your Face

When I’m stressing about parenting, it’s usually because I feel like I’m lacking for quality time with my kids. Quality time means I’m not on the phone or near a computer or talking to another adult.Usually it looks like reading, playing Candy Land, going on movie dates, or cooking with them. When I focus my energy on them, that’s when I really feel content that I’m doing a good job. — Girl Wash Your Face

I think the ability to seek out community with people who are different from me makes me a stronger, better version of myself. Trying to be in community with people who don’t look or vote or believe like you do, though sometimes uncomfortable, will help you stretch and grow into the best version of yourself. — Girl Wash Your Face

We live in an all-or-nothing society that says I need to look, act,think, and speak perfectly or just throw in the towel and stop trying altogether.That’s what I worry about the most—that you’ve stopped trying. — Girl Wash Your Face

My success has a lot to do with waking up early, being the hardest-working person in the room, asking for help, being able to fail over and over again, and working constantly to improve both myself and my brand. But plenty of people do those things and don’t experience the kind of success I have.You want to know what it is? Why I believe I’m the one writing this book right now when people who’ve tried to do exactly the same things I have haven’t succeeded?It’s simple, actually.It’s not about talent, skill, money, or connections.It’s because when they went after their dreams and came up against a roadblock, when they experienced rejection, or when someone or something told them no . . . they listened.I am successful because I refused to take no for an answer. I am successful because I have never once believed my dreams were someone else’s to manage.That’s the incredible part about your dreams: nobody gets to tell you how big they can be. — Girl Wash Your Face

Very few people intentionally choose the things that bring them joy. No, I don’t mean that you can build a life around massages and lavish dinners (or maybe you can, fancy pants!). I mean that you should spend more time doing things that feed your spirit: more long walks with your dog, less volunteering for that thing you feel obligated to do but actually hate. You are in charge of your own life… — Girl Wash Your Face

If we’re already judgmental (and let’s be honest, most of us are), we have to work hard on policing ourselves. When I find myself judging someone in my head, I force myself to stop and think of compliments about that person. By doing this, I’m learning to look for the positive instead of reaching for the negatives. — Girl Wash Your Face

Don’t tell me you don’t have it in you to want something more for your life.Don’t tell me you have to give up because it’s difficult. This is life or death too.This is the difference between living a life you always dreamed of or sitting alongside the death of the person you were meant to become. — Girl Wash Your Face

Sadness and pain are things you have to sit with and get to know or you’ll never be able to move on. — Girl Wash Your Face

When you’re engaged and involved and choosing to enjoy your own life, it doesn’t matter where you are, or frankly, what negative things get hurled at you. You’ll still find happiness because it’s not about where you are but who you are. — Girl Wash Your Face

We often become whomever we surround ourselves with. If your friends are full of gossip and vitriol, I promise you’ll start to develop the habit. When you’re looking for a community of women, look for the ones who want to build each other up instead of tear each other down. — Girl Wash Your Face

If you constantly make and break promises to yourself, you’re not making promises at all. You’re talking. — Girl Wash Your Face

You can keep a clean house or start a company or stay at home with a baby or build a slammin’ bod from working out seven days a week . . .but I don’t think you can have all of those at the same time, or at least not in the same increments. Sit down and decide what’s really important to you. Not what’s important to your mother-in-law or your girlfriends . . . Decide what’s really important to you. Then do those things first. If the house is cluttered or you need to wait until next year to train for a half marathon, well, that’s just life. — Girl Wash Your Face

Were it not for my therapist, I never would have understood the connection between my childhood insecurities and my adult accomplishments. Were it not for my therapist, I never would have realized that the drive for accomplishment can actually be harmful. I cannot recommend therapy enough, and if I had Beyoncé’s money, the first thing I’d do is pay for therapy for every woman I could find. Ask your friends to recommend someone they like, or ask your gynecologist to refer you. A doctor for your lady parts knows the right kind of counselor for a woman. Trust me. — Girl Wash Your Face

