How God’s Purpose Prospers

How God’s Purpose Prospers

I have the tendency to ask God why? When I don’t get my way. I’m sure all of us do. We revert back to our childhood when we whine to mom and dad to give us what we want. Thankfully, God is extremely patient. Do we ever really sit down and ponder on why God allows certain things? Instead of complaining, do we look back and say thank you to God for allowing a situation to occur?

Where would you be right now?

Think back to a certain obstacle in your life which almost made you give up. Now analyze everything that happened between that moment and now. There were trying times I’m sure, but I know there were blessed times. Maybe that obstacle led to you finding the love of your life. Maybe that obstacle led you to financial freedom. Whatever happened between that traumatic moment and now was God’s map to your purpose.

Your blessing is unique

I hate going through a dry spell in life. I compare my life to others and wonder why am I so sad – what about everyone else? We can’t compare our lives to others. We have no idea what the next person is going through. Do you have drinking water? Good! That’s a huge blessing. There are people in this country and other countries who don’t have clean water. My point is, the little things we have are the biggest blessings. A set back in life may feel like a forever situation. But it really isn’t. I think back to all my set backs and I realize a lot of the good things that happened for me wouldn’t exist without the bad. My experiences are mine. Someone else’s may not fit into what God has for me.

Better said than done

Ok, it’s better said than done with the things I’m saying. When the next life challenge happens, I may throw everything I just said out the window. I might cry and yell why God? I think we all might do that. We can lose our faith real quick when things get unbearable. But the most important lesson to remember is how we always bounce back. It may not be to where we desire sometimes – but we bounce back.

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