Goals? Go get ’em

Sitting here in my bed listening to punk and indie rock, I feel like I need something to stoke my fires again. Something which will interest me and bring me real satisfaction. I know I’m capable of doing so many things it’s just where exactly to channel my needs. I want a new challenge and to give myself a fighting chance of achieving the goals I want to.

Let’s start by going through everything I want to accomplish right now:

  1. To travel and have adventures.
  2. A full time job in the Marketing/Media/PR industry.
  3. Writing a comedy script.
  4. Being in a band or find a guitarist to possibly form a functions band. Being a paid singer on the side of a full/part time job would be amazing.
  5. I want my singing to improve and my voice to be stronger.
  6. In the next few months I’d like to look at moving out of my family home.
  7. Making new contacts and friends to socialise with.

Now I’m going to look at how I can achieve these goals:

  1. I’m looking at internships and work experience abroad right now. Particularly in Europe and Canada. If I do some work experience in Marketing or PR this will help my my career and my chances of a full time job in this area. If I don’t do an internship I can perhaps go on a solo holiday somewhere again probably in Europe or Canada or perhaps Asia.
  2. Well, an internship would help me to get a full time job or I’m also thinking of doing a graphic design course in London which would really help. I’ll also have the chance to meet people in an internship or on a course.
  3. I’ve already joined a group to find fellow writers and been contacted by people interested in collaborating. I need to have a look at the work of the people interested and then I’ll decide who would suit me best for now. This is another way to meet people.
  4. This I’m finding difficult, for one reason or another either I’m not suitable or the band isn’t. Musicians are so flakey and it’s hard to find any that will commit and be reliable. I’m going to keep trying. I think improving my voice will help by giving me a better chance which leads me onto…
  5. Getting singing lessons. I’ve already made contact with a teacher and they seem to know what they’re doing. I’m hoping I’ll get to perform in shows through them and meet other musicians.
  6. Moving out is very possible as long as I’m earning enough and depends on the job situation. I know now that I’m capable of living alone and I very much enjoyed it. One of the worst things about breaking up with my ex boyfriend was having to live at home again but I intend to move out again when I’m able.
  7. All of these things can lead to meeting new people and having company and people to socialise with.

You might notice that I haven’t put love or finding a partner in my goals and that’s because right now I couldn’t be less interested in that. I’m still very much in love with my ex and I don’t see much hope for the future love wise but I guess I’ll see what happens. I’ve been on the dating sites again talking to people but I have to say though in the past these people may have interested me, right now I actually just don’t care what they’re doing with their weekend. Having said that I may go for drinks with someone this Valentines week, try and get myself to see dating as fun again rather than a painful minefield.

I want to work on overcoming the challenges life throws at me, life experiences, a career I love and my own home and independence, that’s where satisfaction and contentment lie for me right now.

3 thoughts on “Goals? Go get ’em”

  1. that’s a smart thing to write down your goals and make a list of what you can do. It’s funny how much these wishes are similar and yet different. But I think there is often a major desire and a goal to which the other things are more subordinate. So it’s important for you to have fun again, in your own activities, after you hang immensely on your ExPartner. If you’re so attached to him, maybe you should try again to come together?
    I think having one’s own activities is always fun, especially when the main goal is not achievable.

    • Thanks for your imput, yes they’re all things I want to achieve, at this moment in time I want to travel but money is a problem as it is for most and the option of studying is also tempting. As mentioned before, our relationship is complicated in many ways so unfortunately for now we can’t be in a proper relationship. Who knows what the future will hold, when we have both sorted some issues and grown as people.

      • do not worry. You are young and you should enjoy life carefree. Yes, at a young age there is always a lack of money, but you have more time and energy…this is a BIG advatage !!! Traveling and experiencing is possible even with little money. We did it that way earlier. Enjoy life and new opportunities in love will arise.


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