It’s easy to focus on your goals when you’re fired up or excited about a new project, but focusing becomes harder when life interferes with your direct access to keep working on it. So pin up your dream somewhere you can see it. I’m a big fan of displaying visuals inside my closet door to remind me every single day of what my aim is. Currently taped to my door: the cover of Forbes featuring self-made female CEOs, a vacation house in Hawaii . . . and a picture of Beyoncé, obvi. — Girl Wash Your Face

You should be the very first of your priorities! Are you getting enough sleep, enough water, the right nutrition? You cannot take care of others well if you’re not first taking care of yourself. Also, one of the best ways to ensure that you stop trying to run from your problems is to face them head-on. — Girl Wash Your Face

We easily jump on board with anything that sounds good for us. A diet? Of course. Volunteering with church this Saturday? Absolutely. We know these things are important and good, so we say yes, assuming the value of the commitment will motivate us into following through. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Slow down your yes. Only commit to things you know you can accomplish because they’re incredibly important to you. Otherwise you set yourself up for continued failure. — Girl Wash Your Face

Once you understand that you are the one who is truly in control, you’ll get up and try again. And you’ll keep going until being in control feels more natural than being out of control. It’ll become a way of life, and you’ll become the person you are meant to be. — Girl Wash Your Face

Have you ever believed that you aren’t good enough? That you’re not thin enough? That you’re unlovable? That you’re a bad mom? Have you ever believed that you deserve to be treated badly? That you’ll never amount to anything? All lies. — Girl Wash Your Face

If you’re struggling with how much you drink,remove access to alcohol. If you binge-eat cookies when you get stressed out,don’t bring cookies into your home. Obviously real struggles run so much deeper than simply having access, but it’s much easier to fall into those temptations if they’re sitting right in front of you. — Girl Wash Your Face

Life is not supposed to overwhelm you at all times. Life isn’t meant to be merely survived—it’s meant to be lived.Seasons or instances will inevitably feel out of your control, but the moments when you feel like you’re drowning are supposed to be brief. They should not be the whole of your existence! — Girl Wash Your Face

I established the rule in my life that I would no longer break a promise to myself no matter how small it was. — Girl Wash Your Face

The truth? You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are. — Girl Wash Your Face

Yes, I also believe in holding each other accountable; but holding each other accountable takes place inside community and relationships. Holding each other accountable comes from a beautiful place in the heart of friendship that makes you sit down with your friend and ask with love if they’ve looked at their own actions in a particular light. Holding each other accountable comes from a place of love. Judgment comes from a place of fear, disdain, or even hate. So be careful about dressing your judgments up as accountability to make your conscience feel better. — Girl Wash Your Face

I made friends with the other moms. Yes, the ones your kids are comparing you to. Yes, the ones you’re comparing yourself to. If they’re at all human,then chances are they can tell you that they’re also worried about screwing up their kids. Yes, Samantha’s mom who sewed one hundred sequins onto one hundred buttons onto the hat she made by hand all to celebrate the one hundredth day of school? Yep. She’s worried about her parenting too. The emperor has no clothes, y’all, and unless you seek out the truth, you’re never going to know it. — Girl Wash Your Face

If you can’t get through the front door, try the side window. If the window is locked, maybe you slide down the chimney. No doesn’t mean that you stop; it simply means that you change course in order to make it to your destination. — Girl Wash Your Face

If you’re going to work that hard on a project, do you really want to allow it to be blown apart by something as flimsy as an opinion?As an artist or a creator, you have to decide. You have to choose a path or live the rest of your life slowly killing your ability to do great work for fear of what others will think. You have to decide that you care more about creating your magic and pushing it out into the world than you do about how it will be received.This task is much easier said than done. — Girl Wash Your Face

Those dreams you have for yourself are not silly; they are the road map to your divine calling! Don’t sit this one out. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you determine your worth. Don’t miss out on the chance to live the life of incredible possibility in front of you.You were not made to be small.You are not a little girl.You are a grown woman, and it’s time you grew up. Become exactly who God calls you to be. — Girl Wash Your Face

If you wait until the last minute, you are not likely to achieve anything. You want to accomplish a healthier life? Map out how you’ll get there. — Girl Wash Your Face

