The world is changing and, a new and steady attitude of giving back to our community and people need to be born and sustained, a new culture that will out live us all.

I call on the world today on this action to #Giveback to our immediate neighbors, our community and our society. It is an attitude that requires no religious  configuration or attachment, it simply says “I have two and he has none!, so why not share”.

This attitude recognizes what civic responsibility to one another means and goes further to take a little action towards a better world, by just offering someone out there your old sweater that you don’t need anymore (among others).

The interesting thing about giving back is that it doesn’t expect a thank you and it doesn’t seek reward – it just a way of life that most people neglect and some see no reason to participate in.

Thousands of foods are wasted daily around the world and yet there are millions that are hungry.

Is not until you are appointed a leader in your club, church, association, school, company and community that you can give back, isn’t enough to say I love my neighbors and yet your neighbors lack what you have in excess, isn’t enough to blame the government and yet where you are currently opportune you only occupy a seat and not leaving legacy.

Our world is changing, a little love showed to a person can save millions of lives that comes in contact with him/her.





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