Many times I need the insight of a podcast, a book, or a conference to gain perspective. If you wonder if you are muting a side of yourself, or if there are things you know you want to work on, start consuming content that speaks to that specific area. You may not adopt every word of what you hear or read, but you’ll certainly garner a bit of wisdom to help you with your season. — Girl Wash Your Face

Usually our judgment and gossip come from a deep well of our own insecurities. Get to the bottom of what’s going on with you. What’s making you lash out at others? The first step toward becoming the best version of yourself is being honest, truly honest, about what makes you tick. — Girl Wash Your Face

Drinking can be an attempt to escape, but you cannot escape the realities of your life forever. In the morning they’re still there, only now your ability to take them on is diminished by the fact that your “medicine” made you sicker. — Girl Wash Your Face

I started at this desk alone, without an audience to read my work. I’ll stay here as long as I’ve got words jumbling around in my head, whether or not there’s anyone to receive them. — Girl Wash Your Face

I have spent numerous hours trying to figure out exactly what women like us want in life. Do you know what they want? Do you know the number one thing that I hear most, get emails about most, get asked for advice on most? Friends. How to make friends. How to keep friends. How to cultivate real, valuable relationships. That’s what women are craving. That’s what they really want and hope for. — Girl Wash Your Face

I do think you should have something that helps you unwind. Running or watching HGTV or baking might be the thing for you. No matter what, find something in your life that feels like a treat or an indulgence. When you’re feeling extra frazzled, you should be able to go to your happy place and reset. — Girl Wash Your Face

Our own negative self-talk can be more damaging than the emotional abuse heaped on us by a hateful parent. It’s also far more insidious because there’s nobody there to stop it, since we rarely even realize it’s happening. Beating ourselves up about all the things we think we’re doing wrong becomes a litany of white noise. Eventually we don’t even hear it anymore. And for what? Because you thought you’d be partner at your firm by forty?Because you can’t believe how much weight you’ve gained since having kids?Because your sister is already married and you’re not even dating anyone?Because you dropped out of college and didn’t get your degree? And you’re thinking with every passing hour and day and week that it’s too late?I call bull crap.God has perfect timing. If you aren’t of a similar faith, think of it as everything happening exactly when it’s supposed to. — Girl Wash Your Face

Why do we do it, ladies? Why do we gossip? Why do we rag on each other? Why do we say hello on Sunday mornings with the same tongues we use to lash others behind their backs a few days later? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Does it make us feel safer to mock someone who has stepped outside of the parameters we deem acceptable? If we can point out their flaws, does doing so diminish our own?Of course it doesn’t. In fact, the stones we most often try and fling at others are the ones that have been thrown at us. — Girl Wash Your Face

It might surprise you to know that I don’t blame him for anything that happened that year. Though he was a grown man, he had his own baggage. He was young and immature in his own way. People will treat you with as much or as little respect as you allow them to, and our dysfunctional relationship started the first time he treated me badly and I accepted it. — Girl Wash Your Face

The difficult seasons we walk through are how we learn to build up strength to manage any situation. The strongest people you know? They’ve probably walked some pretty hard roads and built up the skills necessary to be emotional giants. When they encounter hard things, their seasoned bodies rely on the good antibodies they’ve built up to handle that sort of scenario. They don’t medicate because they’re strong enough to manage on their own, and they know that medicating will likely make them weaker. — Girl Wash Your Face

Have you ever made fun of someone else? Have you ever pointed your finger in their direction and ignored the three other fingers on your hand pointing back at you? We’ve all been there, but that doesn’t make it okay. Bringing others down won’t elevate you. Recognizing that all words have power—even the ones whispered behind someone’s back—is how you adjust your behavior. — Girl Wash Your Face

When you force yourself to admit to all the things you have accomplished, you’ll realize that it’s wrong to be so hard on yourself for all the things you haven’t. — Girl Wash Your Face

Comparison is the death of joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday. — Girl Wash Your Face

Sister, you are stronger than this. You’ve got babies to raise and bills to pay and a life to live—and you can’t do that if you’re hiding under the covers!Also, each of these ways—avoiding, battling, and drowning—is a prime platform for the false life preserver of substance abuse. You can use food to avoid facing your life. You can get drunk as a way to drown your sorrows. You can reach for so many negative substances to take your mind away from the chaos around you—and many of us do so without realizing that we’re developing a dangerous, regular coping mechanism instead of a one-time escape. — Girl Wash Your Face

Whether or not the dream ultimately comes true isn’t the point; the point is, how do you steer your ship in a clear direction? How do you stay on course even when the water is choppy or the boat is crashing on rocks? You do that by keeping your eyes on the horizon. For me, my daydreams were an attempt to keep my eyes above the waves.When life was hard and murky and difficult to navigate, having a clear vision gave me something to focus on. I can’t recommend it enough for you.Do you have a goal for yourself? I’ll tell you again: write it down. No,seriously. Write. It. Down! Imagine it in intricate detail. Focus on it whenever you can. What will it feel like to get healthy? How will your clothes fit? Or how about your dream job? — Girl Wash Your Face

You don’t see things as they are; you see things through the lens of what you think and feel and believe. Perception is reality, and I’m here to tell you that your reality is colored much more by your past experiences than by what is actually happening to you. If your past tells you that nothing ever works out, that life is against you, and that you’ll never succeed, then how likely are you to keep fighting for something you want? Or, on the flip side, if you quit accepting no as the end of the conversation whenever you run up against opposition, you can shift your perception and fundamentally reshape your entire life. — Girl Wash Your Face

Stop accepting less than you deserve. Stop buying things you can’t afford to impress people you don’t even really like. Stop eating your feelings instead of working through them. Stop buying your kids’ love with food, or toys, or friendship because it’s easier than parenting. Stop abusing your body and your mind. Stop! Just get off the never-ending track. Your life is supposed to be a journey from one unique place to another; it’s not supposed to be a merry-go-round that brings you back to the same spot over and over again. — Girl Wash Your Face

The first step toward getting past the desire to judge and compete is admitting that nobody is immune. For some of us, we judge in little ways: rolling our eyes at the way someone is dressed, frowning at a badly behaved child in the grocery store, or making assumptions about another mother at school pickup who has a serious expression and wears a suit every day and seems uptight. For others, judging is a bigger problem: berating your little sister because her views are different from yours, viciously gossiping with other women, taking to social media to write hateful things to people you don’t even know simply because they’ve stepped outside the lines of what you think is good.The second step is recognizing that just because you believe it doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. In so many instances judgment comes from a place of feeling as though you’ve somehow got it all figured out when they do not.Judging each other actually makes us feel safer in our own choices. Faith is one of the most abused instances of this. We decide that our religion is right;therefore, every other religion must be wrong. — Girl Wash Your Face

If you choose today not to break another promise to yourself, you will force yourself to slow down. You cannot keep every commitment, promise, goal, and idea without intentionality. If you recognize that your words have power and that your commitments carry covenant weight, you won’t agree to anything so easily.You’ll have to ask yourself if you really, truly have time to meet that friend for coffee this week. You’ll have to decide if working out four times before Sunday is a real possibility, or if it’s more realistic and achievable to commit to two beast-mode sessions and then one power walk with your neighbor. You’ll slow down and think things through.You won’t just talk about a goal; you’ll plan for how you can meet it. — Girl Wash Your Face

God has perfect timing, and it’s highly possible that by not being where you thought you should be, you will end up exactly where you’re meant to go. — Girl Wash Your Face

Humans were not made to be out of shape and severely overweight. I think we function better mentally, emotionally, and physically when we take care of our bodies with nourishment, water, and exercise. The lie I used to believe was that my weight would define me, that it would speak volumes about who I was as a person. Today I believe it’s not your weight that defines you, but the care and consideration you put into your body absolutely does. — Girl Wash Your Face

As long as you allow someone to treat you badly, they will continue to do so. If you’re not able to value yourself, no one else will either. — Girl Wash Your Face

You do not have permission to quit! — Girl Wash Your Face

The only thing worse than giving up is wishing that you hadn’t. — Girl Wash Your Face

Be honest with yourself about what you’re blowing off. A little cancellation here or a bow-out there can add up . . . but only if you refuse to acknowledge your actions. If you take a good hard look at what you’ve canceled on in the last thirty days, you might be shocked to discover how you’re training yourself to behave. — Girl Wash Your Face

Girl, get a hold of your life. Stop medicating, stop hiding out, stop being afraid, stop giving away pieces of yourself, stop saying you can’t do it. Stop the negative self-talk, stop abusing your body, stop putting it off for tomorrow or Monday or next year. Stop crying about what happened and take control of what happens next. Get up, right now. — Girl Wash Your Face

Join a church group, go to mommy-and-me yoga, or look online for a club to join. Look for a group of women who understand what it means to be a new mom too. There is so much power in solidarity. There is so much grace when you’re talking with someone who also has baby puke on her shirt. — Girl Wash Your Face

If you have a goal, that’s fantastic! I am one of the most motivated people you will ever meet, and my list of life goals is nine miles long. But I’ve learned that along with my list of goals, I have to give myself some grace. Being married by twenty-five, pregnant at thirty, and the president of my division before I turned forty are just arbitrary numbers. Because guess what? None of those preconceived notions or plans for myself worked out. Marriage and babies came way earlier than I thought . . . and career success came way later. Turns out, the most beautiful things in my life were never on my to-do list. — Girl Wash Your Face

Don’t you dare squander the strength you have earned just because the acquisition of it was painful. — Girl Wash Your Face

I worry when I give this advice that some random person who listens to the idea of not giving up on her dreams will hear, ‘Go harass people until they give you what you want.’ That’s not going to get anybody anywhere, and we all know it. Use the no you hear as an indication that you should try an alternative route. — Girl Wash Your Face

Don’t get me wrong. I’m going to tell a hundred stories that are funny or weird or embarrassing or sad or crazy, but each of them is reaching for this same pithy, Pinterest-worthy truth: your life is up to you. — Girl Wash Your Face

The butterfly effect is a long-ago term based on the idea that if you tracked the path of a hurricane from its inception, you’d find that it was all caused by a change in air pressure from the flap of a butterfly’s wings three weeks prior and halfway across the world.In simple terms, it just means that small things can have monstrous effects. — Girl Wash Your Face

That single book, the one I was told no one would buy, has sold over a hundred thousand copies. It also launched my career as an author…Nobody—not a voice of authority, not your mama, not the foremost expert in your arena—gets to tell you how big your dreams can be. They can talk all they want . . . but you get to decide if you’re willing to listen.Another reason people give up on their dreams? It’s difficult and/or it’s taking too long. — Girl Wash Your Face

Don’t you get it? Nothing that lasts is accomplished quickly. Nobody’s entire legacy is based on a single moment, but rather the collection of one’s experiences. If you’re lucky, your legacy will be a lifetime in the making. — Girl Wash Your Face

When I say unhappy, I mean discontented, unsettled, frustrated, angry—any of a number of emotions that make us want to hide from our lives instead of embracing them with arms wide open like a Creed song. Because happy people —the ones who are enjoying their lives 90 percent of the time—do exist. You’ve seen them. In fact, you’re reading a book written by one right now. — Girl Wash Your Face

Our bodies are incredible. They can do unbelievable things. They will also tell you exactly what they need if you’re willing to listen. And if you’re not, if you try to do too many things without rest, they will absolutely shut down to get what they need. — Girl Wash Your Face

You become who you surround yourself with. You become what you consume. If you find yourself in a slump or feel as though you’re living in a negative space, take a good hard look at who and what you see every day. — Girl Wash Your Face

You must choose to be happy, grateful, and fulfilled. If you make that choice every single day, regardless of where you are or what’s happening, you will be happy. — Girl Wash Your Face

I still feel compelled to work until I’m exhausted, physically ill,pissed off at the world, or unable to focus my eyes—but at least they don’t all happen at the same time anymore. I feel like I’m gaining on this problem.Part of the reason I work so much is simple: I love my job. — Girl Wash Your Face

Is it going to be hard? Absolutely! But taking the easy way out is how you end up on the sofa, fifty pounds overweight, while life passes you by. Will change happen overnight? No way! This is a lifelong process. — Girl Wash Your Face

When you really want something, you will find a way. When you don’t really want something, you’ll find an excuse. How does your subconscious know the difference between what you want and what you only pretend to want? It looks at a history of how you’ve tackled similar things in the past. Have you kept your word? When you set out to do something, did you see it through? — Girl Wash Your Face

You need to be healthy.You don’t need to be thin. You don’t need to be a certain size or shape or look good in a bikini. You need to be able to run without feeling like you’re going to puke. You need to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. You need to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every single day. You need to stretch and get good sleep and stop medicating every ache and pain. You need to stop filling your body with garbage like Diet Coke and fast food and lattes that are a million and a half calories. You need to take in fuel for your body that hasn’t been processed and fuel for your mind that is positive and encouraging. You need to get up off the sofa or out of the bed and move around.Get out of the fog that you have been living in and see your life for what it is. — Girl Wash Your Face

What I want to say is that we all judge each other, but even though we all do it, that’s not an excuse. Judging is still one of the most hurtful, spiteful impulses we own, and our judgments keep us from building a stronger tribe . . . or from having a tribe in the first place. Our judgment prohibits us from beautiful, life affirming friendships. Our judgment keeps us from connecting in deeper, richer ways because we’re too stuck on the surface-level assumptions we’ve made. Ladies, our judging has to stop.So does our compulsion to compete with everyone around us. — Girl Wash Your Face

For the love of all that is holy, nobody should be allowed on Pinterest after a big life event. Why? Because you feel like you’re missing out, or that your life, nursery, or post-baby body should look like what you’re finding on the internet. Pay attention to what is giving you anxiety or making you question yourself. If it’s social media, then do your heart a favor and take a break from it. I promise it will still be there when you’re getting more sleep and feeling less emotional. — Girl Wash Your Face

Finding the courage to be honest about who you are or what you’re going through is like throwing yourself into the deep end of the pool and fighting to swim once you hit the cold water. It won’t necessarily be pleasant, but once you’re in, it’s done. The longer you live in a state of honesty, the easier it becomes to simply exist there all the time. — Girl Wash Your Face

The pictures inside my closet hold a lot of meaning for me. They’re a constant reminder of where I want to go, and a visual aid can be really helpful for those of you who don’t feel like your imagination is strong. Use someone else’s visuals to help you map out your dreams in your mind. — Girl Wash Your Face

I love goals. They can help you become your best self . . . but big dreams shouldn’t have expiration dates. As long as you’re working toward the things you hope to accomplish, it shouldn’t matter if it takes you a month or a decade. — Girl Wash Your Face

You cannot ignore your pain. You cannot ever leave it behind completely.The only thing you can do is find a way to embrace the good that came out of it —even if it takes you years to discover what that is.Losing my brother was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my life . . . but it does not define my life. You can live through something that rocks your world off its axis. You can survive losing a piece of your heart without losing the core of who you are. More than merely surviving the loss, you can thrive. You can do it because it’s what you deserve. — Girl Wash Your Face

I needed to endure personal hardships and discouragement and one rejection on top of another—all so I could stand right here and say to you, ‘Your dream is worth fighting for, and while you’re not in control of what life throws at you,you are in control of the fight.’ ” — Girl Wash Your Face

I want to know better so I can do better. — Girl Wash Your Face

Every day you’re choosing who you are and what you believe about yourself, and you’re setting the standards for the relationships in your life. Every day is a chance to start over. — Girl Wash Your Face

Sometimes choosing to walk away, even if it means breaking your own heart, can be the greatest act of self-love you have access to. — Girl Wash Your Face

Nothing is wasted. Every single moment is preparing you for the next. But whether or not you choose to see this time as something wonderful—the time when God is stretching you and growing you or maybe forging you in fires hotter than you think you can withstand—all of it is growing you for the person you’re becoming, for a future you can’t even imagine. — Girl Wash Your Face

Your judgment is easily clouded when you’re in love. — Girl Wash Your Face

The last reason people give up on their dreams? Something traumatic gets in your way. Disaster is the ultimate excuse. — Girl Wash Your Face

What if I didn’t need to prove myself in this situation? What if making myself into someone better has more to do with my willingness to be of service than my willingness to compete? — Girl Wash Your Face